Customizing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

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Plantation shutters are sometimes called full height shutters. They cover the entire window from top to bottom with panels that open as portions of a piece. They have a clean line look when they compliment the color scheme of the room where you decide to use them.
Window shutters are also a perfect accessory for homes with a classic or country theme. Most shutters are decorated with plant boxes, shrubs, and flowering plants. However, one can go further and decorate the window treatment itself.
You could customize plantation shutters according to panel and frame options. Here are some tips to get you started.
Identifying the most suitable material for your panels
With this material, you would have unlimited choices of colors as it could be painted to match your room. Most importantly, shops offer staining services. You could go with stained shutters to blend with other furniture at home. Wood also has a classic and natural look. Choosing wood also means you could go with fewer but larger panels because it is light in weight.
Poly material
If you want a durable shutter, poly material has a long-lasting finish. Basically, it only has two colors, but it tends to hold its color for a lifetime (white and off-white). It doesn't absorb moist and is not prone to warping. Poly shutters are best for areas with direct contact with water, such as showers or bathrooms.
One considered disadvantage, though, is that poly shutters are heavier than the wooden one. Poly materials also tend to limit the size of your panels so you would have to go for more panels in order to cover your windows.
PVCs are also moist-resistant, but some people don't like their shiny look. They may not be applicable or most suitable in the living room, but they would be a great selection for wet areas.
Choosing the right shutter frames
  • Pick from the most commonly used shutter frames: the trim frame, the L frame, and the Z frame.
  • Initially, plantation shutters could be installed either in the recess of the window opening (inside-mount) or outside the wall's surface to create a bulky look (outside-mount).
  • Trim frame and Z frame:These frames are used for inside-mount shutters without wall trim.
  • L frame: L frames are more versatile. They could be used on both types of installations in corners with or without wall trim.
Installing your blinds
Upon scheduling your window blinds installation, the store staff will go to your house to estimate and fit the plantation shutters for you. They will offer consultation for more details and will usually ask for a deposit when a deal is made. Considering that, it would be easier if you have an understanding of the basics to customize your shutters. However, if your creativity and the whole family is up for the challenge of creating personalized shutters for your home, you can go for the task and consider it a bonding activity for the family.
A more beautiful home without the extra cost is possible if you choose to practice your creativity and implement personal ideas for your home decor. Check out designs via Blinds Online site for more decor inspirations for your home.

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