Wooden Blinds - Major Benefits of Using Them

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Blinds on doors and windows are the main decorating items in interior design. Wooden Blinds are the ones that give a wooden look. Moreover, it gives a warm look to the room's atmosphere. When using blinds made out of wood you can be assured of getting the classy look that can change the look and style of the room. Moreover, customizing the blinds according to the style of the room can make the interior design more attractive.

Decorating interior with wood blinds

Wood blinds are the perfect choice if you prefer to give your room a charm that is graceful without making it look artificial. They have the grace and charm of making a room look much better than the curtains, which were traditionally used for decorating rooms. Wood blinds for windows are the perfect insulators that can give the room the right protection from extreme heat of the sun or the cold weather. Areas which are humid in the house like kitchens or bathrooms can be decorated with faux blinds that give the look and style of blinds made out of wood.

What are wood blinds made up of?

Two different types of wood are usually used for the purpose of making blinds. They are:

• Ramin wood
• Bass wood

Ramin wood is a cheaper option. On the other hand, Bass wood is chosen to make wood blinds that are stronger and sturdier. Blinds can be made without a hole option. This will allow the rooms get a dark effect, as not sunlight is allowed to peep in. Making use of a 3 inch valance can make the blinds more attractive. Usually in ramin, 2 inch valance is used at the top of the window so as to hide the rails made out of metal.

Varieties of wood blinds

There are a lot of variations in wood blinds. They include:

• Woven wood blinds
• Vertical wood blinds
• Faux blinds
• Mini blinds

In the market you will get to see wooden blinds in different sizes, shapes and colours. The wood used in making them too varies. You can also customize your order for wood blinds so as to fit the style of your room. While ordering window blinds, you can choose certain features like motorization, UV control, fabric tapes, cord, or even anti static control features.

Care to be taken while buying blinds

While purchasing wooden blinds, care should be taken to check the size of the slats. For French doors and for windows that are small, one inch slats are perfect. For windows of other sizes and shapes, choosing two inch slats would be better. Those blinds with slats that are bigger than two inches look like the plantation shutters. The see through spaces is also bigger when the blinds are opened. Cordless blinds and valance upgrades are the options that are available according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

Where is it available

You will find wooden blinds in every interior decoration store or home improvement centres. These days, since you can buy everything online, you will find a whole lot of online stores supplying blinds of various kinds. All you need to do is go through any such site and pick your choice.

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Here Is What You Need to Know About Roller Blinds

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What are roller blinds?

So you have moved into a new home. Or perhaps, you've renovated your old one. And now, you are debating about what kind of blinds to use on your windows. Have you considered choosing roller blinds? Made mostly of stiffened polyester, and mounted upon a metal pole to add to the support, roller blinds are easy to use, and easy on the eyes. They are generally designed on the form of a large piece of the fabric, and can rolled up or down from one end.

Why should you choose roller blinds over other kinds of blinds?

Every kind of blinds comes with its own set of advantages. Here is what the roller blind has to offer to your home -

• These blinds are attractive - Roller blinds do not have slates or excess fabric. They come with a very simple design that is easy to use, and does not create a mess. These days, roller blinds are being made out of a variety of materials including translucent fabrics (which let the light in), sun-screening fabrics (which help to screen the sun's glaring rays and the ultraviolet component therein), and block-out fabrics (which do not allow much light through).

• These blinds are flexible - Most of the fabrics that are used in the making of roller blinds enhance the flexibility of the product. Also, since these blinds are designed in a manner that requires them to be rolled up and down, it is crucial that they are flexible. They are also flexible in terms of the purpose for which they can be used. For instance, depending on the material used, they can be used for letting the light in, acting a sunscreen, or for blocking out the light.

• They are easy to use - These blinds can be aided by a spring, operated by using a chain, or can be powered by a motor. In fact, motorized blinds can all be linked together so that multiple blinds can be closed and opened simultaneously. How cool is that! This also makes it easier to operate blinds that cannot be reached easily in case they are blocked by pieces of furniture in your home.

• These blinds are strong and durable - You will not have to make a replacement every few months. In fact, the ones that are of dependable quality can last for several years with very little maintenance. It is one of the important things to remember.

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Ideas for Decoration of Windows

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Windows are often neglected for other important areas like doors and shelves and ceilings. However, decorating the windows in your home can add a wonderful touch of beauty. And it is easy to do as well, because windows do not normally occupy much space. Some ideas for decorating the windows in your home, office, or even your school or crèche are given below.

1. Making use of creative panels - Painted fretwork panels can act as a wonderful accessory to your windows. You can choose the color and pattern according to the composition of the rest of the room.

2. Try the old fashioned, but nevertheless trusted, curtains - Curtains have been used for window decoration for decades now. As a result, there are different varieties of curtains available - fabrics, laces, strings, shells, and so on. You have a wide range of options to choose from, and so, you can pick the one that best complements the existing décor in your home.

3. Add that feminine touch - Place flowers in vases along the window sill, or use floral curtains to cover up the panes. Either way, adding anything sweet or flowery will bring a softer side to an otherwise hard edged décor. You could even add delicate vines and creepers to curl around the bars on the window.

4. Blind fold your windows - There are several varieties of blinds available - roller blinds, Roman blinds, electronic blinds, and more. Shades can be used too. These kinds of decorations serve a dual purpose. They add to the decorative aspect, and at the same time, they help to filter the light that gets into the room.

5. Painting and art frames - If you have one of those windows where you decide to keep one or more of the doors locked and closed forever, then it would be a novel idea to treat it as a wall, and therefore, hang in paintings and art frames on them. You could also doodle and paint some of your favorite quotes on the frames.

6. Personal touches - Just like how paintings can be added to up the decorative factor, so can photographs. You could hang photos of family and friends, or even just place them in frames on the window sill. There are also several Do-It-Yourself projects available on the internet, and these can be used to add a pop of color to your windows easily.

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Window Covering Ideas for the Bedroom

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Window treatments are not only versatile decorative accents but also provide a couple of important functions, especially in the bedroom. When it comes to window covering ideas for the bedroom, you want to consider decorative elements in addition to the factors that make your bedroom a calm and peaceful place for sleep. Indeed, window coverings in the bedroom need to fit your personal style while also offering exceptional privacy and light and sound control. Here are some tips for getting the most from your bedroom window treatments.

Make a Statement

No matter the room, window treatments can make a bold first impression. You obviously want to choose window coverings for your bedroom that match your decorative style. So, for example, if you prefer a contemporary style that features clean, straight lines, consider custom blinds or solid-panel curtains. Another accent feature for your window that matches well to a variety of styles is a cornice. Cornices are essentially upholstered valances that make a great window accent while also covering rods and rings from which curtains hang.

Think Comfort

Typically, bedrooms are not the most formal rooms in your home, and there are good reasons for that. Your bedroom should be a calm and relaxing place, so your window treatments should reflect a sense of comfort or coziness. Roman shades are a great choice because they are available in a variety of colours and patterns. They can provide the textural features of woven fibres while also providing excellent noise and light control. Wood blinds or plantation shades also offer exceptional light control, or consider brightly coloured, lined curtains for a bit of pop.

Singles or Pairs

Sometimes simplicity is best and you really only need one window treatment in your bedroom. Blackout curtains block light and noise, and they sometimes even help reduce heat exchange. Cellular shades are the perfect choice for bedrooms in cold climates as they help improve window efficiency without compromising style - they're available in a wide range of patterns and colours.

On the other hand, you may want to get a little more sophisticated with your bedroom window coverings. Layered treatments create an elegant decorative accent, so consider combining contemporary blinds with an attractive valance and patterned curtain.

Suit Yourself

Ultimately, your own decorative preferences should guide your choice of bedroom window coverings. All the experts in the world can tell you what's right for your space, but at the end of the day you want your bedroom to be a relaxing place for you. Don't be afraid to take risks or think outside the box when considering window covering ideas for the bedroom. There really is no right or wrong - as long as you're happy.

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Creating a Beach Style Home With Window Blinds

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When you are someone who loves everything about the beach, then you are precisely dreaming of having a home that exudes an ambiance similar to it, right? When you want to create a beach style home, you can actually achieve it with the help of window blinds.
Window blinds as your home's window treatment offers versatility. With the many types of window blinds available from different suppliers nowadays, you can surely find the best set that will not only complement with your abode's general design but will also bring out its natural beach-y feel.
Achieving a beach style home is not only limited to a structure built near the coastline. It can likewise be a home kilometers away from the long stretch of naturally blue water and white sand.
For each nook in your home, you can design it in such a way that it will display a beach-like atmosphere. So read on to learn more about these practical tips and strategies.
Coastal Den
To design the bay windows of your coastal den, you may opt for woven wood sliding panels and woven bamboo vertical blinds in prints which could be the picture of flying cranes or the serene coastline. And if you have huge windows, you can try looking for woven wood Roman blinds.
Living Room
It is best that you pick neutral-colored furniture and furnishings for your living room. And to make it grand and beach-looking, you can install window blinds in ocean blue hue. You may also try printed roller blinds. Choose prints that characterize the beach - blue waves, star fishes and seashells, white sand, and sprawling beach line.
One major thing to keep in mind when designing your bathroom is to never make everything white, or else, you will have to watch your tiles, bath tub, and window treatment disappear all at once. Therefore, if your bathroom essentials are white, break the monotony by picking top-down bottom-up kind of window blinds that are made of bamboo or wood. You may also check on the available vinyl vertical blinds in brown or pastel colors.
If you want your kitchen to have a beach-like feel yet totally chic-looking, you can make everything in it, from furniture pieces to furnishings, plain. But your window blinds must be attractive enough to complete the design. For the kitchen of your beach-style home, you may look for oak-colored wood window blinds.
Windows Near the Patio
For the windows near the door leading to your patio or to the breakwater, you can use Roman blinds in brown or off-white shade depending on the color scheme of the said area. You have to ensure, though, that your window covering does not wash-out when combined with your decorations and furniture.
For your personal nook at home, choose bed sheets and pillow cases in blue or green prints like stripes. Meanwhile, select white vinyl window blinds to come up with a nautical atmosphere.
Since you have some tips in mind already, order blinds online now to start transforming your home into a beach-looking nook. Just keep in mind, of course, that in achieving a beach style home, your window blinds are not the end of it all since you also need to have furniture and furnishings that will help you design your abode the way you want it to be.
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