Blinds, Shades and Window Treatments: What You Should Be Looking for

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Blinds, shades and window treatments are perfect accessories for homes that decorate windows, the eyes of a home. They are the frame that allows us to view the outdoors. Thus, picking a window blind that will allows us to enjoy the outdoors as much as we enjoy the privacy and quiet time we enjoy at home.

There are many things to consider when installing a specific window treatment for a home. Here are some of the tips that you can follow.

Know what your room needs

Before shopping for any furnishing, knowing how it will function and how the whole of the home will function with it is important. Prior to decorating one must access the room and check which items inside are considered good, bad or ugly. Knowing which are the good points and the bad points of a room will serve as a guide on how you can begin and proceed with adding accessories and furnishing inside, including window blinds. This is the perfect opportunity to play with color, pattern, texture and scale indoors.

Knowing how window treatments work

Different window coverings vary in use. Some are versatile and can work practically with any room. They can be of different uses as well such as light-filtering, sunscreen or simple decorative pieces added to make your indoors look great. Different coverings also give off different kinds of feel for a home. It can bring a modern or contemporary appeal to homes, or grand and expensive for some designs.

Decorative purposes

Most home accessories are there to decorate and add something interesting to homes. There are also many great choices in terms of home decor when one is aiming to decorate, besides adding efficiency to a home. Bedrooms can look lovely with Roman blinds while living areas would look refreshing with easy to operate roll out blinds. Detail and drama can be achieved if you know what looks great for your homes and what doesn't.

Blending colors

It is important that every hue inside your homes work with one another. This is also the case when accessorizing your windows. The color of your window covering should complement or should highlight an area inside your home. This is where the material of your treatments comes in. Knowing which material works with the existing style and the material that will make the function of your homes more efficient is also necessary.


It is also important to consider the overall impact of a window covering for your home. Does this improves the energy consumption at home, provides a statement decor for your home and suits your budget at the same time? Then you are indeed getting the best for your homes. However, the best is not always the case for many. If a covering is within your budget and looks great for your homes but is a second best when it comes to design and style, you can still consider them, practicality in mind.

There are indeed many things to consider before adding a decor or furnishing for your home. Doing so, within a process or system ensures that your home is getting what's best for it, if not best for all.

There are many options for temporary blackout blinds available in the market that will most likely suit your need and budget for your decorative purposes at home. Several designs, material and color for this type of window treatment can be considered as a new statement or addition for your home decorating projects at home.

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How to Choose the Right Interior Shutters for Your Home

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Window treatments bring style to a room and can increase a home's resale value. Many people overlook interior shutters, but they are an option that has stood the test of time by outlasting many other trends. They attach directly to your windows and allow you to control how much light is blocked. Choosing the right type can be difficult, as this treatment option comes in many styles and materials.

Material Options
Interior shutters come in a variety of materials. Most manufacturing and installation companies work with either wood or wood composite. Composite products are a medium-density fiberboard and covered with polypropylene. This design tends to be just as durable a real lumber, although they do not have the traditional, classical look. Those wishing to gain a classic feel should opt for solid wood.
Wood and composite shutters are not for every style, especially considering they are visible from both the inside and outside of the house. Other materials bring out the aesthetics and can complement the unique features of your home while avoiding heavier construction. Aluminum pieces are very light and work well on larger windows. Homes built close to the coast may consider using vinyl, as natural materials will warp from water exposure over time. Even if your home is not close to the shore, you might want to put a faux wood interior shutter in the bathrooms.
When it comes to style, interior shutters come in three main types: west coast plantation, cottage, and plantation.
The west coast plantation design has larger panels than the traditional plantation style. They are popular in California and work well with larger windows. This design is for windows that are five to six feet tall as opposed to the typical window height of three feet.
Cottage style is most popular along the eastern coast. These pieces look more like exterior shutters mounted inside the home, taking up more room and making a bolder design statement than other models. Cottage shutters also have small louvers. Unlike the exterior models they resemble, they have hinges, allowing you to open and close them as you see fit.
Finally, there is the plantation style. Recessed inside the window frame, they come with wide louvers, which can be opened or closed to let in or block out light. Plantation is the most common selection.
Of course, you have to determine the cost before making this investment. Real wood may look the best, but it is an expensive option. You should budget around $25 to $30 a square foot. If you choose to go with a composite, you can save between 20 and 30 percent off that price. If you are considering an exotic wood like bamboo, you can expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $60 per square foot.
There are a few additional cheaper options. Vinyl, for example, costs $20 to $25 a square foot. While it may not look as nice as wood, these faux options are a great way to get the look you desire without spending as much money.
Interior shutters are a great way to bring classic style to your home. They are more costly than curtains; however, they add charm to your home that simple window treatments cannot offer.
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Customizing Plantation Shutters for Your Home

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Plantation shutters are sometimes called full height shutters. They cover the entire window from top to bottom with panels that open as portions of a piece. They have a clean line look when they compliment the color scheme of the room where you decide to use them.
Window shutters are also a perfect accessory for homes with a classic or country theme. Most shutters are decorated with plant boxes, shrubs, and flowering plants. However, one can go further and decorate the window treatment itself.
You could customize plantation shutters according to panel and frame options. Here are some tips to get you started.
Identifying the most suitable material for your panels
With this material, you would have unlimited choices of colors as it could be painted to match your room. Most importantly, shops offer staining services. You could go with stained shutters to blend with other furniture at home. Wood also has a classic and natural look. Choosing wood also means you could go with fewer but larger panels because it is light in weight.
Poly material
If you want a durable shutter, poly material has a long-lasting finish. Basically, it only has two colors, but it tends to hold its color for a lifetime (white and off-white). It doesn't absorb moist and is not prone to warping. Poly shutters are best for areas with direct contact with water, such as showers or bathrooms.
One considered disadvantage, though, is that poly shutters are heavier than the wooden one. Poly materials also tend to limit the size of your panels so you would have to go for more panels in order to cover your windows.
PVCs are also moist-resistant, but some people don't like their shiny look. They may not be applicable or most suitable in the living room, but they would be a great selection for wet areas.
Choosing the right shutter frames
  • Pick from the most commonly used shutter frames: the trim frame, the L frame, and the Z frame.
  • Initially, plantation shutters could be installed either in the recess of the window opening (inside-mount) or outside the wall's surface to create a bulky look (outside-mount).
  • Trim frame and Z frame:These frames are used for inside-mount shutters without wall trim.
  • L frame: L frames are more versatile. They could be used on both types of installations in corners with or without wall trim.
Installing your blinds
Upon scheduling your window blinds installation, the store staff will go to your house to estimate and fit the plantation shutters for you. They will offer consultation for more details and will usually ask for a deposit when a deal is made. Considering that, it would be easier if you have an understanding of the basics to customize your shutters. However, if your creativity and the whole family is up for the challenge of creating personalized shutters for your home, you can go for the task and consider it a bonding activity for the family.
A more beautiful home without the extra cost is possible if you choose to practice your creativity and implement personal ideas for your home decor. Check out designs via Blinds Online site for more decor inspirations for your home.

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How to Choose Vertical Blinds for Our Homes

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The Benefits of Using Venetian Blinds at Home

By Zack P Bauer  |   Submitted On October 12, 2015

Window blinds are a popular favorite especially among modern homeowners who want to give their windows a clean and put together look. When choosing the right set of window blinds to decorate one's home, it is recommended to give venetian blinds a try. They are easy to install, passed safety standards, trendy and durable.

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular window blinds out there on the market. A great number of homeowners favor venetian blinds because of its aesthetic value. These types of window blinds are known for their classic and elegant appearance. There are many benefits when it comes to choosing venetian blinds:

They give you more control.

One chief reason why venetian blinds are a popular favorite is that homeowners find that they have more control over how much light they want to enter a room. With that being said, they also have the control over the privacy they want. In order to control light, one can simply control the angle of the blind's blades from a fully opened angle or a fully closed one. If one prefers maximum amount of light to enter the room, one has the option to and can raise the blinds all the way up in order to allow the light to fully enter the room. Privacy is uncompromised with this type of window covering.

These types of blinds are easier to install.

Besides giving one more control, window blinds are user-friendly and are easier to install. Those who have purchased a set of these blinds find that they do not have to worry about hiring a professional to have them installed. These blinds can be custom made to fit the type of window that homeowners may have. One simply needs the instruction manual and a basic set of tools. Prior to purchasing a window blind, it is still important to correctly measure the size of your windows. There are many online tools and videos that can help guide even non-professional on how to correctly measure their window for window blinds purchases.

They are easier to clean.

Many homeowners find blinds to be low maintenance and easier to clean. Unlike fabric blinds, which have to be taken to the cleaners in order to keep them looking their best, venetian blinds can be cleaned by means of a damp cloth or by means of a feather duster. It is just that simple. A vacuum cleaner can also be used every six weeks to ensure that blinds are kept clean and dust free.

Besides being elegant and classy looking, venetian blinds can provide many first time homeowners with many advantages that can brighten up their home. It is often advised to choose venetian blinds for a low maintenance upkeep of one's home.

Style and elegance in your homes can easily be achieved with venetian blinds. There is a wide selections from Blinds Online you can check for styles and colors that will match your home's current theme.

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