Plantation Shutters Guide

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are an elegant window covering made of two or more framed panels of fixed louvers. The louvers within the frame are moved by a rod that is attached on the outside of the louvers. When homeowners want to open or close the louvers, they move the rod up or down. With plantation shutters, homeowners can choose how much light they want to let in and in what direction by angling the louvers. If homeowners want to enjoy the full view of their window, they can pull back the panel of louvers, exposing the entire window.

What are the Advantages of Plantation Shutters?

Many homeowners choose plantation shutters for a variety of reasons. One main reason is that they like how the shutters give their home a refined appearance. Another benefit is the ability to control the lighting of a room. Homeowners can adjust the louvers to allow as much or as little light as they prefer. Unlike blinds or curtains, shutters do not have gaps for light to enter when shut and they also help to block external noise. In addition, homeowners choose shutters because they require minimal maintenance with a simple dusting.

What are the Disadvantages of Plantation Shutters?

Shutters can sometimes be initially more costly than other window treatments. However, they are worth the long term investment because they are more durable, lasting longer than blinds or curtains. Plantation Shutters also add to the resale value of a home and can be custom built to fit unusually shaped windows and arches usually at little additional cost.

What Styles Do Plantation Shutters Come In?

The style of the plantation shutters is affected by the following factors: louver width, size of the shutter, and color. A homeowner looking for a classic look should consider shutters with narrow-width louvers while homeowners who want a more modern look should choose shutters with wider louvers. Other than louver width, the color of the shutters is also important. Shutters now come in a variety of colors including white, black, grey, grey green, beige, oak, or cherry. The more popular colors tend to be white and oak because homeowners can easily coordinate the design and color scheme of their rooms around these colors.

Lastly, the size of the shutter can influence the appearance of the shutter. Most homeowners choose panels that completely fill the window space. Other homeowners choose to have shutters that only go up half the height of the window. These shorter shutters are often seen on smaller windows or kitchen windows. They make the windows look like that of a European café. With all these options, homeowners can shape the look of their shutters however they wish.

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Blinds Buying Guide

Blinds are covering of windows to keep the window away from sunlight or all other types of different dust particles or weathers. There are many different types of blinds which can be used by customers and are used according to the requirements of the house. Different types of blinds:

1. Persian blinds:
Persian blinds are derived from Persia an older name for Iran. Persian blinds can be used in homes or in offices;

Shape of Persian Blinds:
Persian blinds can also be renamed as slat as they are tropical in shape. Two types of shapes are formed in Persian blinds.

a) Horizontal Blinds:
Horizontal blinds are those in which the slats are connected in a horizontal manner with each other. They are connected with the string such that the light can be allowed to pass through them or can be blocked by rotating them at the angle of 170 degree.

Material used in horizontal blinds:
The horizontal blinds are formed of metal or vinyl which allows the customer to move them up and down easily.

b) Vertical blind:
Vertical blinds or slats are in straight line format. The vertical blinds are also connected with the string and can be moved up to 90 degrees so that the light can enter in a smooth way or be completely blocking it or allowing it to enter the room.

Material used in vertical blinds:
The vertical blinds are made up of fabric that is hard enough to rotate the blinds 90 degree or it is made up of plastic as it is easier to mold it.

2. Venetian:
Shape of venetian blind:
Venetian blinds are found only in horizontal form and they formed such that they are on one another.
Material used in Venetian Blinds:

3 types of Venetian blinds are formed of which are plastic, metal or wood. The blinds from such material are also called wood blinds or bamboo blinds.
Formation of Venetian blinds:
The venetian blinds are formed or connected in two formats. The venetian blinds can either be connected by the strips made up of cloth or by the chords which are slates.

Moving of venetian blinds:
The venetian blinds can be moved only at the angle of 180 degrees as they are only in a horizontal manner. When they rotated, the slats moves in opposite directions in which some of them move inward and the other move outwards.

3. Cellular blinds or Honeycomb blinds:
The other name of cellular blinds is honeycomb blinds. This name depicts that these blinds look like as if they are honeycomb.

Shape of Cellular Blinds:
As the name suggests, these blinds are of the shape of honeycomb because in these blinds, individual cells or sections are glued or attached together.
Material used in Cellular blinds:
The material used in cellular or honeycomb blinds are filtering fabrics through which light can pass through.

Moving of Cellular Blinds:
Cellular blinds can move up, down or sideways so they come on many shapes such as vertical or horizontal.

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10 Top Window Treatment Trends

When your window treatments -- curtains, valances and cornices -- have seen better days, it's time to try these window treatment ideas from the latest design trends.

Home Essentials: Finding the Right Window Coverings

The details we put on our home are what make it appealing. This is why we need to be careful with what we install there. This goes the same for choosing the right window covering. There are several window coverings to choose from, which makes it difficult to pick the right one for our windows.

The different types of window coverings and their advantages:

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of window covers. One of them is the window blinds. There are several types to choose from. This means that you will definitely find one that fits your home décor perfectly. They come in different colors. Some even have patterns. They are great option because they are cheaper and easier to install. They are easy to use too.

Window shutters are also popular option. This is the choice of homeowners who want to have a simple and clean appeal to their home. Many love this because they do not have to deal with cords and fabrics. They can easily adjust the shutter to their liking without worrying about the uneven look that other window covers bring.

You can also use curtains. These come in different forms and designs. You can customize it to your liking and you can even make your own. This is also economical, best for those working on a budget. There are different types of fabrics to use as well. Its flexibility is what most homeowners like about this window cover.

Choosing the right window cover:

Bear in mind that there are two features you need to consider when choosing a window cover. One is the aesthetic feature and the other is its functionality. You have to consider how your home will look when the cover is added. Bear in mind that anything you add in your home should make it look more appealing.

There are several designs to choose from. See to it that you pick one that complements your existing décor. To make it easier, think of the function of the room when choosing designs for your window cover. If you are adding covers for your bedroom windows, choose shades that are warm. Earth tones are always the best choice. But do not limit yourself to these. Look for hues that relax you. You can look into magazines and online brochures to help you decide.

Another feature you need to keep in mind is the function of the covering. Some use this to insulate the room. If you want to keep the cool air in, you can use a thick curtain. This can limit the air that escapes through the window. If you want something that will help you adjust the natural light coming in the room, you can use blinds or shutters.

The most important consideration would be your budget. This is an inexpensive budget compared to other forms. However, some covers are more costly than the others. This is why you have to think of your budget too.

Window covers are great way to beautify your home. But you should not forget that they serve essential functions too. Consider important aspects in order to make the right choice.
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