A Guide to Inexpensively Decorating Your Bare Windows

Embellishing windows can be an exciting and amusing task for someone who finds pleasure in receiving compliments about their home. The problem is it can become tricky if you are dealing with an arched window or a classic one and you have no idea on how to decorate it.

In reality, you don't have to seek the assistance of a costly Home Decorator or Designer to present you with some distinct window treatment options. You can visit your local home improvement center, purchase some magazines, or you can go online to squeeze your creative juices.

What you will want to do is determine the functionality of your window treatment. Do you want it to give you more privacy or do you want it to "frame" your beautiful view? Those are just two questions you should ask yourself.

After deciding on those factors, you can choose to install an emaciated, clear or a bulky, dense material as your window treatment. You can merge different window treatments to meet your window shading requirements. For instance, you can utilize a set of roman shades to provide your room with light and privacy control together with some fine-looking silk drapes that draw attention to your home view and furnishings.

There are many options for both types of window treatments (those that fit in your window and those that go around it.) The typical mini-blinds have been joined by window shades that offer features similar to mini-blinds but have an added sheer material to better serve your privacy and lighting needs.

The sheer window shades grant a home with a natural and modern appeal. Different colors, shapes, textures, and designs can be purchased depending on the window covering that best suits your house.

Today's technology has made motorized shades available for the high-tech crowd and they even come with battery-operated remote controls. These window coverings are on a track on the vertical sides of the window and slide from the top OR bottom.

The vertical track type of window covering is an excellent choice that permits the natural light to enter the room when the top of the cover is down. It may also show the inside view in your house when you move the shade's bottom up.

Whatever style you go with, modern or country, keep in mind that window treatments can be the focal point of your room, even a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. They are not specific to living rooms or dining rooms like one may think. Simply pick a style that compliments the room or adds that "finishing touch."

You'd be amazed at how something as simple as a window treatment can really give your home that put-together look and comforting feel.

Carmina Collins is the owner of, a site dedicated to providing the latest tips and trends for discount window treatments. Visit her informative website before your next purchase and save time and money.

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