The Humble Roller Blind - Functional And Funky

Windows can be dressed in a way that is both functional and 'funky'; a challenging task for the home owner, or in corporate settings, the facilities manager, with virtually limitless options on how to dress this essential part of the building. Of course, home owners can opt for bare windows if they so wish!

Window dressing, however, is an opportunity to add a design element in a building or make a setting more homely. Households have reasons as varied as the blinds themselves for needing window blinds. For example, you may want to regulate the amount of light entering your house; you might want to retain heat during colder months; you might want to provide a modicum of privacy from prying eyes,... maybe all of these reasons?

Window blinds come in different forms. There are Venetian and Roman blinds, vertical blinds, and panel blinds. The new kid on the block is perfect fit blinds. A roller blind is one such option for window treatment. Unlike Roman shades or Venetian blinds, this type of blind lends a clean and uncluttered look to the interior space, and it can be both decorative and easy to operate.

There is practically an ocean of choices when it comes to colour and texture, thickness of blind fabric,... sometimes the most important choices are based on personal taste.

It helps that a roller blind is simple to use - a pull of a chain, release of a spring, or even a push of a button (there are automated operating mechanisms that are available in the market now). They are either made of opaque cloth, voile or sheer fabric, faux wood or other material that can easily wrap around a lightweight, aluminium cylinder when pulled up or down.

That alone provides limitless choices for the consumer when shopping for a roller blind. Hence, it is essential to ask whether the blind you are going to put up should be decorative, functional or both. Roller blinds can be customized, made-to-measure or bespoke, such that every blind meets unique household or design needs.

In fact, for those who want true value for money, the best way to dress up their space is to dress up their windows! Take for instance photo roller blinds. As the name suggests, blinds can be specifically made using your photo files so you can display pictures from your photo albums. So easy to do, nowadays, in this digital world!

These can also be made-to-measure so as to either fit inside your window recess or simply mounted outside to cover a wider area.
The humble roller blind - what value for money when it comes to durability, design and convenience!

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Russell Shearer is a Contributing Editor to Blinds-UK, one of the latest online shops for effortless ordering of window blinds in the UK. Visit Blinds-UK for the latest fabrics available, and for tips and advice on how to confidently measure your windows for ordering your blinds online. Measuring and installing roller blinds is not difficult when you follow some simple guidelines.
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