Blackout Blinds for Maximum Privacy

Expert Author Fem MascenonWhen a typical homeowner is looking for a window treatment that provides maximum privacy, what is the appropriate covering that is recommended? In all practicality, blackout blinds are the answer. These blinds can totally block sunlight entry into your rooms. This is because of the special high density fabrics they are made of. When you are bothered by the sunrays penetrating your room, you need a roller blackout blind. In times you want a lot of privacy, a vertical black out blind can service your need.

There are custom made to order blackout blinds that can control light entry providing maximum level of privacy. The assortment of intense light-control fabrics of these black out blinds provide heat regulatory feature to cool the rooms. They are perfect for nurseries, bathrooms and bedrooms. You can make them a "bottom-up/top down" blind. You can raise the blind from the bottom to cover only the bottom half. The effect is you can see out over the blind, but people won't be able to see you from the outside.
Graber Blackout Crystal Pleat
Take a look at some of the features of the blackout blinds. The blinds are motorized, cordless with special lifting features or with remote control. You can opt for a single or double celled window shade. The double the cells, the better is the insulation. With regards to pleats, they are available in different sizes.

With respect to fabrics, they are flame retardant and moisture-resistant, Fabric shades come with decorative shapes, poles and pulls. Some models are produced with straight edge bottoms with the option of chain or spring control. They also come with a cassette box and pelmet fascia. Fabric materials are made of polyester or polycotton.

If you want a useful and decorative designer blind to grace the different windows in your home, the colorful black out blinds will provide a touch of splendor and beauty to all your windows. Black out blinds are very versatile and flexible. You have so many options when you are faced with the task of choosing them. These blinds are available in styles of roller blind, roman blind and vertical blind.

With regards to color, they are available in a vast array of colors. You can choose terracota, blue, white, natural, stone, burgundy, lilac, navy fabrics and many more. A designer brand Blackout roller blind with double cell shade is being offered under a discount sale. Take a look at its superb features. It has a double honeycomb pleat for greater insulation and neutral backing to the street. Its fabrics are softly textured and fit any room. These blinds have an aluminum headrail and bottom rail for extreme durability. You will appreciate the feature of cord lock and stop tassel designed for more reliable operation year after year.

Graber EvenPleat
Another designer black out blind has larger cells than the 3/8 double cell shades. This blind is perfect for large windows. It is made from high quality, non-woven polyester that keeps its true color and will not fray. Its fabric is treated to make it stain resistant and anti-static to control dust build-up. It is washable with damp cloth. All colors have a higher stack for a clear, unobstructed view. It is energy efficient because of its insulation properties. They are also very easy to install. Blackout Blinds come complete with all the necessary hardware, safety features and installation guides. When you have kids and pets, for added safety, choose the cordless option. In closing, if you want to own a unique window treatment that will stand out in your neighborhood and provide long years of service, order a custom made to measure or ready to install Blackout Blinds!
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Home Decorating: Using Custom Window Treatments Like Roman Shades

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By : Ken Kenry
If you're debating redecorating and have decided on new window treatments, you will need to choose whether you want to buy stock treatments, or custom window coverings. The first difference you'll notice between these two is the cost. Made to order window shades are considerably more expensive than stock ones. This is since stock ones are built in a factory to a standard size made from a stock fabric. This is a good choice if you are low on funds or don't care too much regarding the originality of the room to be redecorated.
However what if you do want made to order window treatments? Why should you bother? Isn't saving the money better? Not always. Many people and some spaces simply need a custom window treatment. This is most especially true if your windows are not of a standard dimension. If this is true, then you'll absolutely have to get made to order window treatments because otherwise nothing will fit!

With a custom window treatment, you can choose any fabric you choose. Do you really want your window to match your couch? While I do not recommend that, if you know the source of your couch's upholstery fabric than you can do that. You can get much richer fabrics this way.

One more nice thing is you are able to pick the style. For example, with Roman shades, there are two folding styles, teardrop and regular. These both give the room a different feel. You could combine your choice of folding type with fabric choice to get a made to order window covering that no one else has.

You could additionally pick how the shade is going to open. Generally your choices are manual or motorized. Most people are fine with manual, but if you are looking for that little something extra, you may want to go for the motorized.
As you can see, custom shades are the only way to go for many homeowners. Be sure to remember all of your options and talk to several experts. Almost every window treatments roman shades store has at least one expert working there who'll help you with no pressure to purchase- so what can it hurt! Locate pictures on the internet and research fabrics, make sure it all will match your current room or your planned design. Nothing's worse than buying made to order window treatments that you won't use! Just remember since they're made to order, if you do not like them you can't return them!
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