How Electronic Blinds Work

Hunter Douglas
Electronic blinds can have some really great advantages over every other type of blind on the market. They come in a variety of materials and can even run on a preset timer so that your blinds can close automatically to protect certain rooms from sunlight by closing at certain times of the day even if you at work. In addition, they offer a small bit of security when you are gone for a long weekend, by automatically opening and shutting making would be burglars think you are at home.

Electronic blinds makes opening and closing blinds on high windows simple and convenient as well. But just exactly how do electronic blinds work? While the basic workings of these blinds are the same the exact way they work depends on the type of electronic blind you decide on getting.

All Electronic blinds have an internal motor that is located at the top of the shade. It is inside a casing so that motor does not show. Older electronic blinds needed to be hard wired right into your electrical circuits by a professional. However, today you can wall mount controls that simply plug into an outlet. You then simply push a button that either raises, lowers, or tilts the blind to let in the right amount of light for you. Some of these shades come with a built in timer, that you can preset just like you can preset your DVD to record your favorite movies or shows when you are away from home. The preset timer then raises or lowers the blind when it reaches the preset time.

Remote controlled electronic blinds are also extremely popular. These blinds make opening and shutting blinds for high windows convenient and are extremely useful to those who may have difficulty getting around or reaching up to raise and lower a blind. Remote control electronic blinds normally work from 40 to 50 feet away from the blind, use a battery operated control, and like that television remote you simply point the remote at the sensor to open or close the blind. Remote control blinds operate on different size batteries. Some use double-A, some triple-A and some use D batteries.

In addition, some remote control blinds also come with an adapter so that you can plug in the blind to your electrical system. Purchasing an electrical blind with an AC adapter may be a good idea just in case your batteries die at an inopportune time, although many of these remote controlled blinds batteries are designed to last two or three years. Experts advise that you have different remote control for blinds in each room of your home.

While electronic blinds may be somewhat more expensive than other types of blinds and window treatments they do offer many people simplicity and convenience as well as a margin of added safety. Since these blinds come in a variety of styles and colors they can easily fit and look great in most homes. Best of all there are no cords to detract from the clean lines of these blinds or pose a danger to small children.

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