How to Express Yourself in Your Bedroom


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Your home should speak about you. Therefore, it is necessary that you are able to have the design that is not only good for the eyes of your friends and family but it should be something that you really want. An interior designer may make your home look superb; however, it may not reflect your personality.

Your bedroom is one of the areas in your home that must reflect your individuality. Since it is your own room, you can set the rules and design it in whatever manner you want it. Here are a few tips on how to express yourself in your bedroom.

Set a theme for your bedroom. You can start from the things that interest you most such as music, books, sports, nature, movies, theater, etc. Let your hobby be the central theme of your bedroom. You can also pick a choice from having a country, Disneyland, royal or modern style theme. Choose your furniture based on this theme so everything will be in the proper symmetry.

Choose the colors that speak about you. If you go for bold and cheerful colors, then do so. It can also be pastel so long as you like the color and one that will make you happy even when you feel low. If you go for darker colors, apply a lighter shade of the same color on one side of your room to break the dullness. Remember, colors play a very important role in our emotions so combine happy hues to darker colors. You can also have varied patterns and textures on your wall that gives a clue to your personality. If you love to paint, you can paint on one side of your wall.

Choose the appropriate lights. Lights can play up or play down the ambiance of your room. Use task lights to give focus to your painting or any work of art on your wall. Make use of table and stand lamps to create varied effects.

Choose lighting fixtures that can project a romantic mood or a happy mood. If you love music and play some instruments, you can have some accent lights that look like little spotlights when you practice.

Hang your photos or posters of your favorite celebrities, singers, sports people, tourist attractions, etc. You can put together your photos since you were young and make a collage. A picture of your family activities can also be made into a collage. Anything that is about you can be displayed on your wall - remember this is your own area. It can also be our own work of art. If you love to draw or paint, then display it in your room.

Choose curtains that appeal to you most. It does not have to be the same as those in the living room. You can also make use of a room divider to have a separate study area. If your room divider is plain, then put some decorations on it or make it as your canvass for your own painting or drawing. If you love to compose poems, then post some of them on the divider.

If you love to read, have enough storage for them. You can have a built-in shelf if your room space is small. Otherwise, you can opt to have a bookshelf or a headboard with shelves.

Adorn your bedroom with your mementos from your past travels or from the gifts that you have received from friends and loved ones. If there is an artist in you, you can create some trinkets and decorate your windows and door.

Feel free and let your imagination run wild to express yourself in your bedroom. It is your own private space and must make you happy and contented when inside the room. The important thing is you love and enjoy the look of your bedroom.

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