Lush Window Treatments Add Style To Any Room

Expert Author Cookie Maxwell

Any type of covering used on the windows of commercial or residential buildings is generally referred to as window treatments. They are effective for blocking out sunlight, insulating against the heat that the sun generates, and maintaining your privacy when you don't want people looking into your home. Despite these beneficial characteristics, most homeowners view them as being decorative and use them solely for room décor. Fortunately, the most common types of window coverings (blinds and curtains) are both functional and stylish.

There are a number of places where you can purchase window treatments and install them yourself such as home improvement stores or the larger department store retailers. However, you can also hire professional companies that sell and install them if you have the budget for this. There are several types to consider when you want to change the appearance of your home or spruce up a particular room, including:

• Blinds - although these are the most functional window treatments available, they have little if any decorative value. Most of the styles that you find today are constructed from plastic or wood and can be mounted on the sides or top of a window frame. The slats can be operate horizontally or vertically.
• Curtains - these are one of the more popular forms of window treatments because they are available in a wide range of styles as well as being very decorative and functional. Curtains are manufactured in a variety of materials such as cotton, suede, and even velvet. They are available in different lengths and are oftentimes considered to be an essential component of a home's décor.

• Shades - like curtains, shades are used more for function instead of style and are available win a wide range of materials such as bamboo, canvas, and woven plastic. Additionally, they are also manufactured with several operational features including roll-up sprockets that enable you to retract them or ropes.

• Sheers - these window treatments are used more for decoration rather than function. However, they are typically used as a window covering that allows light to enter the room while maintaining some privacy for anyone occupying the room. Sheers are most commonly hung in art studios, kitchens, and rooms facing east.

• Valances - swathes of fabric that are used to decorate the top of window frames are more commonly referred to as valances. They are most commonly used to compliment and enhance other types of window treatments such as blinds, curtain sets, and shades. They are typically hung in dining rooms, living rooms, music rooms, and parlors.

In addition to selecting your window treatments out of an interior designer's catalog or from home improvement store displays, many styles can be customized to fit odd-shaped windows and tailored to address your exclusive needs. Where store-bought window coverings are made to suit the average homeowner, customized ones are more personal and cater to the particular home they are to be mounted in. Be sure that you select a covering that best reflects your lifestyle when making your decision. offers information regarding window treatments. For more on window treatments, please visit our Home Decor portal at MyReviewsNow

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