Choosing Between Roman or Roller Blinds

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Having blinds for your property is a great move in a vast majority of cases. Blinds give you many advantages over other kinds of curtains and shade, and this is largely because they are so versatile. The main great advantage of using blinds is that they give you a huge number of different 'settings' that can let in variable amounts of light. In other words you can opt to have your blinds completely open and let in a lot of light, you can decide to have your blinds partially open and to let in half the light you want, or you can opt to have the blinds drawn and shut out all the light. If you have netting behind them then this will give you even more options and allow you to have combinations of blinds and netting at various levels.

However even once you've decided that blinds might be right for you, there is still then the matter of choosing what kind of blinds you need. On the one hand you can choose 'roller blinds' and on the other you can choose to install 'Roman blinds' - but what's the difference?

Essentially roller blinds work on a kind of wheel - this allows you to roll the blind up so that it wraps around the reel at the top and thereby removes itself from your window and lets in the light. On the other hand, if you use Roman blinds then this will mean that the blinds fold themselves up as you pull the chord and that way disappear. When you pull up Roman blinds they will almost seem to 'crumple' in a pattern and this will have a similar effect.

Choosing between the two largely comes down to preference and there is little difference between them other than aesthetics. One thing that is worth bearing in mind however is that Roman blinds will not be able to be opened quite as wide (or more accurately 'tall') as roller blinds. This is because they have crumpled up at the top, but will likely still be too thick and thereby cover a small portion of the top of your window.

At the same time you might find that Roman blinds bulge out a little farther than roller blinds, meaning that they will need more space on the windowsill in order to work. They do however have the pleasant bonus of being quite aesthetically pleasing and perhaps a little more interesting to look at than the ore flat-looking roller blinds. This does make Roman blinds slightly more suited to perhaps a slightly more ornate or 'traditional' looking property, whereas roller blinds are possibly better suited to more modern flats and apartments.

Ultimately this decision is likely to come down less to whether you want Roman or roller blinds, and more to whether the pattern you want is available in that particular style. If you choose based on the pattern you like then you will find that for most uses it doesn't make too much difference whether the blinds are roller blinds or Roman blinds.

Both roller blinds and roman blinds are effective at blocking light and the view. In some cases though, you can get a more stylish look with roman blinds.

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