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Roman Shades For Your Family Den
Window treatments can work wonders as part of a design plan in a home, and Roman shades in particular make a strong statement. Whether you are going for a formal or casual space, these shades give the room a finished and polished look while performing a function. The huge variety of fabrics and styles that you can select from when choosing your shades can bring the elements of the room together effortlessly. Learn more about what you need to know about selecting and installing Roman shades in any room of your house.
The first step in hanging Roman shades is understanding where they are going to be hung and what your space considerations are. Measure the area where you want to hang the shade. As you do this, decide if you prefer an inside mount or an outside mount. If you decide on the inside, measure the glass of your window. The shade will be hanging close to the glass from top to bottom, and you need to make sure it is fully covered. If you prefer an outside mounted Roman shade, measure the length and width of the window with the frame. When calculating the measurement from the top of the window to the sill, add another two inches in length. When the window has no sill, add only an inch.

There are a lot of choices and decisions to make when you start shade shopping:

Liners - If you are concerned about privacy or blocking out the light, you will need Roman shades with liners. Depending on how much darkness you need when the shade is down, you can choose between regular liners or blackout liners.

Closing and Opening Systems - Think about how you want to open and close the shade when it is in use in your room. Modern shades come with motorized closing systems which make it effortless to use the shade. However, if you prefer a more classic mechanism, you can choose from a cord or a beaded chain that you can use manually.

Fabric - Choose the fabric for your shades that suits the style of the room where you will be hanging them. Luxurious fabrics like silk are best suited for formal areas. Fabric like cotton is a good choice when you are hanging the shades in a casual space. Keep in mind that decorative hems on the edge of the fabric is usually considered a more casual design feature.

Installation - Regardless of how handy you think you are, it is not difficult to install Roman shades on your own. All you need are a few tools and a level. The shades arrive with all of the hardware necessary to hang them, and you should be able to affix them on the inside or outside of the window frame on your own. Remember to refer to the instructions, and call the manufacturer if you run into any problems. offers information regarding Roman shades. For more on choosing blinds for your home, please visit us at
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