What Roller Blinds Can Offer Your Home

Hunter Douglas
Moving into a new home and finding the windows bare is an exciting experience for any budding interior designer; it's a blank canvas ripe for decoration. When it comes to choosing your window decoration, however, things can start to get difficult.

Curtains or blinds? It's a question many homeowners have asked themselves over the years and it's undoubtedly a question many future homeowners will ask themselves too.

While many people, usually older, are dedicated to the old school decadence a good set of curtains can offer, blinds have built up a strong following among young people looking for a more cosmopolitan look and families with pets or young children.

After pledging your allegiance to one of the two major styles of window dressing there then comes the problem of choosing which style of blind or curtain you want to have in your home. Blinds in particular offer a vast range of different options, from opulent real wood venetian blinds to vertical hanging blinds.

One classic style that occasionally gets overlooked when it comes to home decoration is roller blinds, which are more traditionally associated with a cold office setting rather than a warm homely setting. However, this style offers plenty of benefits.

The beauty of roller blinds lays in their simplicity - they aren't particularly complex and don't owe themselves to elaborate design quirks. Instead, they offer a simple solution that just about anyone can operate. There's none of the oft confusing leverage and cord systems associated with other styles; they're just incredibly easy to use.

This simplicity means that rollers are often a cheaper alternative to other styles. Don't mistake this lower price range for lower quality however; rollers can serve all the functions of other styles just as effectively.

Roller blinds arguably offer more variety than any other style too, thanks to their simple design. The material of a roller can be customised with a variety of different colours, patterns and designs - your imagination is more or less the limit of what is possible.

Just want a simple blue block colour blind? That's fine. Elaborate snakeskin? That's fine too. Some retailers will even allow you to customise your blinds with your own images so you can be reminded of a wonderful holiday or a family day out every time you shut the world out for the night.

The lack of gaps in rollers also means they offer a degree of privacy that Venetian or verticals just can't. With the right materials, rollers can also possess a blackout quality that makes them ideal for a home office or an entertainment room.

However, roller blinds won't be the right option for everyone. Compared to other styles, they're relatively hard to clean and one well-placed spillage can stain the material permanently which means you'll have to replace it completely.

It could also be argued that rollers aren't as 'homely' as other blinds due to their practical nature and traditional role in an office environment.

Nevertheless, they still offer an excellent range of benefits. So if you're considering a new look for your windows, keep roller blinds in mind.

Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of Better Blinds, specialists in Roller Blinds
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