Cellular Shade - The Important Part of Interior Designing

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Cellular shade has become a very important part in the world of interior designing for home or house d├ęcor. It is also known as honeycomb shade. It improves the interior of the house and takes it to its quality. There are lots of different cellular window shades available in the market. And they come with all colors, shapes and sizes. They are also available in different materials depending on what effect you want in your house. Usually cellular shades are used for light filtering and privacy.

These are also called Honeycomb shades sometimes and they are called so because the basic in both the shades is same. Cellular cells can be categorized by the number of cells like some are only one single cell deep or some are two cells deep and three cell deep are also available. The greater number of cells in a shade will provide the more energy efficiency in it. It behaves like that because the air in each cell provides an insulating layer. In the matter of heat it is measured by a number called the shading coefficient. Higher number means shade blocks less heat and lower number suggests that shade blocks more heat.
Cellular shade is available in both corded and cordless varieties. Cordless shades are operated by grabbing them from the bottom and moving them up and down, without the need to deal with cords. Cellular shade also saves your money. First, most of the energy of your home is lost through the window, the cellular shades reduces energy loss. Second, they lower your energy bill by reducing the temperature in the home. It is said that the temperature near the window is 9 degrees higher than the rest of the room.

Some people worry that their cellular shade will look odd or tacky, but in fact it looks very good and it energizes the environment of the home.