Window Blinds For Bathrooms: How Do You Choose?

Blinds are a bathroom essential; while you can spend hours debating the various merits of curtains and blinds in a bedroom or a living room, blinds are the be-all and end-all when it comes to bathroom window coverings.

Why is this? Well firstly, they offer a level of privacy that curtains just can't offer. A solid fabric roller blind - when rolled down - will block any prying eyes from taking a peek in your bathroom. One rogue gap in a pair of curtains, however, and you might have more viewers for your nightly shower than you expected!

Blinds are also extremely practical for the bathroom. You can operate them via a cord rather than having to touch the material itself, meaning that wet hands from the shower or post-handwashing won't damage the blind. Similarly, if your window is above the bath, blinds won't dangle into the water itself, saving you a bundle on repair water damaged curtains.

So we've established that blinds should be your first choice when it comes to decorating your bathroom. But how do you choose the right blinds for your bathroom?

First, you need to consider what your blinds are going to be coming up against. Bathrooms tend to be damp and hot, meaning that your blinds need to be moisture- and heat-resistant to ward off the negative effects of mould, mildew and even warping.

Unfortunately, these characteristics rule out wooden blinds straight away. As good as they look, wooden blinds just aren't made to survive in a bathroom. The frequent moisture generated by the shower will warp them over time and it's impossible to repair this warping; you have to replace the blinds entirely. The small cracks in wood also means that it's a breeding ground for mold.

It's also worth avoiding any particularly heavy fabrics as they are susceptible to mould and are surprisingly difficult to clean. It is possible to remove mould from a heavy fabric but it's likely that the problem will return, leading to a time-consuming cycle of cleaning.

So what about metal, such as aluminium? At first, this seems a great choice - it's a heavy material for privacy and best of all, it's rust resistant. However, aluminium tends to only be used in venetian blinds, which aren't a great choice for a bathroom as there are frequently privacy-compromising gaps in the slats. The same goes for vertical blinds.

What makes for the perfect bathroom blind then? Well, style-wise, it's best to go for a roller blind. It's simple to use and is best for maintaining privacy. They're also quite easy to clean and maintain and won't warp due to moisture.

For material, it's best to go for a light, easy-to-clean fabric or even better, a blind made from waterproof material. While these aren't necessarily the heaviest of materials and won't offer the kind of privacy afforded by more 'solid' materials, they are probably the best when it comes to regular cleaning and standing up to the unique conditions of the average bathroom.

Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of Better Blinds, specialists in roller blinds
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