How To Choose The Right Window Fashion

How To Choose The Right Window Fashion

Expert Author Brandon Freyre

Choosing the right window treatment for your window can seem daunting and understandably confusing. You have a lot of choices to make for your window treatment including color, types and textures. The variety of choices makes this a difficult choice. Color and textures, however, are dictated by the decor of the room and your taste. The right window treatment for you goes beyond color. It has to meet the needs of the room's occupants. Figuring out what type of window treatment you need for your room is a logical two-step process.

Step 1: Analyzing Window Function
Determining window function prior to deciding on the type of treatment will help you figure out what your treatment must achieve in function before considering the type of treatment and style.
The amount of light you need should be considered as you choose your window treatment. Windows let the light in from the outside and most importantly the light comes in from the top of the windows.
If your window opens to a high traffic area then blinds or interior shutters are a great choice since they both have louvers. They are the most functional window treatments for light and privacy. If privacy isn't an issue, then you have more options.
This is the personal part of your window treatment. Do you like your windows dressed to the nines or just a subtle window fashion makeover. The style of your window also has to reflect the room's decor in addition to your personal tastes. There are many styles of shades to consider to add style and fashion to any room.

Step Two: Selecting the Treatment Type
You've got plenty of options for your window, which is one reason it's so hard to choose. After determining whether you need the window for light, deciding the level of privacy and figuring out what kind of style suits your tastes, it's time to select from the array of option for your window.

The most acknowledged window treatment in existence, curtains allow for all three functions of a window treatment. It opens for light, closes for privacy and offers unsurpassed style. You can find a curtain made of heavy velvet, cotton or silk. You can find or easily make any color, size or texture curtain. Curtains are often employed with shades, valances, and blinds to enhance function and window fashion.

Valances add style, color and texture to a window treatment. It's rarely used on its own. You can add this strip of fabric at the top of the window in conjunction with shades, curtains, blinds, shutters or a combination of these treatments.

Blinds let you easily control the amount of privacy and light in a room. Settling on blinds doesn't mean your window treatment is complete. Choose from vertical, mini or 2-inch blinds. Vertical blinds are usually used in doorways. Mini-blinds are the traditionally thought of as blinds. Typically, blinds are neutral in color and created out of vinyl, composite, wood or bamboo. Vertical blinds consist of faux woods or heavy fabric.

Shades are similar to blinds in the sense that it easily allows for privacy and light without much effort from the shade operator. They typically are created out of fabric other material, hung from the top of the window, pull down to allow for privacy and retract for increased lightened maximum view. There are many types of shades, including roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, and roman shades. The different styles add a decorative element and come in a larger variety of colors than their close cousin, blinds.

Shutters provided a unique curb appeal. They have a larger louver than most blinds and provide more light, privacy and a simpler more elegant style to any room.

You can select a combination of the above window treatments to enhance the function--style, privacy and light--from your window. Typically, you will choose either shutters, shades or blinds in a combination as they tend to hang through the same space and perform the same function.

Once you've chosen your window treatment, hang them up and admire your choices. If you are still wrestling with your decision, the window treatment experts at Maggie's Shutters and Blinds are ready and able to guide you in making your choices. Additionally, Maggie's Shutters and Blinds offer a free consultation to help you make this difficult decision.
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