Have the Perfect View Through Your Countryside Plantation Shutters


Wood Shutters - Protection and Style
All of us working hard during the year, just cannot wait to escape the city, and all the noise and pollution, at least for a weekend, why it does not come as a surprise that many people have decided to buy (or at least rent) a house in the countryside where they can enjoy their holiday with no disruptions. If you are among those people who enjoy nature and a peaceful and calming atmosphere, there is always the question of decorating your countryside home in a way that will give you everything you might need. Well, an important decision you will have to make is the one regarding to your window treatments, so we say why not have the perfect view through your countryside plantation shutters.

Why Plantation Shutters?
Plantation shutters are a perfect choice regardless of the purpose you are obtaining them for, solely because they will serve you great wherever you place them. They will protect your privacy and allow you to control the light in your bedroom and living room, but also serve as an important decorative element if chosen in some unconventional color thus presenting a focal point of the room and making the rest of the interior looking even better and more stylish.

Not to mention that they are made of natural materials often additionally protected with different finishes all in order of improving their functionality and effectiveness, allowing you to place them in areas where moisture and water vapour may present a problem. This also goes for their structure since many options are available, thus you can opt for different types of wood, resulting in greater strength and ability to withstand breakage, making them perfect not only for peaceful places but also areas that can be under the influence of damaging weather conditions.

Why Choose Shutters for your Countryside Home?
Now that you are well aware of all the benefits of having plantation shutters within your home, it is time to move on to your countryside home design.

As mentioned before, your cottage in the country should be a place where you go to rest and escape everyday responsibilities, why it should be adequately decorated. Since surrounded with natural elements like unpaved paths, forests, maybe a barn or two, rich wildlife, these are the elements that should be incorporated into the interior design. Thus, try to avoid artificial materials, but instead use natural ones like wood for your floors, window frames, cabinets, tables and the rest of the furniture and combine them with cotton for table cloths and bed covers or straw and thatch for your doormats and decorations. Simply put, everything should match the exterior so just avoid using shinny and silky materials like steel or granite, but rather replace them with iron and chrome. Everything needs to be rustic, so choose all the items accordingly. This is exactly why wooden shutters are a perfect match, even if you are not buying new ones, since even older ones whose color has faded over the years or are a bit scratched, can nicely fit into the atmosphere you tend to create.

Apart from the materials, you will also need to choose proper colors. Probably the most important thing is not going overboard with bright and intense colors which are more immanent to a modern design. A lot of earthly tones like brown, cream and beige with admixtures of light and dark green or maybe some matte red will look just fine. This also goes for the patterns. Some stripes, polka dots or squares for light curtains or table cloths will make a nice addition to the overall look. This can also be applied to your window treatments. You can go for a more traditional option with brown ones, or make them stand out with some bold red or green. The good news is that you can order a pre-painted shutters in the color of your choice or just repaint the ones you already have which is not a complicated task since all you need is some paint and a few brushes.

Finally, let's discuss the decorations. Just think of everything that reminds of nature and you will not make a mistake. A lot of flowers handpicked from your garden placed in clay vases, decorating a wooden table or a cabinet filled with small, antique tea cups will look great. An old rocking chair and a small, flat coffee table covered with a milieu will also make a nice addition. You can even decorate your countryside shutters by placing a short transparent curtain at the top, just flapping in the wind every time your window coverings are wide open, allowing you to enjoy the summer sun and a gentle summer breeze. When you get tired of the heat during the day, just keep your shutters completely shut and enjoy a complete blackout without the chance of anything disrupting your afternoon nap.

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