Window Decoration - How to Select the Right Style of Curtains for Your Windows

The style of the curtains depends on the common style of the room or house. There are four commonly used curtain types: simple eye-let curtains, pleated drapes, roman blinds, kitchen curtains, top tab curtains.

If you live in the MODERN house, then roman blinds or simple eye-let or top tab curtains made of natural or printed linen will be the best. Simple natural linen material is used in curtains and cushions for distant and inconspicuous interiors. Appropriate for place where the key role is for the person with dynamic and modern lifestyle. Linen curtains are appropriate for spaces with dominant interior elements as solid wood, concrete or stone.

RUSTIC style interiors with solid wood dominance will harmonize with straight and dense drapes in pastel color. Simple and elegant sky-way blue curtains will refresh the room with wooden furniture and wooden ceiling.

If in your interior dominates ANTIQUE style furniture, then you can choose romantic drapes made of linen or silk damask. Damask or Jacquard is fabric with luxurious patterns used in pleated drapes or simple eye-let curtains.

If the room contains furniture with dark LEATHER upholstery, great solution for windows will be the bamboo blinds. If the furniture has light leather upholstery, the same color roman blinds will be appropriate.

When you select the color of the curtain, please pay attention to the dominant and accent colors of the room, especially walls. Advisable is to take one of the existing colors of the room. Designers followed principles: if the walls are with some pattern, than drapes are monochromatic in one of the used wall colors. And opposite: If the walls are monochromatic, than window cover can be with some prints or fancy patterns. In this case is great if the table lamps can be with the same material as curtains. If your desire is to have dense and saturated color of the room, then paint the walls and choose the drapes in the same color, try it with yellow, orange or red in the sunny part of the house.

For curtains material recommended is to take natural materials as linen, cotton or silk. It will cure the common atmosphere of the space, the same as wooden furniture, parquet or green plants.

Great color and material combinations:

White walls, black furniture and curtains and dark wood table,
White walls and curtains, sandy yellow elements and metallic elements in furniture,
Curcuma yellow walls with play wood furniture and glass elements in the rest of the interior,
White walls, dark leather furniture and bamboo blinds.
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