Different Window Treatments For Patio Doors

Expert Author Cookie Maxwell

Patio doors may be functional entrances and exits between the outdoors and your home, but they can be treated like windows when it comes to thinking about decoration, blocking out the sun, and maintaining privacy. Since your options are French doors that swing open or sliding glass panels, the way that you approach window treatments must be specific to the style door. If you have patio doors in your home, here are a few window treatment suggestions that will help you create another design feature in your home that also performs an important job.

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Vertical Blinds
The easiest and most common style of window treatment that you will see for patio doors are vertical blinds. If you are picturing the cloth vertical blinds that were popular in the 1970's when you think of vertical blinds, think again. Today you can find a number of stylish options that can be customized to your taste. Wood, fabric, vinyl and even faux wood are examples of the materials that are used to make blinds. Depending on your preferences, patio door blinds can all open to one side, or half go to one side and the other half to the opposite side. You can also choose to have the blinds open from the sides into the middle.

Cellular Blinds
If you have concerns about needing insulation near your patio doors, then cellular blinds are the best option for you. They have little pockets, also known as cells, that will trap air in them and insulate the room from cold. Note that the higher number of cells will offer the most energy efficiency in your room, and for maximum benefit you need large double or triple cells.

Drapes and Curtains
Drapes or curtains can cover patio doors just as well as blinds, but they are less versatile. Blinds allow you to open part way, and curtains are an all or nothing proposition. Depending on the room you are decorating, you may want to consider blinds and drapes at the same time. To hang curtains or drapes, you need a rod above your door and a way to keep the curtains open to one side with a decorative hook. Since they are made of fabric, cleaning them can be a lot faster than going through the panels of your blinds with a duster. If you want to wash them, then take them down and throw them in the washing machine. Curtains and drapes will also help insulate a room from the cold. offers information regarding patio blinds. For more on blinds and window treatments, please visit us at

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