For Home Owners Seeking to Love Window Shades, Bamboo Shades Are It

Property owners can enjoy bamboo shades for their search and for their ease of care. These pretty window shades are a natural item, a renewable resource that is environmentally helpful and manufactured in very low emissions factories. The plant by itself, bamboo, is a extremely quick expanding plant, stretching up as much as 4 to 5 feet every single month. As a organic merchandise, bamboo is also biodegradable, with no contaminants additional in processing.

Hunter Douglas Bamboo
So, the homeowner can install bamboo shades knowing they are employing an earth friendly product, that will not damage the atmosphere either in its processing or in its later disposal. To make them even much better, bamboo shades are quite excellent seeking. They come in a massive assortment of patterns and models, and numerous colours. The shades allow mild via their mesh of parallel sticks, which aids present off the beauty of their patterns.

Home owners can love bamboo shades for their effortless treatment. Just wipeclean the shades, as their clean wooden floor does not gather dust as significantly as other slats or fabrics do. Vertical bamboo shades are even cleaner with regards to dust, like other vertical shades. Normal window shades are simple to use, controlled by a lifting cord or steady chain manage, which can even be motorized. A horizontal valance can be utilized to conceal any management method.

Bamboo shades supply light management, and for place darkening, a back liner can be extra to give even a lot more mild manage. Making use of a light colored liner makes it possible for you to see much more of the pattern, as much more mild will enter the space than with dark coloured liners. Without having a liner, you can have some watch by means of the woven window shades but nevertheless manage light getting into the room. For privacy with a see, bamboo shades are the solution.

Yet another reason home owners can enjoy bamboo shades is for their power price reduction properties. These shades are wonderful in older houses for giving insulation from drafts and outdoor warmth or cold. They assist decrease electricity costs by way of their potential to control light, and their insulation from the elements and sound. They effortlessly cover broad windows or tall windows with style and all-natural grace.

Hunter Douglas Provenance
When deciding on bamboo shades, home owners really should keep in mind that they can combine and match shades for different rooms, and different atmospheres. These window shades are a traditional decorating tool, but they are also modern, so you get the very best of both designs in 1 product. Mild and airy, bamboo shades fit well in households and in offices. Buildings that have very tall and broad windows are superb for utilizing bamboo shades in the vertical designs that pull to the aspect when opened. The shades that open from the middle carry much less bulk on the top rail. For house windows and smaller windows, the bamboo shades can roll up or roll down as desired.

Bamboo shades are used alone or with window treatment options like curtains or valences in materials to add even more colour and style to your rooms. They work with other décor in the area, or stand on your own as a beautiful focal point. They glimpse wonderful when you combine them with pretty statuary or keepsakes, specifically big pots or chests. Combine natural bamboo with other all-natural goods this sort of as potted vegetation, and flower arrangements to proceed the nature theme of your room.

For versatility, the bamboo shades are a winner. They let you to make your area appear conventional, modern, or tropical, relying on what you place with them and the hues you are making use of in your rooms. They supply safety from heat and cold, insulating for power cost reductions, and are a naturally happening products that is earth pleasant and biodegradable

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: A 6-Story Tribeca Loft With An Indoor Basketball Court Is On Sale For $45 Million

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A six-story 1862 limestone TriBeca loft is on sale for $45 million.
Inside the 30,000 square-foot mansion are eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, an elevator, a private gym, and half basketball court. The home is six stories, two underground.

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How To Choose Good Quality Custom Blinds That Will Enhance Your Home

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Graber Blinds
When going through the process of remodeling a house, choosing new floors, wall coloring, tiles, sink hardware, and the like, one thing that you can't forget to do is to choose a good set of blinds. You will need to be very careful and pick the set of blinds that will be best suited to the design scheme that you choose for your home, because a good, complementary set of blinds will put the finishing touch on a work of interior design, but off blinds will just leave the whole end product out of whack.

When choosing blinds, you have a choice between running to a local shop and perusing the aisles of manufactured blinds, or, for a bit higher price, you can choose to have your blinds made to your specifications. This can be a worthwhile investment because you can get a set of blinds that fits exactly to the area you need to cover, with precisely the look needed for your design, without having to sacrifice either style or coverage with premade blinds that are too big, too small, or that fit but are less than ideal, stylistically. Custom made blinds are made to fit for every window, which is best, because even a sliver of light that leaks through can be irritating, and even the slightest gap can allow in a peak from the outside world.

More than fit though, hand made blinds allow you to choose the exact material and style that you want, the way you want it. Maybe you have imagined a blonde colored wooden set of Venetian blinds, but are unable to find it at any of the stores that you have visited. You can look into having them custom made. Or maybe you have another, different look that you want that can only be had from custom made blinds. Either way, custom made blinds will get you what you want and getting what you want, the blinds that you have dreamed of, is worth it. Since your imagination is probably not bounded by the cookie-cutter schematics of ready made blinds, you will probably have to get custom blinds if you want to meet your imagination's demands.

Hunter Douglas
By choosing to have your blinds made to your custom specifications, you can also opt to add on additional features that aid use, and offer additional convenience. These include a cordless, push-up style of raising the blinds, remote controls, and various styles of fasteners that are used to keep larger sized blinds from wobbling back and forth.

When it comes right down to it, it is a question of what you want. If you want to get exactly what you want from your blinds, you will have to have your blinds custom made.

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HGTV Dream Home 2012

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As promised, today we are proud to present the 360-degree interactive virtual tour of HGTV Dream Home 2012, our modern rustic ranch home nestled in the shadow of Utah’s gorgeous Mount Timpanogos. Please take time today to click through slideshows, read captions, zoom around in the 360-degree virtual tours and watch our exclusive videos, starring design expert Brian Patrick Flynn. And then, after you’ve completely immersed yourself in all things HGTV Dream Home, vote for housewarming gifts for the home winner and enter for a chance to win an identical gift set.
On another important note, I hope you’ve noticed an update to our blog. Now all three giveaway programs — HGTV Dream Home, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Urban Oasis — are under one roof, so you can more easily stay informed, post comments and hop back and forth between categories. We hope to expand our coverage with posts from guest bloggers, regular features and more. Enjoy and please let us know what you think of Dreams Happen.
And a special treat for you on this tour launch day: a quiz. Remember, months ago we introduced you to a dream destination quiz within the blog? We’ve ported that quiz into a brand-new format, and added a bunch of bells and whistles. Take the quiz and share it with friends — and, most importantly, tell me if it accurately assesses your personality.
FYI: At the top of this post you will see my absolute, all-time favorite photo of HGTV Dream Home 2012. Our photographers Bruce Cole and Eric Perry are geniuses. This pic was snapped by Eric right after sunset. Don’t you wish you could hop right in that hot tub?

Silhouette Blinds - How Are They Different From Other Blinds?

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Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings
Silhouette blinds are characterized by their ability to let some natural light shine through the window even when the blinds are closed. Two of the best known manufacturers of Silhouette blinds are Hunter Douglas and Levolor. Homeowners prefer using Silhouettes as the window coverings for their homes because they combine the best of mini blinds and cellular shades. With Silhouette blinds, your windows will look elegant whether you have the blinds open or closed.

With Silhouette blinds, the soft fabric of the blinds lets the sunlight filter through. You can rotate the slats to whatever angle you wish to have the shade you need for yourself and your furniture. Even though light can come through Silhouette window blinds, anyone outside the window cannot see in through them. Therefore, Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas give you the privacy and the light that you need.

When you raise Silhouette blinds, they are fully enclosed within the head rail. This gives you a wide open window with no blinds in your way. You can lower the Silhouette window blinds to different levels or have them all the way down. There are many choices in fabric color for the slats of the Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas. The window blinds themselves also come in different sizes and if you have a window of an irregular shape, Hunter Douglas can make the Silhouette blind specifically for your window.

When you buy Silhouette blinds from Hunter Douglas, you can choose the type of material you want in your blinds. Choose from Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas in crinkle textured fabric, bold colored sheers or maybe the linen texture will be more to your liking. One interesting feature of Silhouette window blinds is the top down/bottom up feature. You can have these blinds open at the top of the window and down to the bottom if you wish, which is really a different look in window blinds.

There are several different systems you can use for raising or lowering Silhouette blinds. The traditional cord loop is available in Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas, but you can also get these as motorized window blinds. A simple touch of a button will raise or lower the blind, as well as rotate the slats to the exact angle that you want. Silhouette blinds block the UV rays of the sun up to 99% when the vanes are closed and 63% when they are open.
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Window Treatments: Different Types of Window Blinds

Choosing window treatments for the windows in your home is an important part of the decorating choices in your home. You need to determine the style you are looking for, the purpose of the room and a budget to better help you determine what you are looking for in window treatments. When determining style you will need to look at the room and your home as a whole.

Do you have a very modern home with sleek lines, is it contemporary or is your home a little bit more country? When looking at the purpose you will need to look at the room. For instance a kitchen window has different needs than a bedroom. Light needs to be kept out of a bedroom and the kitchen is a room where light is of value. Budgeting is important in any room improvement. It is not necessary to break the budget for designer window treatments in a room no one will ever occupy like a laundry room. We will look into these objectives as we explore different types of blinds.

Windows with blinds between the glass are a popular option these days. They are very efficient and the blinds inside the glass can be switched up depending on the desired look. However, this option is expensive and requires replacement windows be installed. The benefits are high though so if you are looking into replacement windows that you would then have to dress up with window treatment this option then becomes a little bit more feasible. They are perfect for a home that needs a low maintenance window that is energy efficient and made to blend with any style home. Windows with blinds between the glass are really a great choice for anyone looking into replacement windows.

For larger window and door walls panel blinds are becoming very trendy. They can be purchased in many styles but gear toward a trendier look and feel for your room. They are also sold in many different price ranges depending on several factors; fabric density, size and style. You will find the hardware to install them is pricier than the panel blinds themselves.

Venetian blinds have been and continue to be a very popular option in window treatments. They offer many advantages over other types of window treatments. If you are looking for an all around good deal the venetian blind is the way to go. They offer a style that is timeless and are great because they also offer different degrees of privacy. You can find them to go with any size budget and are incredibly easy to install.

When looking to add blinds to windows that are odd in shape or out of the way, like skylights pleated blinds are the best options. They do tend to be pricier than other window treatments but offer the convenience of coming modified to more custom windows. They do fit in to any type of home décor and are often viewed as a higher end window treatment. Pleated blinds are often seen as a higher end window treatment and can be used in staging a home for resale very effectively.

Roller blinds are neat. You can purchase them in a variety of textures, colors and prints. They bring a different look and feel to a room. Roller blinds can be used to fit into any décor. They also offer varying degrees of light control for the rooms they are used in. They are usually a bit more expensive than traditional blinds. You are paying for a more sleek, stylish and custom product.

Cellular shades are a perfect choice to give a warm feel to the rooms in your house. You can open them form the top or bottom which is super nice in a room such as a bathroom where you want privacy to be maximized but also to enjoy natural lighting. They are incredibly affordable and can be purchased in most colors to compliment the décor in your home.

If you are looking for a very inexpensive route for a temporary place such as an apartment you are renting stick with mini-blinds. They are inexpensive, can be used to create ultimate privacy by closing them tightly or no privacy at all by retracting them completely. They tend to blend into any style and are really for a temporary fix for window treatment needs. They are hard to clean but are so inexpensive it is probably cheaper to buy new ones than to waste time cleaning them.

Faux wood and real wood blinds offer the same advantages with different budgets. They are both very pleasing to any décor and soften the look and feel of your room. They offer any degree of privacy a homeowner would desire. The biggest advantage of real wood is that it is incredibly durable where as faux wood can easily get damaged.

When choosing window treatments there are many different options as there are with blinds in general. Depending on style, budget, purpose and personal choice can affect your window treatment choices. Look into several different options when looking into window treatments. You will find that between curtains, blinds and other treatments that the options within the categories can vary greatly. You will want to look at décor that is pleasing to your eye and determine exactly what you desire for your home. Personally I am waiting to purchase window treatments for my home because I am hoping my husband will agree to replacement window so I can buy windows with the blinds between the glass so I don't have to worry about the kids and cats tearing the window treatments up. I have had a cat stuck in the middle of my venetian blinds.


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Christmas Tree Ornament Tips

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When it comes to decorating, we are all perfectionists about our Christmas tree. After all, it happens only once a year and the decorations are a treasure to behold. The finishing touch, for any Christmas tree, is the ornaments. Perhaps you have memories of a personalized ornament given to you as a child or maybe it's the tradition of hanging them with your family - making sure that each is perfectly spaced from its neighbor for that added touch of beauty. The Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees, which we choose, should be a reflection of ourselves and our family.

There are all types of Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees. From glass to unbreakable, there is something for everyone. Glass ornaments are among the most expensive, in part, because they require such intricate detail and add a touch of elegance to any Christmas tree. Glass ornaments pick up the reflection of lights and beam them across the room with, perhaps, even a twinkle or two. These ornaments are often hand-painted, which adds to their uniqueness.

There are a variety of unbreakable ornaments, also available, in a multitude of colors. If you have a child who loves to be near the Christmas tree, glass ornaments may not be the best option. Or, if you have a pet that enjoys the mystique of the tree a little too much, you may opt for something unbreakable. This is why there are plastic ornaments, which are much safer for your inquiring family members whether they be small or furry.

If you have children, there are plenty of ways to make beautiful Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees at home.

Using gold ribbon, tie a bow and place it on the tree. Repeat these steps until your tree is filled with golden memories of your child's imagination. You can also purchase plain white ceramic ornaments and, together with your children, paint them into beautiful Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees.

What's good enough to eat and also looks beautiful on a Christmas tree? Give up? It's a candy cane, of course. These pretty little symbols of Christmas are everywhere during the holiday season. If you can resist the temptation of eating them, candy canes make terrific Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees. Leave them as they are or tie little red bows around them for an added touch of Christmas.

If your child would like a personalized letter from Santa, contact one of Santa's helper services and inquire about Santa also sending your child a personalized ornament with his/her name engraved. This will truly be one of the most special ornaments on the tree and your child will treasure it forever.

Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees truly are the icing on the cake. Let them reflect you, your family, your home and your love for the holidays. The most precious ornaments are those we decorate with love. Not so surprisingly, these are also the most beautiful.

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HB: 11 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

11 Things Every Kitchen Should Have

Updating your kitchen? 

We asked designer Mick De Giulio —

 who designed his first kitchen when he was 19 and has 

3,000 projects under his belt 

— to give us a list of what he thinks are the essentials.

By Christine Pittel

1. Natural Light
Look for ways to maximize light, from eliminating cabinets next to windows to using transparent or reflective materials like glass and stainless steel.
2. Comfort
I like to incorporate soft seating, a TV, and — when I can — a fireplace, to make the kitchen the coziest place in the house.
3. Visual Texture
It's the mix of woods, countertop materials, and finishes that creates warmth, personality, and mood.
4. Stainless Steel
The consummate neutral, it looks great with everything and will never go out of style. I love its organic quality — it develops a well-worn patina over time.
5. An Island
If space allows, an island is essential. It's the social center of the kitchen.
6. A Great Sink
Accessories such as an integrated colander and a sliding cutting board make working there more efficient.
7. Intergrated Refrigeration
Creating cabinet facades to hide refrigeration units gives me a tremendous amount of design freedom. By eliminating a large, boxy element, I can make a kitchen feel more room-like.
8. High-Performance Appliances
Today, high-efficiency burners and ovens with convection and self-cleaning are really indispensable.
9. A Hook
Every great kitchen has a hook, that one unique element that just pulls you in. It could be a hood, a sink, a pot rack.
10. A Kitchen Designer 
Kitchen design is complicated, and the landscape is constantly changing. Hiring a professional is perhaps the most valuable investment you will make.
 11. Ice Cream
 In my opinion, no kitchen is complete without it.

BHG: Home Decorating Ideas

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