41 Most spectacular dream bedrooms ever

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These gorgeous dream bedrooms featured in the slideshow each have a different story to tell. One transforms you into the Victorian era, while others have a Scandinavian feel or a romantic feel, whatever your pleasure, there is a little something here for everyone. When decorating your dream bedroom, first and foremost it should be inviting. The bed itself is all about layering to make it attractive and cozy. Plenty of pillows for a more romantic feel, and the rule of thumb, less is more, for a more modern feel. The number one tip for creating a beautiful bed: don’t buy a set of bedding. Buy bedding in pieces, mixing and matching as you go. Bedding sets lack creativity and originality. It will take time to find each perfect piece, but it will be a creation you can be proud of. Check out the slideshow chalk full of original designs that will give you inspiration for your perfect dream bedroom. Enjoy and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite!

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