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The Different Types of Home Shutters

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Since most shutters are customizable, just about any size, weight, and dimension is available on the market. Those that are standard sized will fit the windows on a typical home, but individuals living in homes with asymmetrical windows may have trouble finding a set of shutters they can purchase instantaneously.

Fortunately, this is a very minor issue because most manufacturers will design a variety of builds. As long as the customer provides accurate dimensions, they will have no problem receiving customized or made-to-order home shutters.

Various styles exist for the interior and exterior of the home. Contemporary designs are nothing more than decorative panels, but some exterior shutters do exist for storm protection and security. Interior shutters serve as decorative pieces as well, but their functionality, versatility, and durability makes them totally different from their exterior counterparts.

Exterior shutters are available in three main styles: Board and Batten, Louvered, and Raised or Flat Panel. These shutters sit against the house and remain open even though some of them may have hinges. Homeowners looking for durable panels that can withstand extreme weather conditions should choose wood shutters or composite shutters. Vinyl and faux wood shutters are available for individuals who may either live in stable climates or are looking for a lower cost option.

Interior shutters come in wood, faux, composite, and vinyl as well. Their styles however are much different from exterior shutters. Some popular shutter types are Plantation Shutters, Hurricane Shutters, Accordion Shutters, and Cafe Shutters. The louvers on these panels come in a variety of sizes, and the panels themselves come in any size the customer desires. Panels mount on the windows with hinges, and a small latch or magnet keeps the doors shut tightly so they will not swing open unexpectedly.

This is just a short list of the standard shutter types one should expect to see at any manufacturer. Every manufacturer may not carry every style because it may not be popular in their town or region. This is why it is a good idea to shop for shutters online and have them shipped to your home or to the store of your choice. This will expand your options by exposing you to the many varieties of shutters on the market.
There are a wide variety of shutters on the market, and just a little searching is all it takes to find the right shutters for you home.

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