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How to Clean Plantation Shutters

The beautiful, clean lines of plantation shutters offer your home an elegance and timeless grace that is unparalleled by other window covering options. However, just like any other window covering, plantation shutters need to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that they maintain their classical beauty. The proper cleaning method will keep your plantation shutters looking stunning throughout the lifetime of your home.

Regular Dusting
Every couple of weeks, your plantation shutters will need a basic dusting to ensure that they continue looking their best and do not accumulate grime. Use a dry or lightly dampened microfiber cloth or disposable duster to do your dusting. To begin, open the shutters and dust the entire structure from the top to the bottom. Take special care to open the louvers and dust each individually on both sides. Be sure to also dust the window details and sill to keep your shutters at their cleanest.

More Detailed Cleaning
Although a simple regular dusting should keep your plantation shutters looking amazing for years to come, there are some times when they will need special cleaning for one reason or another. When your shutters clearly need more love than a simple dusting can provide, mix up a solution of a teaspoon of dish soap in a gallon of hot water. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into this solution, and then wring it out thoroughly, until it is just barely still damp. Clean as you would when dusting, starting from the top, working your way through each louver, and finishing by cleaning the window itself. Once the grime has been removed from your shutters and windows, use a fresh cloth that has been dampened in plain water to remove the soap and any other residue.

Remember the Location
Your plantation shutters are going to have different cleaning requirements depending on their location. Shutters that are located in your bathroom, kitchen, dining areas, and children's rooms are more likely to require a more detailed cleaning than shutters in other parts of your home would. These shutters can easily accumulate grease, airborne food particles, accidental food splatters, hairspray, dirt, and other forms of difficult to remove grime. For these locations, it is important for you to give your shutters a deep clean regularly to prevent unsightly grime buildup. Failure to frequently give shutters in these areas a detailed cleaning can make them more difficult to clean in the short term and shorten their lifespan in the long term.

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