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Some look edgy and modern, while others seem coordinated and traditional. Whatever your design style, the family room is a place to gather together with those you love. Get more ideas and tour a designer's colorful family room.

A Closer Look At The Many Different Window Treatment Options You Have

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Most of us would consider the stage where we actually get to choose our window treatment as the best part of decorating our windows. The choice of styles, colors, and fabrics available is nothing short of fantastic. We are fortunate in that we are free to choose the type of fringing, cording, or borders that reflect our individual taste and lifestyle. We can also choose to take a specific color from our window treatment and use it to accent color, either in the same room or through the rest the house. In this way, we have the opportunity to add an extra touch of decorating flair to our environment.

If your decorating preference is to hang drapes in your home, you can choose from several styles of draperies and co-ordinating valances. These valances are available in many styles and can be shirred, pleated, swagged, or gathered in many different ways. Some will have scalloped edges, while others are flat. Both the traditional formal and more casual decorating choices can be accommodated by the use of draperies of some type. There certainly are enough choices to make the windows in your space reflect your personal taste.

If blinds or shades are the right choice for your room setting, you also have a variety of choices. Blinds are available made from such materials as aluminium, natural materials, or even wood. Mini blinds made of metal offer consumers many special options, such as a variety of sizes, an absolute rainbow of colors, a wide range of finishes, many cloth tapes, and numerous choices of header. Different privacy options, depending on the consumer's wants and needs, can be factored in as well.

Fans of natural products might want to consider including mini blinds made of wood in their decorating scheme. Wooden blinds can be purchased in a whole host of sizes. A wide range of color options are yours for the asking, along with a selection of finishes designed to complement a wide variety of decorating options. Natural blinds are once again readily available; most of us have seen bamboo blinds at some point. These blinds are available in both matchstick and sewn slats. Some newer types of natural blinds give off the appearance of being constructed out of fabric.

Perhaps a cellular or a fabric shade will create the atmosphere you are trying to create. Cellular shades are available in both see-through and opaque materials and will give a window treatment a very clean look. Fabric shades are available in such styles as Austrian, Roman, pleated, balloon, or bottom arched. Of course, the flat panel shades that most of us are familiar with are another viable option.

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Pleated Shades - Dashing Decor By Dressing Windows In Designer Shades

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Pleated shades not only transform windows into showpieces, but add privacy, perfect light filtering, and UV protection. A pleated window shade gives warmth and softness, without the bulk and heaviness of drapes. With the ever-increasing color and texture ranges, no interior design project needs to be without the decorative touch of pleated shades.

The sheerest of fabrics are used where the pleated shade is only necessary to provide a splash of eye-pleasing color. Where a measure of light filtering is needed, a more solid fabric with a smooth or crushed appearance can be utilized. In areas where a darkening effect is necessary, such as in a bedroom, liners can be added to the pleated shades for maximum privacy, and superb light control.

Pleated shades were given a completely new face with the latest cellular shade variations. Provided that these highly functional window coverings are from a reputable manufacturer, the shades promise to be an option that offer durability, stylish simplicity, and low maintenance as a result of anti-static properties. Some cellular pleated shades are even washable.

The insulating characteristics of cellular shades are well known, and help to promote a comfortable atmosphere in your family's living quarters throughout the year. Cellular pleated shades are ideal as window coverings where UV protection is a priority. In comparison to other window fashions, they are extremely efficient ultraviolet blockers. Home furnishings are expensive to replace. Quality window shades will limit devastating sun damage, such as fading.

Pleated shades are available in an exciting palette of colors. These vary from the palest pastel pink, to soft apricots, and dreamy, powdery blues. Strong, solid colors, for a firm fashion statement, also make their presence known. Some innovative ranges even include pleated shades in adorable prints, to complement the theme in a baby nursery, or the decor in a toddler's bedroom.

Custom pleated shades are manufactured for all those difficult window shapes and sizes, such as bay windows. Pleated shades should be seamless, with even spacing, and be guaranteed not to sag. The hardware used must be color coordinated, and of an equally high quality, to ensure durability and ease of use.

Pleated shades feature a variety of mechanisms for convenient operation. Double cord control gives you the option of lowering the shade from the top, or raising it from the bottom. This enables you to manipulate privacy and light filtering levels, for total comfort.

It is always safer to opt for cordless versions of pleated shades, if there are children or pets in the home. Battery-powered, remote controlled pleated window shades are another alternative, perfect for lazy days of couch-lounging. These systems can be fully automated, with a programmed timer triggering the raising and lowering of the shades at specified intervals.

See your home and your treasured furnishings in a fresh, new light, with the addition of fabric or cellular pleated shades.
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Slide Into The Sleek Bold Look Of Contemporary Design

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If you've always had an affinity for up-to-the minute, cutting-edge design, contemporary decorating may be the best way for you to translate your aesthetic preferences into a home environment that reflects your taste. Contemporary decor draws upon the sleek lines and bold statements that were originated in the mid-twentieth century by the luminaries of modern design.

Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Panels
Although many people associate contemporary decor with an avant-garde, almost futuristic look, this is but one point along a broad spectrum of styles that are referred to as contemporary, and most people find that a stylized, ultramodern approach to decor is incompatible with the day-to-day life of a family.

As such, many current interpretations of contemporary decor combine elements of other styles, such as traditional, modern, transitional, and ethnic decor, with the streamlined silhouettes that characterize contemporary design, resulting in a warmer, personal, and more inviting take on this style.

Sleek, low-lying furniture with straight lines or subtle curves is the centerpiece of contemporary style. There is also an emphasis on highlighting unique pieces of designer, antique or vintage furniture, art, or accents by contrasting them with more understated pieces.

Similarly, the prevailing color schemes for contemporary decor usually involve a neutral or monotone palette, paired with bright or bold splashes of accent color. Metallic elements are also a popular choice in this style. Window treatments are often sleek and unfussy with natural inspirations, such as wood or bamboo blinds.

One of the primary goals of contemporary decor is using a sleek, minimalist backdrop to highlight unique or unusual components. Elements such as texture are used to bring depth and dimension to otherwise neutral arrangements.

This aim is manifested in the recent popularity of textured fabrics, dimensional rugs, and frisee carpets. All of these items can be used to pair an unusual or unexpected texture with an understated color scheme, balancing neutral minimalism with boldly exclamatory features or accessories.

This interesting juxtaposition of timeless elegance and forward-thinking innovation is the epitome of contemporary decor.

Here are a few key things to remember when decorating in a contemporary style:

*Organic elements such as stone, wood and metal can help perfect the contemporary look.

*Use color sparingly. A vibrantly colored accent may be all that you need. Stick mainly to a monochromatic palette.

*Keep your rooms spacious. Furniture should be kept to a minimum.

*Contemporary furniture such as low tables and beds are a standard contemporary element.

*Along with your organic elements, use textured hammered metal or rough surface slate or tile to round out the decor.

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Graber Blinds video

Halloween Decorations and Games

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What are your plans for October 31st this year? It's the one night of the year when the spirits can roam free and it's okay to be creepy. Little kids everywhere make themselves up and don costumes. Bowls of candies and goodies are put out for all the visitors that will make their way through the neighborhood. Today, Halloween is celebrated more than ever before. You can tell this by all the cool costumes and Halloween stuff that is put on display in stores as soon as the air turns cool. Of course, our parents just made do with whatever they had lying around the house but today we have more options. You can find just about anything you want, especially using the Internet.

Do you like the class types of Halloween stuff for decorations around your house? Like cotton spider webs and black plastic spiders? Or are you more into fog machines and voices that cackle to scare kids as they come up to your door? Some people like a mixture of both. No matter what kind of Halloween stuff you like you can find it all online. If you have Internet access, you can find all kinds of funny and spooky stuff for Halloween night. The World Wide Web offers all kinds of costumes. Regardless of what you have in mind to be for Halloween you can find great costumes at even better prices on the Internet. For example, last year my kid had it into her head she wanted to be a princess. So, I hopped online and found a great costume in no time at all. I also found all kinds of other Halloween stuff to select too.

If you spend any time at all browsing on your computer you will find a wide selection of Halloween games and activities for the children in your life. This can be handy if you're planning a Halloween party. You name it you can find it online: a spooky picture to color or even a ghoulish game to play. It's all very easy to find and it's free too. You can also find plenty of ghost stories as well as virtual haunted houses on numerous websites. So, if you're in the mood for an exciting and eerie Halloween get ready to go online and find some terrific Halloween stuff. No matter what you're looking for, costumes, activities, decorations, games, whatever, you can find it online. 

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Don't Let Bedroom Design Overwhelm You

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Hunter Douglas

For something such as a bedroom design you'll want to think long and hard about precisely what it is that you're going to do. Sure you know that you want to redecorate your chamber but before you do anything too drastic you should decide what type of redesigning you want to do. You could literally get overwhelmed as to where to start.

Just take a deep breath and move forward on your vision of the new room with it's new look. Remember that it doesn't need to be anything dramatic or unusual because in the end you will have live with it, and unless you're conformable to remodel your new bedroom design and change it altogether.

In which case you can play around and find out precisely what you like at your leisure and not vex about whether the furnishings you bought would suit. But a flock of people won't be able to do that and they will need to fall back to doing it the old fashioned way, or of course you have another option, and that's to recourse to the use of home decorating software. Software puts most of the visualization into perspective, especially with bedroom design.

If you don't want to go that road either you always have the choice of doing it the old fashioned way. With this method you might not get as much visualization as with the others but you can still accomplish great results. The problem here is that sometimes it's very difficult to see what the end outcome of your bedroom design will be like.

The best way to start is to get a pencil and a piece of paper and to mark out very close to what your room shape is. If you have trouble visualizing it then move into the bedroom and see what results you get. Next you should mark out the most visible aspects of the existing bedroom design which will be unchangeable, like doors and windows. Remember, stay objective and just pencil in what is currently existing and not what your mind might be seeing.

After that it's a hop, skip and a jump to go on to the next step which is to play more or less on paper where you would like the heavier furnishings to go. And if you want to keep them where they are that's also fine because your bedroom design should be one that you're going to be pleased with. One that you feel comfortable in because after all it is you and possibly your mate that will be spending the time there.

Then ideally you should settle down on a color scheme. It doesn't need to be the same as the one in your existing bedroom design, it might be nice if you can change the whole thing round and turn the whole room on its head. After you settle on a color scheme there is only way to go and that is forward.

Start purchasing the new trappings and fittings you'll need to fit in with your new bedroom design and just put it into place. And since you have everything you need to change some in your old bedroom design, you can take your time and rearrange everything at your leisure. See what fits best where and whether you need to add a little something extra. Now, it's just a matter of settling in and fetching a good look at the bedroom design that you did, and enjoying the new trappings and new fittings. 

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Aluminum Blinds - Durable And Available In A Wide Array Of Colors

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If you want durability in window coverings, aluminum blinds will give you the peace of mind you crave. They do give you the special ambiance you want for every room of your home and you can color coordinate the blinds with the d?cor. Aluminum blinds are manufactured with this in mind as well as the fact that people want something that will last. When you purchase blinds, you have a choice of vertical blinds, mini blinds and Venetian blinds in the aluminum line. Aluminum blinds look just as good in a formal dining room as they do to the window of a rec room in the basement.

Although aluminum blinds are more expensive than vinyl, they are cheaper than wooden blinds. You can have aluminum mini blinds with a 1 inch slat or aluminum Venetian blinds with slats 2 or 3 inches wide. If you shop at Hunter Douglas for aluminum window blinds, you will have 129 colors to choose from and several different levels of privacy. If you just want reduced light, then you can have aluminum material in blinds that will permit some light to come through, while blocking the glare. You can also have these blinds in styles that give you complete privacy when you have them lowered.

You don't have to worry about not being able to put aluminum blinds to specialty cut windows. You can easily have aluminum mini blinds made to order to fit bay and corner windows and even arched or round windows. Along with using the standard cord to raise and lower aluminum Venetian and mini blinds, you can also have a battery operated tilt feature to the blinds. This feature is wireless, which makes installation of the blinds relatively easy. The motor is quiet, yet powerful and the 6 channel remote control can operate up to 6 window blinds as long as they are within 50 feet of the control.

Aluminum blinds offer good energy efficiency. Blinds with this rating resist heat loss through the window during cold seasons, yet provide the shade you need when the sun's blinds rays are strongest. With aluminum mini blinds and Venetian blinds you can also order for your windows with a high rating for UV absorption as well as forming a sound barrier. If you need to cover large windows, the Venetian blinds with the larger aluminum slats are the best ones to use. The steel head rail is rolled so that when the blinds are raised they are hidden within the head rail, although you can set them at any level on the window.

The color choices in the line of aluminum blinds include solids, metallic and matte, which has a low gloss finish. These mini blinds and Venetian blinds provide the perfect dressing for any window. Install them within the confines of the window facings so you have the wood of the window exposed or use them with toppers and valances for a coordinated look. Whatever look you wish to achieve in a room, aluminum blinds will help you do it. 

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Buying Your First House

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Just about all of us wonder about the day we'll pick up the keys to our own home. Buying your first house is actually the goal for million of people worldwide. Being able to afford your own house is an extremely important mission most people work to accomplish throughout their lifetime. But apart from being an investment and providing security to a family or an individual, buying property, in the form of a house, can be a tremendous experience for the person that decides to commit time and effort in finding and bidding for the house of his or her dreams.

Whether you like big contemporary designs or town houses with tiny back yards, the idea of owning a home is definitely attractive. But many people don't realize that home ownership doesn't have to be so far off in the future. Although the actual process of buying a house can seem really scary because most people think about the tons of paperwork involved, and the use of a lot of vocabulary that sounds like a foreign language, postponing your dream can be not such a wise choice after all. Although a lot of people do not realize that they've got the financial resources to buy, or may have reasons they think they should continue renting, if you decide to invest time to research thoroughly your choices, hopefully the buying process will seem a little less intimidating.

But first of all you should think if you have enough reasons to wanting to buy your own immovable property. In fact, buying a house puts your money to work for you. Property values are on the rise at a rate faster than most interest-bearing savings accounts, making a home a great investment. Also, while rents continue heading skyward, mortgage payments usually stay constant. That means your housing expenses will be stable, while your income will naturally increase over time. In short, you can stabilize your monthly expenses and put the money you pay in rent back into your own pocket.

Moreover, the interest you pay on your mortgage loan is tax deductible which can result in huge savings on your taxes. This is especially true during the early stages of home ownership, when the creditors require you to pay the most interest. Furthermore, even the interest rates of your house mortgage are kept in low levels (around 7 percent) for a fixed-rate of a 30-year loan, transforming your home loan to your least expensive one.

Finally, the biggest bonus of buying your own property is the fact that unlike rent which is money down the drain, your mortgage payment goes toward your home equity. In fact, this comes back to you either as an emergency line of credit, or in case you decide to sell your property later, you have not lost your money since that equity is returned to you in full and can be used for the next house down-payment. 

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Savings, Style, and Security Make Blinds A Smart Choice

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Mini blinds, vertical blinds and even horizontal floor length blinds are not only stylish additions to nearly any room, they also offer some benefits plain drapes and sheers don't. When properly chosen, positioned and used, blinds can add to a home's energy efficiency and security measures. By keeping light and eyes out, these little decorator wonders pack a triple-purpose punch few other window treatments can boast.

The advantages to blinds are fully felt when they are properly chosen to fit windows and designed with higher quality materials that most dime store blinds offer. Custom blinds can even be made to match decorating schemes and even fit unusual window shapes and designs.

For added security, blinds should be used in conjunction with drapes or sheers to block vision into a room or home. What thieves can't see, they tend to not want to steal. When blinds are kept closed and down, people cannot see in. Even the best drapes can have leaks that allow vision, but well made blinds can make it virtually impossible to see in.

The same way in which blinds work to keep eyes out, they can help with keeping heat or cold in a room. By shielding the window more than an ordinary drape can, they work well in conjunction with good window dressings to limit energy loss. Plus they can also help in the reverse by helping to keep the sun's hot rays from coming in or cold breezes, too.

When choosing blinds, it's important to make sure they don't clash with a room's overall look. Even the most dressed up of windows can benefit from the right blinds, but one's that don't go with the feel of a room can wreck its tone and feel.

Before buying blinds consider the following things:

* Colors
Will blinds be making the statement for the window, or will they just serve as a backdrop to another window dressing such as a sheer or drape? If something plain is wanted, consider a solid color. White goes with almost everything, but colored blinds do well with patterned drapes and can even lend themselves to blending in more if an accent color from the drapes is chosen. Colored blinds, too, can act on their own without the need for drapes.

* Sizes
Are the windows you're looking to dress standard in size or are custom blinds needed? If so, choose a good maker for the blinds.

* Patterns
Custom blind makers can often create heavy duty blinds that come in a variety of patterns and colors. Generally cloth in outer material, these blinds take the place of drapes and look wonderful doing so while offering other benefits.

* Budget
Blinds, especially custom ones, can get expensive. Since they can run from a few dollars a window to the hundreds and more, it's a good idea to set some quality feature requirements along with a budget first.

Blinds are a great way to go to help increase security and energy savings. Finding the right blinds to fit just about any room's style and needs is more than possible. If off the rack blinds won't do, consider custom made materials for a designer look that's incredible. 

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Britney Spears' One-Time Rental Preps For the Auction Block

The Calabasas, Calif., manse that Britney Spears did done up nice and good for Christmas is tempting fate at auction in mid-November, the Wall Street Journal reports today. The property housed the pop star for the two years that she rented it directly from the owner, who spent more than $7.7M building the home and is now realizing it's too big. Well, yes: 10,300 square feet with seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a wine cellar, two steam rooms, a guest house, a movie theater, and an elevator. Minimum bid? $4.499M.

How To Find Custom Blinds That Retain A Classical Look

Hunter Douglas
The look of classical style is timeless and always a cut above. It demands respect and distinction in its demeanor, and sets itself apart from the rest. When you are designing the appearance of your home, if these are things that you are striving for, you cannot forget to include the look of your window treatments. A home that strives for the classical look, but that uses tawdry blinds, misses the mark badly. Blinds that are meant to complement a classical look will never be too loud, or overwhelm the decor of a home.

Getting the right blind to fit in the sizes of your windows and the style of your home can be difficult. It is difficult to get everything you wanted from a set of blinds that was pre-made. Things like imperfect matching of size or colors, or an off look of one aspect or another, seem always to get in the way. The best way to get exactly what you want is to opt for a set of custom made blinds. For the person striving for a classical look, the most common colors of blind are white or slightly off white. This accentuates the subdued look of classically styled homes.

Custom made classical look blinds are also often made of wood, so they can be stained to any color of your preference, if you want to add a bit of distinction to your classical look. The durability of custom blinds will complement their demeanor, and they will last for decades.

When you are deciding exactly what sort of custom blinds that you want to install, you should bear a couple of things in mind. What is the primary purpose of the blinds? Will they need to block out all natural lighting? Or do you need this lighting to do your work? Will you be opening your window to enjoy fresh air? If so, do the blinds need to provide for the flowing of air? Do you have children? Are they old enough that the risk of strangulation from a blind's pull string is over? All of these things will need to be considered, and the answers you get will help you choose what style of blinds you need.

Depending on the style you select, you will be able to get your blinds custom made in a variety of widths. Just because your custom blinds are made to a classical look doesn't mean that they have to be backward, either. You can get the latest developments added onto your blinds when you get them custom made, like cordless raising or remote controls.

Whatever your personal needs, you will be able to have them met if you opt to have your blinds custom made. So, dream up your hearts desire, and then have it made. 

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How To Create That Perfect Transitional Room

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Transitional design is a brilliant new take on an old thought. The combination of contemporary and traditional is fast becoming the decorating style of choice for many who are ready for a change. Embracing the comfort of traditional design with the stylish looks of contemporary design, consider pairing traditional-looking furnishing with contemporary fabrics like ultrasuede or chenille.

Since the 1950s, the influence of cutting-edge interior design has been so far-reaching that it has impacted the evolution of virtually every decor style. The emerging popularity of transitional decor over the course of the last several decades is a testament to the strong influence of contemporary interiors.

Transitional decorating represents a kind of compromise between contemporary and traditional decor, a halfway point in which the subtle elegance of contemporary styles meets the comfort and familiarity of traditional styles.

There are many different interpretations of transitional decorating, but all of them share in common the aesthetic compromise that draws on both contemporary and traditional inspirations. Typically, transitional interiors boast the neutral palettes and understated elegance of contemporary decor, while eschewing the bolder, more avant-garde elements of contemporary style.

Similarly, some of the sleek lines and stark minimalism that define contemporary decor are replaced by the gentle curves, coziness, comfort, and lived in appeal of traditional decor in the transitional interior.

The styling, accessories, and window treatments of transitional interiors reflect a similar marriage of the contemporary and traditional aesthetic sensibilities. Window treatments are straightforward, but may incorporate blinds and a lightweight curtain.

However, the heavy drapes that are common in traditional interiors are usually avoided. The more unusual, eccentric art and accent pieces that define contemporary style are likely to be passed over in favor of accessible but up-to-date pieces, although the ornate styles of traditional interiors are not often found in transitional decor.

Against backdrop of the largely neutral palette that is typical of a transitional room, natural fibers and textured fabrics lend interest and depth. However, the bold contrasts and monochromatic color schemes of contemporary decor are not typical in transitional rooms.

Instead, a toned down version of the rich jewel tones seen in traditional rooms is more readily adaptable to the transitional interior. If you are drawn to elements of contemporary and traditional decor, the hybrid approach to interior design offered by transitional decorating may represent a happy medium that works well for you and your home.
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Starting a Home Business Using the Internet

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Starting a home business I not an easy task and to make things harder there are so many myths attached to starting a home business that it can become quite confusing. Some people get an idea in their head and just take off. Starting a business for them is easy. The majority of people, however, end up having the desire to start a home business before the actual business idea comes to them. Once they begin thinking about actually starting a home based business they are overcome with many myths that make it seem next to impossible to succeed.

One of the biggest myths about starting a home business is associated with the internet. The internet has opened many doors to home business owners, but at the same time the complexity of the internet has caused many to give up and abandon hope that they can ever get a business to be successful. Many people believe that the internet is a vast marketplace that is too he to compete in. That is simply not true. There are many small home businesses that are doing great on the internet. It is all a matter of knowing how to run a business website. A person has to understand about marketing and setting up a website. Once they've established their online presence they can make great money.

Another internet related myth about starting a home business is that there is no help available for the business owner. Anyone who has went to a search engine and typed in business will now this is not true. There are online networks of websites that are all aimed at helping people succeed in internet business. These people offer free information and plenty of support. A person can find answers to almost any question they have and even talk to others who have started their own business. The internet business environment is one of helping others.

One myth that may hold some truth is that marketing online is impossible. While it is, obviously, not impossible it can be difficult for the beginner. Starting a home business online requires plenty of research into internet marketing. The marketing tools used online are very different from those used in the traditional environment. A person has to understand how to drive traffic to their website and how to catch the attention of their target market. As mentioned above, there are plenty of resources available to help a person get their marketing plan in order.

These myths about starting a business all make it look impossible to tap into the internet marketplace. These myths are quite untrue and should be ignored. It does take hard work and dedication to start any business, but using the internet just opens up a business to a huge marketplace and offers additional opportunities that a traditional, offline business does not have. It is worth it for every business owner to look into the internet when starting a home business.
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How To Find Perfect Blinds For Your Bedroom Windows

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Hunter Douglas
There are probably no window treatments that are as important as the ones you will use in your bedroom. These blinds will hold out the early morning sun so that you can sleep in on weekends, or weekdays, and keep out prying eyes from the activity that takes place inside every night. What's more, you will be looking at them more than every other blind in your house, seeing them when you go to sleep at night and again when you wake up in the morning, so they should be attractive and convey what you want them to convey.

Getting the window blinds in your bedroom to meet your specific requirements can be difficult with pre-made blinds. Windows vary in size, and blinds that are too small will look skimpy and let in light. Blinds that are too big will clutter the wall and look awkward. You will want a perfect fit for your bedroom.

Besides a fit, there is a look. Blinds that are premade are made to appeal to all tastes enough to sell, but no taste enough to exclude another. This means that the vast majority of pre-made blinds can be quite bland. For your bedroom, the place where you will spend a large portion of your life and have some of your best times, you will want blinds that are expressive of your own personal taste. So, you should select a set of blinds to suit your demands, even if you have to special order them.

Once you are ready to look for a set of blinds custom made to your specifications, you can do a search online and see what turns up. You will want to look for stores or manufacturers that specialize in making custom window blinds. Look for stores that are local to you, or check into a store that has an online storefront from which to order. Online stores offer the advantage of pressure free browsing. There is no pushy salesman insisting that you choose this blind or that style, simply because it will give him a nice commission.

When you are browsing, you will see all the various types of blinds, such as wooden or fake wooden blinds, plastic blinds, and horizontal blinds. Think about which one will fit best in your bedroom.

It is indisputable that getting custom made blinds costs a bit more than pre-made blinds. But it is definitely worth the cost. Custom made blinds ensure that you will have window treatments that are constant with your personal style and tastes, and fit precisely to the needs of your windows. Using custom made blinds; you can put the finishing touches on your home decorating, and get the best in window treatments. 

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Horizontal Blinds - Enjoy Real Wood, Vinyl, Or Aluminum

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Hunter Douglas Everwood
In horizontal blinds, you can buy blinds made by many different manufacturers and in varying price ranges. Of course, everyone loves a bargain, so why not shop around to find retailers that sell the top brand names at discount prices. One of the places where you can realize great savings in horizontal blinds at discount prices is the American Blind and Wallpaper Company. With the wide range of horizontal blinds available in this location, you can shop for sheer blinds or any number of other styles of discount horizontal blinds.

The top selling brand of horizontal blinds is the Hunter Douglas Everwood 2 inch blind. This is a wood blind made from real hardwood and selected composite materials. With this blind you realize a discount in getting wood blinds for your windows at a significantly lower price than the more expensive blinds, yet you do not have faux wood blinds. If you want sheer horizontal blinds, you should know that this is one of the specialty shades. Although it is slightly higher in price, when you order online you will get a fantastic discount and free shipping.

Sheer horizontal blinds help to create distinctive widow coverings. These horizontal blinds are not only soft and luxurious, but they are also very unique. You don't have to bypass this type of blind because they are available as discount horizontal blinds and are well worth a second look. In these blinds, the slats are made of fabric and appear to float between two layers of translucent sheer. This gives you a softened look of the outside of the window.

If you want horizontal blinds with a look of Venetian blinds tempered with sheer, then the sheer horizontal blinds will give you the look you want. You can adjust the slats to open or closed or even have them angled to allow only part of the light to shine through directly. You can raise or lower these blinds and with the discount horizontal blinds in this style, you can afford to buy enough blinds for every window of your home.

Horizontal blinds operate with a side cord, but you can also have them motorized as well. By shopping online, you can get the motorized blinds as discount horizontal blinds simply because of the cheaper online prices. Sheer horizontal blinds are designed to be functional as well as pleasing. They are made from sturdy polyester and they are easy to clean. If you get spots or stains on these horizontal blinds, you can lightly rub the stain with a mild cleaner. When you install these blinds at your window, they will enhance the look of the room in a way that no other blinds can. 

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Faux Wood Blinds - Vinyl Blinds As An Alternative To Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Everwood faux wood blinds

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Faux wood blinds are the most common form of blinds used as window coverings. This is because they are the perfect alternative to wood blinds and they are cheap. Fauxwood window blinds are made of vinyl material or a combination of vinyl and hardwood. They are called faux wood blinds because they look like wooden blinds. However, they are more durable than real wood and are suitable for all rooms of the home, even those with high levels of humidity. Faux wood blinds are also much easier to clean than wood blinds.

The main reason that faux wood blinds have become so popular is that homeowners like the look of blinds to their windows and the fauxwood blinds are cheap. Faux wood blinds can cost 30% less than wood blinds. They also last a lot longer than blinds made of real wood, which makes them really cost effective. An occasional cleaning and dusting will keep faux wood window blinds in perfect condition. In fact, these window blinds are so durable, you can take them down from the window and wash them in the bathtub.

You can get fauxwood blinds in sizes to fit the smallest or largest window. While you can purchase them in the store in sizes almost the same as that of your window, you can also have them custom made. Custom made faux wood blinds are not expensive either so you can dress your windows in the perfect manner without incurring extra costs. They are available in mini blinds or vertical blinds and you can also get these in motorized versions.

Installing faux wood blinds is a simple affair. You just have to decide where you are going to mount the brackets - inside or outside the facings on your window. Most of the faux wood window blinds come in measurements to fit snugly inside the facings, so if you want them outside you may have to look for cheap faux wood blinds that are an inch or so wider. Once you mount the brackets, then you simply slide in the head rail of the blind and insert the small covering that keeps it from falling out. Then you can attach the wand used to open and close the slats and you're all set.

Whether or not you install the faux wood blinds inside or outside the facing, you can use valances and drapes with these blinds. If you purchase the fauxwood vertical blinds, then this comes with a covering for the head rail, so you don't need to have a valance. Most homeowners do use a small valance or topper over both faux wood blinds and real wood blinds, just to suit the d?cor of the room and to add to its ambiance.

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Window Treatment Guide-Videos HGTV

HGTV videos on various window treatments

Why You Should Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Home

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Plantation shutters are a spin-off of a traditional window covering that dates back for several centuries now. The age-old designs were originally implemented as a protection against the outdoor elements, and a simple way to allow light into the room when you needed it. However, today's use of the plantation shutter has become more of an accessory to the household by adding a unique look and feel to your windows.

The shutters are quite versatile in that you can have them installed on the inside and the outside of the windows. The shutters can span across the length of the entire window or you could install any number of them to create the desired aesthetic appeal that you are looking for. They are usually made of numerous rows of horizontal slats that are made of wood or steel and they are all attached to a central bar that is used to open and close the shutters in a single motion. This particular shutter design has a number of useful benefits that make them an essential part to many homes.

The variable setting of the slats allows you to control the amount of light that enters the room with ease. Most of the shutters are fitted with a single adjustable lever that lets you open or close the shutters with ease.
Depending on the type of shutter you buy, you can use them for anything from keeping out the sunlight to total weather exclusion for the areas that are more prone to bad weather. The trick is to know what it is that you want to use them for and purchase the heavy-duty steel shutters for bad weather or perhaps the finer slats for a look with a bit more finesse.

A previous use for the shutters was to create an additional insulation layer between the room and the glass window. Ordinarily you would use a set of curtains to set the tone for a given room and the shutters just add to it, but if you have that extra layer on the inside or outside of the glass you create an additional barrier to the outside elements. Closing them in winter keeps the heat in and leaving them open during the summer allows good airflow in and out of the room for both night and day times.

They are a lot easier to clean than curtains are and reduce the amount of dirt and dust that is blown into the house on the windy days. Overall plantation shutters can really augment your home in a unique and useful way.
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A Comprehensive Guide To Shutters

by terrowhite

There are innumerable options open to you when decorating your home, but very few items can provide the simple bolt on simplicity and style shutters can, there are various kinds available in the market to suit every home and offices requirements for practicality and cosmetic effect. You can choose between internal, external, fixed, adjustable and can be made out of any material you can imagine.


The typical design comprises of horizontal rails or slats with vertical columns. The vertical columns provide support and act as a frame, while the horizontal slats act as a filter media which can be used to filter out light, circulation and sound and can increase privacy levels.


Applications vary from cosmetic applications to practical applications in the form of a filter media, and are also very popular to protect windows from damage in areas which face harsh climatic conditions.

Indoor shutters

The indoor variety basically acts as a medium to filter lighting and privacy, much like blinds. They are typically hinged onto the inside of a window pane, and open inwards so as to not inhabit access to the window. Adjustment is possible by the use of louvers which can adjust the size of the aperture between slats. Tiers provide flexibility to the amount of adjustment possible in some variants. You can have anything from one to three tiers, each with adjustable louvers, thus providing complete light and air flow control. Let's say for example, the sun's harsh rays are hitting the lower two tiers, their slats can be closed while the slats on the top tier can be left open to facilitate air flow; thus controlling light, as well as allowing circulation. They provide balance of cosmetic and practical effect, however due to limitations cannot provide cover from harsh weather.

Outdoor shutters

The outdoor variety is available in various kinds, for both practical and cosmetic effect. However in today's applications their use is more accepted for practical purposes. External shutters can not only protect from light while regulating airflow, but can also protect from harsh climate, and snow. They were made popular by the French, and can still be seen in most French mansions. Their usage caught on with the Spanish who publicized it further, to the extent that any mansion styled residence is incomplete without them. They are hinged to the outside of a window pane, and open outwards, so as to provide protection to the glass in the window. While blinds can be used instead of the indoor variety, the outdoor variety has their specialty.

Hurricane shutters

Made of aluminum, steel, or the more recent addition fiber glass; they are built to withstand the harsh elements of nature. Purely practical in application, they are usually bolted onto the outer side of a window pane. Some applications have them hinged onto heavy duty brackets which are bolted down. Immovable louvers are typically preferred. Their mail application is to protect the glass and other breakable items of the window during a hurricane or storm. Plywood varieties are also available at a much lower cost, but aren't really the best option in terms of strength.

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Looking After Your Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters provide us with a lot of benefits and allow us to be comfortable and an easy temperature in any weather. Using blinds and shutters you are able to shut out the world and that means keeping out the sun and the light, while also providing yourself with some privacy when you need it. This can transform a room immediately turning it from a light open space to a cosy and private area, and by having blinds and shutters in your room this way give it a more versatile set of uses while also avoiding some of the problems and limitations involved with curtains.
Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds

However blinds and shutters do like anything else need to be looked after if their usefulness is to continue, and you will need to spend time and effort maintaining them to get the most from yours. Here we will look at how to look after blinds and shutters and how to make sure they stay looking their best and working their best.

First of all with taking care of blinds you need to recognize the weakest point – that being the chord that you use to closed and open them or to lift them up (in some cases this will be replaced with a handle or something else, but a chord remains the most popular choice). 
These provide a very simple way to operate your window cover, but they also have some potential problems in that they often become tangled and can sometimes break. This is easy enough to avoid though as long as you are careful at all times. First of all then, make sure that when your chord is freely hanging that you somehow protect it from being tangled. In many cases there will be a hook you can wrap it around. Otherwise just make sure it is hanging straight before you leave. Furthermore, you need to make sure never to pull the chord hard if it doesn't want to budge. A knot or a similar problem can stop the mechanism working, but tugging on the rope will only make this likely to snap rendering the blinds useless.

Blinds and curtains over time will also pick up dirt and debris like anything else and can start to look faded. To avoid this make sure you dust them and take the time to wipe off any stains. Curtains can be taken into the wash, but this is more difficult with blinds. Fortunately you can normal scrub off any light marks with a light sponge.

Shutters meanwhile may be at more risk from this kind of dirt and general wear and tear due to the fact that they are often located out of the building. This makes them susceptible to picking up chips and cracks, and also means they are likely to get weathered. Applying regular protective coatings can help prevent this, and if you wish to paint your shutters then adding new coats can help to keep the color vibrant.
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Blinds and shutters require care and attention to stay in their best condition like any part of the home. Click the links for blinds and curtains and more.
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Silhouette Blinds

Expert Author Natalie EastaughBlinds are used in places like homes, offices, shops and restaurants alike. They are a popular choice of window covering with many people, as they are so versatile and easy. They take up a much smaller amount of space than curtains and can fold away completely to reveal as much of the window as possible. You can choose a blind in a neutral shade and simply use it for practical purposes, or you can choose a luxury blind in a range of colours patterns and materials, to become a feature in your room.

The choice of blinds available is quite varying. Not only can you choose various fabrics, colours and materials, but you can choose which blind design you prefer and which works best in your surroundings. The two most common types of blind are roller blinds; a piece of flat, strong fabric which rolls down and up over your window, and venetian blinds; slats of wood, metal, plastic or other stiff material which are hung on either a vertical frame or a horizontal frame, and angle to allow larger or smaller amounts of light in through the window.

Other types of blinds include pleated blinds, panel blinds, roman blinds, duo blinds and silhouette blinds. Silhouette blinds are based on a venetian blind design but the slats are made using translucent fabric such as voile or linen. Using translucent materials cuts out the full glare of the sun but allows light to filter into the room. You can easily change the atmosphere of a room by changing the light, and with silhouette blinds, you can close the blinds completely and create a soft gentle light, or you can open them wider to create a brighter atmosphere.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette
Another advantage of silhouette blinds is that they give you complete privacy from outside whilst still letting natural sunlight in. This factor makes them very popular with those living in houses which stand directly on the street, as they ensure passers by cannot see in your windows.

These silhouette blinds are available in a variety of materials and in a range of pale coloured shades such as cream, bright white, ivory, palest blue and green etc. The colours are always light so as to allow light to shine through them.
Silhouette blinds are ideal for any property in which you want a large amount of natural light at the same time as keeping your privacy.

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Home Essentials: Finding the Right Window Coverings

by Roby Price
The details we put on our home are what make it appealing. This is why we need to be careful with what we install there. This goes the same for choosing the right window covering. There are several window coverings to choose from, which makes it difficult to pick the right one for our windows.

The different types of window coverings and their advantages:

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of window covers. One of them is the window blinds. There are several types to choose from. This means that you will definitely find one that fits your home décor perfectly. They come in different colors. Some even have patterns. They are great option because they are cheaper and easier to install. They are easy to use too.

Window shutters are also popular option. This is the choice of homeowners who want to have a simple and clean appeal to their home. Many love this because they do not have to deal with cords and fabrics. They can easily adjust the shutter to their liking without worrying about the uneven look that other window covers bring.

You can also use curtains. These come in different forms and designs. You can customize it to your liking and you can even make your own. This is also economical, best for those working on a budget. There are different types of fabrics to use as well. Its flexibility is what most homeowners like about this window cover.

Choosing the right window cover:

Bear in mind that there are two features you need to consider when choosing a window cover. One is the aesthetic feature and the other is its functionality. You have to consider how your home will look when the cover is added. Bear in mind that anything you add in your home should make it look more appealing.

There are several designs to choose from. See to it that you pick one that complements your existing décor. To make it easier, think of the function of the room when choosing designs for your window cover. If you are adding covers for your bedroom windows, choose shades that are warm. Earth tones are always the best choice. But do not limit yourself to these. Look for hues that relax you. You can look into magazines and online brochures to help you decide.

Another feature you need to keep in mind is the function of the covering. Some use this to insulate the room. If you want to keep the cool air in, you can use a thick curtain. This can limit the air that escapes through the window. If you want something that will help you adjust the natural light coming in the room, you can use blinds or shutters.

The most important consideration would be your budget. This is an inexpensive budget compared to other forms. However, some covers are more costly than the others. This is why you have to think of your budget too.

Window covers are great way to beautify your home. But you should not forget that they serve essential functions too. Consider important aspects in order to make the right choice.

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