Winds of Change of the Window Covering Industry

Expert Author Archana Gupta

India has changed tremendously over the last couple of decades, and this wind of change has touched the window covering industry deeply and dramatically. The most obvious change has been the increasing popularity of window blinds. Earlier the Vertical and Venetian range of blinds was limited to office use, but innovation, stylishness and variety has made them an extremely popular choice for home interiors. Not that the popularity of curtains has declined, but they are no longer the only 'chic' option for Indian households.
The blinds which were first available in limited colors, prints and designs now have the capacity to create conflict of choices between family members. If he wants a subtle shade of ecru, she may want the lovely lavender. In fact, manufacturers of window blinds can even create roller and roman blinds with materials that you have bought for your room furnishing. You can change the type of blind in every room of your house; honeycomb blinds that adjust to the weather, blackout blinds for privacy, zebra blinds that can be tilted and Shangrila blinds to control light. It's truly mind-boggling.

Those Indians brought up in the pre-liberalization era would be very impressed by the variety of chiks (traditional Indian roller-kind of blind) that the window covering industry offers. The blue chiks hanging outside windows and in balconies has given way to bamboo chiks and awnings. The shamianas, as fancy tents are called in Hindi and traditionally available only in white and red for outdoor gatherings, have given way to the modern Gazebos. Today their function is no longer limited to utility; instead, they enhance the style quotient and fashion forwardness of a home maker or a party organizer.

Even in the scope of hanging curtains, changes in the window covering industry paved the way for many businesses and brands. The change, which has been slow and steady, saw a complete shift from wooden pelmets and aluminum rods to sleek, colorful and eye-catching options. The first curtains rods to take India by storm were the Sophio Rods. They were made of mild steel in 28 mm diameter, or dia as the local industry refers to the thickness. It was just the first step that fuelled the creation of wooden, brass, aluminum, PU Coated rods in different diameters. Gold and silver plated rods were an option for the nouveau rich or those with old money not so long ago.

The winds of change have already altered the way most Indian homes do up their window coverings. But, one thing is for certain, the window styles and covering industry which is inspired by fashion and creativity will continue to change the shape, color and styles of its offerings.

The author is a consultant with Magnum Window Styles Pvt. Ltd. She has 15 years of experience in the field of window covering industry in India. She also has an extensive knowledge of the fashions and fads that have marked the growth of the industry. If you are keen to decorate or re-furbish your windows, visit for a traditional as well as trendy variety waiting for you.
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