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Being a free spirited romantic at heart, I have always loved to dress myself, and my house in more delicate and feminine fabrics than most. I suppose there is still a bit of the hippy in me. Long draping, gauzy-like materials are my choice of style, vaguely French, vaguely Victorian, even a bit country if the truth be told; but somewhere in between that gives me my unique sense of style. Of course, we all have individual styles and no one can say if one is better or nicer than the next. It is completely inherent and personal.

Now I'm not one to comment, but the lady down the road from me has the most awful dishwater brown and beige combinations in her living room, mixed with a gaudy faux leather settee, peeling and fading, with matching armchairs, all topped off with a complete mish-mash of cushions in every colour! I sometimes wonder what makes some people tick! Essentially, I know what I don't like, but it can be hard to decide on what you do.

Home decor is not for everyone, and some people just don't care. I've seen all sorts of crazy styles from minimalist to cluttered. My own mother is a bit of a hoarder and keeps literally everything that she has collected over the years. Consequently, she has got sixties styles mixed in with nineties in one room, and modern mixed with retro seventies in another! Somehow, though, this works in tandem with her personality, at the same time allowing her to be reminded of all the important incidents and escapades that have made up her life. Guests to her house get lengthy explanations as she jovially describes the stories and events behind each purchase. But what works for some just doesn't for others!

One of the things that I loved most about the design expert who came to my house to advise on the colour and style of my new blinds was her ability to listen. Along she came, with her hundreds of samples of swatches for my new blinds and not once did she try to force her opinions on me. My brief was quite specific and my tastes were obvious, but she was unperturbed and dutifully produced plenty of ideas which she felt would work with my palette. I had already chosen the paint colours for the rooms so it was a simple enough procedure after that to pick the fabrics.

I particularly liked the sheer shades collection of blinds. Choosing from either silhouette or facette, the former being blinds that are crafted from lightweight fabric louvres suspended between two sheets of fabric. They were available in a lovely range of sheer fabrics that afford a light and airy feel without compromising on style or functionality. The latter, facette, are a fabric alternative to traditional Venetian or roller blinds, and combine horizontal opaque and transparent strips that alternate to give you light or dark as you see fit. There was a wide range of colours to choose from and coupled with my eclectic sense of style, fitted perfectly with the look I was looking for in my home.

Charlotte Campbell is an interior designer with over 15 years experience in the industry. She particularly loves sharing her tips on how blinds, particularly conservatory blinds can really change the look and feel of the space.
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