Why Opt for the Best Window Shades?

There are many options to choose from when you buy windows coverings for your home. But before you make your purchase, there are few things that you need to consider. Will you need a window shade that controls light and heat? What designs go best with your furnishings? And will it be installed in your kid's room? Different window shades are bought to suit your budget needs and preference as well.

A window shade exists to cover windows. There are types of window treatments that blackout incoming light like vinyl blinds and roller shades. This makes a good option should you sleep by day. With these shades around, you block the harmful rays of the sun and protect your furnishings from fading. It also provides a cooler room temperature by minimizing the heat of the sun. If you need more light in your room, vinyl blinds and roller shades can come in light-filtering options. Just roll it up or down when you want sunlight or shade when heat is warmer.

The aesthetics of your window shades are also crucial to your choices. Will it hang alone in your windows, or will there be other window treatments like curtains and drapes. You can make your window shade stand out in your furnishings by choosing vibrant colors. Or you may want an eco-friendly or natural look in the room by choosing wood or wood-like options. Neutral colors make good options if you want your window treatments to complement your inner décor. Or you may prefer darker colors that provide privacy and the needed shade during the day.
Having children or pets around will require safety especially when you purchase shades. If there are roll-up shades or blinds with long cords, be very careful as these cause strangulation on your kids and pets. To prevent such occurrences, you keep the cord in a special hardware where it is out of their reach; or you may settle for cordless window shades. Choose washable and durable materials if your kids operate the shade or blinds. Ensure that these window treatments are securely installed to prevent upcoming danger on your children.

A careful selection can maximize its usefulness. As these come in many different varieties of colors, styles and materials, try to look around to choose the best one that suits you. Window shades are there to protect you; and these also provide beauty to your windows.

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A Consumer's Guide To White Wooden Blinds

Expert Author Amber Molins


To give your home a modern, attractive appeal, add some white wooden blinds to your windows. Making changes to your home interior gives you the opportunity to accomplish two things: you can both boost the overall appearance of your home and also express your artistic side.

These days, one of the most fashionable types of blinds is the white wooden variety. In addition to being especially attractive, white wooden blinds can be customized to suit your personal preferences and your interior decor. In fact, if you like you can work with the manufacturer to design a special look just for your home.

Customized white wooden blinds can make a home look very attractive, and they're undoubtedly accessories that none of your neighbors will have! Given that you can have your blinds designed to suit your taste, this widens the range of selections that are available.

For years, wooden blinds have been a staple of the interior design market, especially the white ones. But over time, a number of changes have been made to the blinds, extending the range of colors and designs that are available for consumers. Of course, the people who want an unmistakably elegant, sophisticated look in their home will always go with the white wooden blinds over all the others.

You won't only be giving your interior design a boost with white wooden blinds, but you'll also be able to decide how much light you're going to allow into the rooms of your home. Sometimes we want rooms to be slightly darker and other times we want bright sunlight streaming into the rooms, filling them with uplifting warmth.

All you need to do to set the amount of light that comes into your rooms is to pull a cord, which adjusts the amount of light that the blinds will let through. Another benefit of white wooden blinds is that they help to insulate your home.

These days, white wooden blinds come in two types. You can choose the customized white wooden blinds which will be made to your exact specifications, or you can buy them pre-fabricated.
Of course, if you have your blinds custom-made, the cost will be substantially more. But many people still prefer them over the rest, since customized blinds are one-of-a-kind, and you'll know that nobody else in the neighborhood has anything like them!

If you're looking for something that is more affordable, then the pre-fabricated models may be right for you. You can buy blinds of different sizes from the various manufacturers. If this is the route you choose, you must have the exact measurements of your windows before you go shopping. When you have the dimensions ready, you can rest assured that the blinds you're getting will fit your windows perfectly.

Some people worry about white blinds being high-maintenance. But in fact, the only thing you have to remember is not to use soap and water to clean them. You can't use water on wooden venetian blinds because the water will warp them. All you have to do is dust them or wipe them off, and they'll be as lovely as they were when you bought them. Just keep these tips about white wooden blinds in mind, and you'll know everything you need to about their proper maintenance.
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Window Blinds : Advice On Buying The Right Ones

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There are so many different types of window blinds available, and you need quite a few in order to fit out your whole house. Therefore, it s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when most people initially think that buying blinds will be a quick and easy task. A lot of shoppers for blinds come across the same problems, and so below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What types of window blinds are available? Blinds can be either horizontal or vertical blinds. The most common materials used in window blinds are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Virtually any color of blinds can be bought for use in your home. Window blinds have come a long ways from the old aluminum style blinds we used to see. Now the options available to you to decorate with window blinds is virtually unlimited.

How can I decide which style is right for my house? Whilst this largely down to personal preference, and the style that the rest of your home is already decorated in, there is one guideline to help you, which is based on the type of the room that you ll be installing the blinds in. The rule of thumb, is that rooms that come into contact with water, and which require a lot of cleaning, i.e. kitchens and bathrooms, should be fitted with aluminium or vinyl blinds, and rooms which are more decorative, such as bedrooms and living rooms, should be fitted with wooden blinds.

How do I measure for window blinds? Before taking any measurements, you first need to decide whether you want to fit the blinds inside or outside of the window box. An outside mount is useful for making a small window appear larger, whereas an inside mount is generally considered to look a little more elegant the choice is yours. Having decided on that, then take a tape measure and measure the distance between the two points that you want the blind to stretch across. Consider adding an extra couple of inches to the width you measure though, so as to keep light from seeping in through the sides.

Where is the best place to buy discount window blinds? You will have no shortage of places to choose from when looking to buy blinds, and prices can vary significantly, therefore, expect to have to be patient and to do a little research. A good tip though is to focus your time and efforts towards online blind retailers, as they can offer brand name blinds at discount window blind prices, on the basis that they can cut overheads, such as salespeople and renting store space. The customer service is still great though, and you will always be able to phone them up to ask them any questions about particular blinds that you have seen on their website that you re interested in.

So, that s the main frequently asked questions covered. Hopefully you re now in a better position to proceed with your window blind purchasing decisions.
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Wood Blinds – for a classy touch

You can make your house warmer and inviting by using wood blinds embracing any room’s window. Besides adding to the ambience they are also excellent in controlling the temperature as well as blocking the sunlight. In addition to this with huge variety of colors easily accessible you can choose the one that best please your sense and goes well with your furniture.

There are numerous varieties easily accessible in wood blinds including vertical blinds, faux wood blinds, wood mini blinds, woven blinds among the others. You can avail them in different sizes, shades, colors as well as satins. It can be made from variety of woods. The window wood blinds can be customized according to your needs and can be fitted with various other additional features like fabric tapes, motorization, cord-want tilt, light blocking, anti static control, and UV control.

Wood blinds are exclusively designed for rooms which have a relatively low humidity and a stable temperature for sustaining them for a longer period.

The top most wood recommended for wooden blinds is basswood binds as basswood is light in weight and so raising of blinds is extremely convenient. This kind of wood is more apt for wooden blinds that are stained. Though, a wooden blind is slightly more costly but their eternal beauty as well as sturdiness while decorating the room makes it one of the best choices you can make.

Another option for you to make a selection from is faux wooden blinds. They are commonly used in households as they are cheap in comparison to others and look even very genuine. Another benefit is that they are not readily affected by fluctuations in temperature and are stable too. They can be accessed in variety of hues ranging from hard to stained colors. These blinds can be used in bathrooms as well as they are pretreated to resist dampness as well as heat better than conventional wood blinds.

On the other hand woven blinds are made up from natural wood that is textured uniquely. This offers your room a relaxed and a casual look. Since bamboos, grasses and reeds are used to make blinds they create a soothing and pleasing effect in the entire room.

Along with this it is also equally vital to determine the slats size while purchasing wood blinds as different sizes are specially made for doors as well as windows.

The windows and doors adoring wooden blinds are elements of decoration mainly. They also offer privacy along with beautifying the whole room. Natural look offered by them makes them a far better choice in comparison to the conventional curtains; moreover they look attractive from inside and outside also.

Those of you who are keen on working with a professional decorator, many of the manufacturers nowadays are proffering custom designed blinds for windows and doors. Besides, there are numerous online websites on the World Wide Web offering consultancy services for making a selection of professional decorator. A professional can tell you the hidden tricks of this trade ranging from choosing an appropriate type of blind, making a selection of right color, texture to suit the room, and many more. They will definitely add a touch of elegance to your room.
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Plantation Shutters are a Good Long Term Investment For Your Home Sublime


Plantation shutters, also called window shutters or interior shutters, are the classic wood shutters you've seen in those majestic Southern homes; just to give you a reference. That's not to say that they are not popular all over. Plantation shutters are the classic window treatment, offering good looks, long life, good insulating properties and more.
Plantation shutters should not be confused with Bahama shutters which are actually a type of external shutter, hinged at the top of the window, and can be lowered to protect windows from flying debris from tropical storms and hurricanes.
Shutters are not cheap; let's get that out of the way right away. There are, admittedly, many cheaper window treatments options available. Shutters are a long term consideration. But, they are worth the extra money. They look good with just about any décor and even add to a home's curb appeal. A house for sale with plantation shutters will usually list them as a feature so they add value to a home.

You can find less expensive plantation shutters made from vinyl, or faux wood (composite). The cost savings between real wood shutters and vinyl shutters is approximately 25% and about 20% for composite wood. Plantation shutters also come stained or painted, the latter option being the least expensive. An additional benefit of vinyl or faux wood plantation shutters is that they won't warp, crack or split in hot or humid areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. When planning your order, you may want to keep that in mind.

Shutters are highly versatile. They can block light very effectively or let in plenty of sunshine just by raising or lowering the louvers, which range in size from 2 ½" to 4 ½". If you are covering a large picture window, I recommend the larger louver size as they allow greater see-through. You can custom order them to fit windows of just about any size or shape. Shutters offer effective insulation, a real plus in almost any climate.

One limitation of plantation shutters is that the color choices are somewhat limited. Generally, the painted shutters come in white, off-white, alabaster, and similar shades. These are colors that won't clash with any décor. The stained shutters come in colors from natural to dark walnut. One reason for the limited painted colors is that shutters are a very prominent addition to a room or home and bright or dark colors would tend to dominate the color scheme.

Real wood shutters usually come in premium hardwoods and are hand-sanded for a smooth finish so they are like fine furniture. And just like fine furniture, wood shutters make a statement about the home and the homeowners - that they care about their home and want only the best. If you are going to purchase real wood shutters, you may want to consider the stained variety as opposed to the painted ones. Why waste all that beautiful wood if you are going to paint over it? Then you may as well save money by purchasing the vinyl or faux wood shutters.
Whichever you choose, faux wood or real, plantation shutters will make a beautiful addition to your home. They’re not called the ultimate window treatments for nothing.

– David Brooks
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