Measuring For Your Perfect Shutters

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Before picking out the perfect wooden interior shutters, you will want to make sure that you measure carefully to ensure the perfect fit. It is essential to determine the size of your window before ordering. Picking out shutters that fit poorly will ruin the effect that you are trying to achieve.

Luckily, measuring is pretty simple and can be carried out in a mere matter of minutes. Before you start, it is important to remember to measure all of the windows that you want to fit. Although some windows may look identical in size to others, they may vary slightly, and even the smallest variation can make a big difference.
Many people choose to make the installation on the interior these days. This style of shutter is particularly easy to install and measure. The most popular type of shutter for the interior is typically made of wood.

Inside installation requires a square window opening measurement. In order to make sure that the opposite corners are equal to each other, you must measure diagonally. This is best done with a metal tape measure as it is more likely to be accurate. The rule of thumb when making this or any other kind of measurement is to measure three times to ensure that you have an accurate reading.

Start measuring from the left side of the inside recess across to the right side. The width should be taken at three different parts of the window. If there is a difference between these three widths, you must use the smallest of the three when making your purchase.

Next, measure from the top to the bottom of the inside recess. This measurement is known as the drop and should also be taken at three different points. The shortest drop length is the one that needs to be taken into consideration this time.

In order to install on the inside, there must be a clearance depth of at least two and a half inches from the very back of the shutter to the window. Otherwise, your shutter will be unable to function fully.

If your numbers don't quite measure up there is no need to worry. Installing on the exterior of the window is also a popular and effective option. The great thing about choosing an exterior instillation is that that clearance depth is not an issue. This means that you will only need to concern yourself with the other two measurements and start choosing the perfect type of shutter for your home.

Many companies these days also offer a complimentary measuring service. If you are still confused about how to measure for your perfect shutters, a professional measurer can help you to make sure that your chosen model is made to measure.

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