What Advantages Do Venetian Blinds Offer?

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Anyone who's ever been shopping for blinds will tell you that there are an awful lot of blinds to choose from; you've got different styles, each coming in a range of materials which then branch out in a plethora of colours, patterns and imagery. In short, there are literally thousands of different blinds you could choose from.
Therefore finding the right blinds for your home can be extremely daunting, especially if it's the first time you've ever shopped for interior design materials. With that in mind, we're going to break down the process and introduce to one of the most popular styles of blind - the venetian blind.

The first thing to get out of the way is the name; venetian blinds, despite what the name suggests, didn't actually originate in Venice. First coming to prominence as we know them today in the 16th century (although fixed slat window blinds had been around for aeons before that), venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats held together by vertical cords. The blinds can be drawn up and down and the slats rotated nearly 180 degrees into order to control the level of sunlight in a room.

This level of control is one of the greatest advantages of the venetian style. Engrossed in a video game in the middle of the day and want to eliminate glare, but without shutting out natural light entirely (it's unhealthy)? Simply adjust the blinds until they're letting in the optimum amount of light!

Another great advantage of venetian blinds is their versatility; the style comes in a vast array of materials including wood, aluminium and fabric with each offering their own distinct advantages.
Wooden venetians are perfect for adding a rustic look to your home and are effortlessly stylish. They're also extremely durable; treated well, it's unlikely that you'll ever need to replace them.

However, treating wooden venetians can be tiresome - they require special cleaning and to be kept away from any source of moisture. This means you can't use wood in a kitchen or bathroom, as the moisture produced by steam would warp the blinds to the extent that they would need to be replaced completely. They're also the most expensive type of venetian blind.

Aluminium blinds are an alternative and are almost as durable as wood, with the added benefit of not being susceptible to water damage. Aluminium is a popular choice among those buying blinds for their home and can be customised in a range of colours and patterns. They're perfect for a home in which contemporary and modern design is the order of the day. Aluminium blinds are relatively easy to upkeep and are suitable for most rooms.

On the whole, venetian blinds are low maintenance and won't require too much cleaning beyond running a soft cloth along the slats to get rid of any excess dust or grime. Cleaning wood can be a bit more troublesome but with some proper wood cleaner, it's worth the effort in order to achieve the stunning look wooden blinds can provide a room.

Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of Better Blinds, specialists in Venetian blinds
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