10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home on a Budget

1. Add a statement cushion. Want to add some wow to your room? A simple but bold cushion can do just that. Pick a striking colour or strong design and place it on your favourite chair for an instant effect.

2. Fed up with bland, white rooms? Add some punch to your room by adding key accessories in a bright, vibrant accent colour. Stick to a single accent for maximum 'wow'. Try a deep purple, bold teal or striking red for a strong focal point.

3. There's no better way of adding your personality to your home than some fun accessories. Quirky wall art, intriguing antiques, fun tea towels all work well, create a talking point and bring your home to life.

4. Be brave, mix some contrasting styles for a fresh, intriguing look. Try teaming florals with stripes, contemporary with classic, brights with pastels. The braver you are the more individual your look.

5. Colour coordinate between rooms. Treat your whole home as a single painting and make sure the colours flow. Pick one accent colour for paintings, cushions, bed linen and vases to create a natural link from one room to another.

6. If you're on a budget but fed up with the same furnishings why not rotate your look between rooms - move your living room cushions to a bedroom, swap over curtains and rotate art for cheap, fresh style.

7. Make your kitchen the heart of the home with some lively accessories. Interesting tea towels look great framed, oven gloves and aprons can add some instant pizzazz and a jazzy notice board adds instant appeal.

8. Be unique, look out for new designers and fresh styles. Avoid the high street and search online for the latest designs. One stand out item can add more impact than main stream products.

9. Add texture as well as colour; look out for new materials including organic and eco wool and try different shapes and sizes to vary your style.

10. Experiment with colour; not sure about that lime green but why not try it with a soft purple for a striking but less dazzling effect. Love orange but don't want a tango effect, go for a single cushion, contrast with a deep blue for a stunning and sophisticated look.

So what are you waiting for? Reinvigorate your home for 2012 - pick your colours, follow our tips and get shopping!

Lisa Feege writes for, which aims to liven up the home through its range of colourful, luxury soft furnishings from leading designers and brands.
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