Window Blinds : Advice On Buying The Right Ones

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Submitted 2009-11-28 03:45:19
There are so many different types of window blinds available, and you need quite a few in order to fit out your whole house. Therefore, it s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when most people initially think that buying blinds will be a quick and easy task. A lot of shoppers for blinds come across the same problems, and so below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What types of window blinds are available? Blinds can be either horizontal or vertical blinds. The most common materials used in window blinds are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Virtually any color of blinds can be bought for use in your home. Window blinds have come a long ways from the old aluminum style blinds we used to see. Now the options available to you to decorate with window blinds is virtually unlimited.

How can I decide which style is right for my house? Whilst this largely down to personal preference, and the style that the rest of your home is already decorated in, there is one guideline to help you, which is based on the type of the room that you ll be installing the blinds in. The rule of thumb, is that rooms that come into contact with water, and which require a lot of cleaning, i.e. kitchens and bathrooms, should be fitted with aluminium or vinyl blinds, and rooms which are more decorative, such as bedrooms and living rooms, should be fitted with wooden blinds.

How do I measure for window blinds? Before taking any measurements, you first need to decide whether you want to fit the blinds inside or outside of the window box. An outside mount is useful for making a small window appear larger, whereas an inside mount is generally considered to look a little more elegant the choice is yours. Having decided on that, then take a tape measure and measure the distance between the two points that you want the blind to stretch across. Consider adding an extra couple of inches to the width you measure though, so as to keep light from seeping in through the sides.

Where is the best place to buy discount window blinds? You will have no shortage of places to choose from when looking to buy blinds, and prices can vary significantly, therefore, expect to have to be patient and to do a little research. A good tip though is to focus your time and efforts towards online blind retailers, as they can offer brand name blinds at discount window blind prices, on the basis that they can cut overheads, such as salespeople and renting store space. The customer service is still great though, and you will always be able to phone them up to ask them any questions about particular blinds that you have seen on their website that you re interested in.

So, that s the main frequently asked questions covered. Hopefully you re now in a better position to proceed with your window blind purchasing decisions.
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