How to Take Care of Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds are versatile and popular window treatments that are constructed from a wide range of materials including plastic, metal, or even wood. If you have Venetian blinds in your home, you're no doubt aware of their propensity to attract dust. As such, cleaning these window treatments is a necessary endeavour that requires special attention to the type of material and even the amount of dust.
Regular Maintenance is Best
Ideally, you want to regularly clean your Venetian blinds so they require only light cleaning. Weekly wiping and dusting of your blinds will prevent stains and dirt from building up making the job of cleaning much easier. Simply put your blinds in the closed position and wipe them clean. Flip the blinds to the opposite position and wipe again. Using a soft cotton glove, dust-attracting cloth, or even a clothes dryer sheet helps to remove dust more easily. You may even want to spray your blinds with a mild cleaning spray or warm soapy water if you're cleaning metal or plastic blinds. If you have wooden Venetian blinds, wipe them with a dry glove or cloth to avoid streaking.
When you're wiping your blinds, start from the center and wipe to the edge on both sides and from the top of your blinds to the bottom. This will help ensure that you remove all dust the first time. Also, if your blinds are more heavily soiled, be sure to change your cloth or gloves regularly to prevent spreading dirt across your blinds.
Vacuum Cleaning
Another method for cleaning Venetian blinds is to vacuum them. Again, regular cleaning is ideal to maintain the quality and condition of your blinds, so you probably want to vacuum them at least a few times a year. Most vacuum cleaners come with a soft brush attachment that can be used for cleaning blinds. If you don't have this attachment, you should purchase one as other attachments may scratch or chip the slats in your blinds. With the blinds closed, vacuum each of the slats from center to edge and from the top of the blinds to the bottom. You'll also want to steady the blinds with your free hand. Once you have vacuumed one side of the slats, flip them to the opposite direction and repeat this process.
Deep Cleaning
Even the most assiduous cleaner will likely discover that their blinds need a deeper cleaning at least once a year. For plastic or metal blinds, immerse your blinds in warm water and add a cleaning solution such as dishwashing soap or bleach. Allow the blinds to soak for at least half an hour and then gently wash with a soft cleaning brush. Then just rinse your blinds clean and allow them to dry. For wooden blinds, you should never use bleach or detergent, so it is important to maintain a more regular cleaning schedule.
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Motorized Window Blinds For Your Kids' Safety

Expert Author Jenny Grace Molbog-Mendoza
When you have little children and pets at home, you certainly want your environment safe for them. In fact, you would look for home furnishings and furniture pieces that are not hazardous, especially when they are running around.
When it comes to window treatments, you are eyeing for something affordable and fashionable. So you decided to opt for window blinds. However, with the pull cord or string, you become somehow hesitant because it may pose danger to your playful children and pets. You definitely know that playing and making fun are what they love most. Thus, you want to get rid of those dangling materials.
Hunter Douglas

One major strategy of eliminating those cords and strings in a chic and modern way is to buy yourself the motorized set.
By opting for motorized window blinds, you can actually enjoy a number of benefits. Among these are the following:
1. No ugly and safety-hazard cords and strings. Apart from these pull cords and strings can be cause of strangulation among little children and pets, they can also be an ugly component of your abode. And this particular dilemma can be answered by window blinds in motorized designs.
2. Children can operate your window blinds by themselves. When you are very busy attending to something important like household chores, you do not want to be bugged about adjusting your window covering, right? So with just a press on a remote control, your children can already operate your window blinds according to their preference, whether to slant the slats or to pull the entire covering up. Sounds simple, huh!
3. Friendly to install. With the way the motorized blinds are designed, you can surely install them by yourself. And if you find it difficult to figure out how to keep them hanging, you can always check the operations manual that comes with it.
4. Many colors, many designs mean great designing. Motorized blinds also come in different designs and colours. Therefore, you have an array of options in order to come up with a great designing idea.
5. Easy on the pocket. Some may have thought that the motorized variant of this window treatment is expensive. Actually, motorized blinds are affordable. If you are going to check with a number of suppliers now, you will be amazed at how easy they come on your pocket.
So visit your potential supplier right away! And if they have a website, you may check for their available colours and designs there first. And if you think that you do not have enough time to do actual shopping, you may ask them how to order blinds online.
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