Windows Blinds For Your Rooms

 By : Steve Blomberg 29 or more times read

One of the most daunting tasks when picking out blinds for our rooms is selecting the shades of the blinds so that it could blend in with the overall shades of the rooms in the house. Although normally, people choose the basic and light colored blinds there is the absence of creativity if we install windows blinds that have totally different color with the aura of our rooms. So how do you choose the type of window blinds to match each room type and at the same time create a beautiful and elegant look? This guide will help:

1.For the kitchen, install light shaded blinds near the sink that are easy to clean and resistant to humidity to prevent warping. Vinyl blinds are good options when it comes to humidity protection

2. For the master bedroom, blinds with blackout shades or any type of blinds with blackout feature will suit accordingly to the room’s peaceful aura. You can also hang draperies for extra style and grooming. Draperies also function as double protection from drafts and can block lights when you want a dark room for your sleep.

3.For bathrooms, humidity is a problem for wood blinds but as long as they are treated with humidity protection, there would not be an issue. However, for you not to worry about humidity and having to treat blinds, you can settle for vinyl blinds. Some people prefer vinyl blinds without the route holes because it gives more privacy. For vertical blinds consider buying those that have approximately ½” gap below the vertical vanes beyond the window sill but you can also adjust this distance according to your preference.

4.Baby’s room. This is probably the room where you have to choose blinds appropriately for the baby’s safety. Install blinds that have safety features and that cords cannot be reached by the child. If vinyl blinds will be installed make sure it is not laced with paint that has led in it as small babies may bite or chew on it once they reach it. Also blinds with blackout cellular shades are perfect for this room to make the room more serene when the baby needs to sleep.

5.Media rooms also need blackout cellular shades and blackout roller shades to promote more privacy. Some blinds are also custom made with side rails to block all light.

6.The study room needs blinds and shutters that are made of wood to make an elegant look and add depth to the room. If the room is facing the street, choose blinds that have tight consistency so that when you need more privacy in reading it does not only block external light but noises as well.

7.The living room, which is the most essential room in the house, needs a formal look with the windows blinds so wood shutters are more appropriate. They are like furniture for your windows because of their stylish and customizable characteristic. If real wood shutters are too expensive for your budget, then faux wood shutters is a good option. To add elegance into your living room, you can also add draperies.

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