The Many Types Of Shutters

Adriana Noton on February 7, 2012

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Shutters is a term to describe objects that are present in many different industries and fields. For example, optics, windows and acoustics. Though this term is very inclusive, perhaps one of the most well-known references is windows.

In acoustics, a swell shutter may be referenced. This type of shutter is simply a flap. It is made to control the air that goes through the pipes of a pipe organ. In optics, shutter may be associated with numerous things. In photography specifically, it is a part of a camera that controls exposure. It does this by regulating the amount of time and light allowed into the camera. The shutter in a movie projector interrupts light that is emitted when a film is moved to the next frame. The light cast by theatre lights is modified using what is called stage lighting shutters. This term may also be used to define the structure that is able to manipulate the pulses of light in signal lamps.

These special window coverings are stable, solid coverings. Generally they are included within a frame that has horizontal rails or vertical stiles. Solid panels, louvers, fabric, and glass are other customizable options. These window coverings are made for indoors and outdoors and are usually placed over windows, though they can be added to doors.

Installment of these structures may be done for various reasons. In some cases they are used for privacy. Other times they offer protection against weather. When indoors, they can control the amount of sunlight in a room. These may also be installed simply for design and aesthetic reasons.

In general, interior models are attached to the sides of a window and can be swung open to allow for more light or window access. There are many ways these structures can be customized. Their wood and synthetic base can be stained or painted. Louvers, both stationary and movable, may be added. Recessed, flat or raised panels are another option. To add a special mark, tinted glass or fabric inserts may be included. Plantation, California, multiple tier, full-height, single tier, cafe and traditional are common styles.

In the past, exterior models were used solely for controlling natural light, offering privacy and protecting against weather and other natural elements. Nowadays, they still may serve these purposes, in addition to adding curb appeal to a building or home. Some examples of common exterior styles: board-and-batten, PVC, hurricane, composite and non-functional. These units are made from durable products that can withstand outdoor elements, such as Honduran mahogany, Spanish cedar, teak, and other hardwoods.
In areas where hurricanes occur often, hurricane coverings or shutters are installed. These have been designed to protect homes, buildings and structures from damages related to these natural occurrences. Specifically, they are relied upon to keep windows from being broken from debris. Generally these are constructed from iron, wood, fiberglass, high-resistance plastics or aluminum.

The term shutters is inclusive of a variety of objects, in many different industries. A common reference is to the coverings used on windows, called window shutters. These units may be added outside or inside of a building to protect it, control light, offer privacy or add to design.

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