How To Create A Tropical Decor Bathroom Retreat

Your master bathroom can be a tropical retreat even in the middle of winter when you decorate it with a vibrant tropical decor.

No matter what your budget, you can get a tropical look in your master bath by just altering a few items such as your wall color, shower curtain and towels. When decorating a bathroom, some of the things you may consider changing include lighting fixtures, floor coverings, wall color and accessories in addition to your hamper and linen storage cabinet.

A major ingredient when decorating your master bath with a tropical style is your wall paint. For this look the colors can really enhance the feel - consider using earth tones or oranges, pinks and blues either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using a paint or murals on the walls, or go with tropical themed wallpaper and borders. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you are afraid of a bit of color, just paint the walls a neutral shade and add color to the room with accessories like towels, curtains, bath mats, soap dishes, trash cans and tooth brush holders.

How you dress your windows can affect your tropical decorating style. To have a terrific look in your master bathroom look at having tropical themed prints on the curtains or use simple wooden blinds or valances. There are different window treatments that can enhance this design style, particularly if you match them to other elements in the room.

Good lighting is a must in most rooms and the master bath is no exception. To enhance your tropical look, you might want to think about the actual style of fixtures as well as the type. IF your bathroom is large enough and you have some room on your vanity or there is other furniture in there, consider little accent lamps shaped like palm trees or a ceiling fan with palm leaf blades but try to stay away from anything which is stark or contemporary. The majority of master bathrooms can benefit from recessed lighting along with sconces.

It's not necessary that you coordinate your hamper, linen storage, and vanity but the master bath should have a light and breezy finish on the furniture. To really enhance the tropical design theme, use items that have either painted or stained details in a tropical style of wood. Rattan or bamboo often works well for this look.

Decorative accessories are critical to pulling your tropical look together. You can even totally alter the look of your room simply by changing the accessories! Focus on selecting a shower curtain, towels and curtains, in colors and patterns that match your tropical theme. You'll be amazed at how simple and inexpensive it is, and what a huge difference these changes make! Be sure to incorporate plenty of lots of green plants and you might even try adding some sea shells in glass bowls and other knick knacks with a tropical theme or feel to really spruce up your master bath. Unique touches like vintage souvenirs and linens from Florida or other tropical places can really make your bathroom stand out.

Your flooring should balance your overall decor, but if you can not buy new floors in your master bathroom then work with your floors by covering them with bath mats that have a tropical style. On the other hand, if you can spring for new floors, you might consider tile floors or a dark hardwood or bamboo.

A critical aspect that is frequently ignored when decorating any room are the walls. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good by using decorative wall art and accessories. Try adding a tropical mural, vintage vacation posters or prints of palm trees and sandy beaches to your master bath walls to highlight the steamy appeal of your tropical interior design.

Getting a great tropical look in your master bath can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. Either way, paying attention to detail and making sure you match your furniture and decorative accessories will help you coordinate a rewarding new tropical look that you will be proud to claim you did yourself!

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Bedroom Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Applause honeycomb shades

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How you dress your windows is an important piece of your overall design and a lot of thought should go into the style and fabric used for your bedroom window treatments.

How do you know which window treatment is right in your bedroom?

There are 3 basic types of window treatments that can be used alone or in combinations. Here's some tips on these basic types and what style of room you might choose them for.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are a style of window treatment that most of us can recognize but there's many variations on this old standby. If your bedroom design is simple, you might choose just plain sheers as these will go well with many themes including a romantic theme, a modern theme and anything in between.

Valances can be used to soften the top of the window. They are great if you don't want to cover up a great view but also don't want the window to look too bare. Typically valances are made from fabric but you can build them form wood and decorate them with an aged or stencilled paint to go with your Tuscan or French country design. Fabric valances can go with almost any bedroom decorating theme depending on the fabric you choose and can be used in conjunction with sheers to give you a bit of privacy.

Drapes are an elegant bedroom window treatment. If you have a romantic, French or Victorian theme some heavy drapes in rich fabrics can transform your bedroom into one fit for a queen. Heavy drapes look best on tall windows, but if you short squatty windows like most homes built in the 60's - 80's don't let that deter you from using great drapes. You can always just keep them closed to hide the window behind and no one will ever know the difference!

Wooden Shutters and Blinds

Indoor wooden window blinds are a great way to add privacy to your bedroom and can be used alone or with curtains, drapes or valances.

There are 2 styles of shutters - plantation shutters and caf? shutters.

Plantation shutters cover the whole window and have louvers which can be opened and closed to let light in or provide privacy. These shutters go great with a plantation style look, a country look or a coastal cottage look.

The caf? shutters are the kind that cover only the bottom half of the window and swing open to let light in. These also look nice in a country or beach style bedroom and are perfect for a Paris apartment style as well.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds add a nice touch to any bedroom and can be decorated and embellished with whatever you want. Fringe, pom-poms and ribbon are just a few of the great ways to make these bedroom window treatments stand out.

Roman blinds work well for childrens rooms and informal styles such as cottage or beach style decor. These shades fold up to expose the window during the day and roll down at night.

Festoon blinds are puffy with lots of fabric. They are quite ornate and work best in a romantic style bedroom such as a Victorian, French or Italian motif. Festoon blinds look best on wide windows and might not be good for small rooms as they can tend to be a bit overwhelming.

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