More Than Just Faux Wood Blinds

Buying a new home can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, and what to put on the windows is one of the things you have to consider prior to moving into a new home. Most homeowners go directly to 2 inch faux wood blinds, but there are so many other options available to today's homeowner. Woven Woods, Plantation Shutters, Solar Shades, and cellular shades are great alternatives to 2 inch faux wood blinds.

Woven Woods
Woven Woods are typically considered a tropical or seaside decorating type window covering, but Woven Woods are also great for Rustic style decorating as well. Woven wood shades are made of Bamboo, grasses, and natural fibers. They are one of the most organic type of window covering on the market.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters are very elegant, and can be considered as Furniture for your windows. They have several different louver sizes, and can be used for more than just windows. Plantation Shutters can be used as doors on a closet, sliding glass doors, an armoire, or even a door on a bench. Plantation Shutters are available in Painted and Stained colors, and can go with a casual or elegant decorating scheme.

Solar Shades
Solar shades are great for interior or exterior uses. When used as an interior shade, they filter light, so you get some of the natural light, and can see outside during the day. Solar Shades are great for Sun Rooms and Back Patios. Solar shades are great for commercial spaces and restaurants, as they allow for great sun control, but still be able to see customers arriving at the front door. Note: Solar shades are not good for bedrooms, because, when the sun goes down, and the lights come on, your neighbors can see into your home.

Cellular Shades
Cellular shades are a great option for heat and sun control. Not all of us live in a climate zone that is sunny and 72 all year round. So, we have to think of cold and heat control. Single Cell and Double cell, cellular shades are great for keeping out heat in the summer, and keeping in the warmth in the winter. Cellular shades come in a variety of patterns, and textures with hundreds of colors to choose from. Cellular shades come in a horizontal style, that slide up and down, and a vertical option, which is on a track, that glides back and forth. The Vertical option is great for sliding doors, or even a room divider.

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