Bamboo Blinds - The Excellent Window Alternative

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Provenance Bamboo Shades by Hunter Douglas
The versatility associated with bamboo blinds make them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for something a little different. The touch of 21st. century refinement added to ancient culture has transformed the bamboo blind into a more than adequate replacement for traditional blinds.

Bamboo blinds are becoming a preferred window treatment for many homeowners who are discovering the natural beauty of bamboo. Not only do they compliment most decors but enviromentalists will love you for using them.

If you are thinking about installing bamboo blinds there is still a little due diligence required on your part before parting with your hard-earned cash. For example,it can sometimes be a little mis-leading when choosing your colors. Why? Because bamboo colors and patterns can vary significantly from any sample you look at. What may appear, perhaps greenish in a sample, could in fact be more of a brownish color by the time your finished product is ready to be installed. This is obviously a point you'll need to raise with whatever company you are dealing with.

There are plenty of advantages to consider with bamboo blinds. Cost is an important ingredient in any product purchase and bamboo blinds provide an inexpensive alternative to traditional blinds. Many people opt for roll up blinds such as the Roman bamboo shades which are easy to maintain and roll into layers which provides a neat and tidy appearance. These blinds have a rather thin slat which makes the roll up process a breeze yet wider slat design is also available for those preferring a more non-traditional appearance.

Bamboo blind installation is reasonably straightforward. Once you have selected your design and your blinds are ready to be installed, the installation process should be a breeze for any budding handyman. However, for those less gifted in this area and with a little handyman phobia, you should have your bamboo blind installed by a professional or an understanding friend or relative skilled in this area. I want to point out though, you should always make sure you understand the installation process from the beginning. Some bamboo blind dealers may offer free installation while others will charge a fee. If you have the know how, then do it yourself. If not, ask from the outset about installation; is there, or is there not a fee involved?

Finally, one of the things I like about shopping for bamboo blinds is the ease in which the internet is able to bring them to me. Shopping for bamboo blinds online is virtually hassle free. The only drawback is the color issue. As mentioned earlier, the color you see in a display photo may not be the exact same color blind that is delivered to your door. Clearly clarify this before making your purchase.

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