Top Five Window Treatment Trends For 2014

If your windows are still sporting blinds from last century or they look as if they are, it is probably safe to say that it is time to upgrade.
Installing new window coverings and treatments can really make your home shine and act as a source of inspiration for any other redesign plans floating around in your head!
With the new year finally here, you may also want to consider jumping on the style bandwagon. There are a lot of trending ideas going on right now with window treatments, many of which are wholly unique and budget-friendly. Here are just a few popular ideas to help you get started.
How to Dress up Your Windows the Right Way
  • Streamline with silk - There is no easier way to create a soft, soothing effect than by installing silk draperies or curtains. This fabric is well known for its smooth tones and elegant style. Ivory looks magnificent when set against dark wood furniture and also goes really well with earth-tone colors. Though one of the more expensive window treatments, silk is guaranteed to make an impression.

  • Soften your shades - Every one enjoys the convenience of technology. It makes our lives easier, especially around the house. Though remote-controlled window blinds and custom indoor shutters are hip, too much modernity can be a bad thing. To counter the dull effect of all those electronics and gadgets and to make your master more cozy and inviting, add layered or textured organic fabrics to your windows.

  • Go green - If you are looking to maximize your home's efficiency, reduce your energy footprint and improve the air quality in your living space, adding eco-friendly window treatments is a must. Honeycomb shades are designed specifically to keep hot and cold air out; they feature spun woven polyester in the shape of honeycombs that are incredibly effective at blocking outside air.

  • Expand your color palette - Solid-color materials look great in the right space, but more homeowners are deciding to incorporate multiple shades of their key color or add a contrasting hue. Blue with gray or white with black can make a bold color statement.

  • Bring the outside in - Metal is being trumped by organic materials such as bamboo this year. We are bound to see an increase in the popularity of natural textures.
This list is certainly not exhaustive, but should be useful in your journey to decorate those faux wood shutters. The best way to decide on a style and figure out what products to choose is by speaking to a design consultant. They can give you a list of options and recommendations on how best to create a personalized theme in 2014.
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