How Wooden Shutters Can Add Value To Your Home!

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If you're looking for that finishing touch to just round off your home or even something which you could add to your house in order to increase its value, then wood shutters are the way to go.

Also known as plantation shutters, these kinds of shutters can add a touch of elegance to your home. Their classic styling is what makes them so popular, combined with the fact that they can be stained or painted to your needs.

Wood shutters can also create a kind of theme for the house. They are good at bringing all of the windows together and giving a uniform style. At the same time it is their sheer versatility and the way that they can fit in with modern and old fashioned decors that makes them the window shutters of choice.

Moving away from the looks aspect for a moment, it?s important to realise how much insulation wooden shutters can give. They are superb at keeping in the warmth. Likewise if you need shutters that are able to vary the amount of light you let in then wooden shutters are great regulators here too.

Wood shutters are warm and authentic but their closest rival is the vinyl shutter. These types of shutters are generally cheaper than wood and that is what is making them almost as popular as our old friend the good ol? wooden shutter.

You get what you pay for however, and wooden shutters are the real deal! With vinyl, you can usually only get them in white or a variant thereof ? and naturally staining is not an option. Also, if you have an irregular shaped window such as an arch then you just can?t get vinyl shutters that will do the job. Let?s not forget how customisable wooden shutters are.

Lastly, the majority of vinyl shutters can be rather cheaply made so you should always aim for quality and that?s where wood shutter come in.

They are extremely easy to clean ? just wipe a damp cloth across them. But if you?d prefer you can just give them a lick of paint every few months to keep them looking good as new.

The majority of wood shutters are made of cedar wood ? in itself strong and durable, though it may be wise to invest in some wood protection kits if you choose this option.

Overall then, wooden shutters look classy, keep you warm, regulate light more easily than other shutters and while they may be more pricey than their rivals ? their customisation and look will do wonders for the value of your home.
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