Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

Expert Author Mob JarrockYour living room is one of the most used rooms in the house and by all members of the family. That's why getting the most out of your front room interior design project is crucial to having a space everyone can enjoy. While carpets, entertainment centers and color choices often help to make a living room stand out from the crowd, window treatments are an often neglected but important part of any living space. Use these ideas for your window treatments and get a design that's perfect for anyone and everyone who enjoys this special room.

Panels and Valance
Basic and complete, a simple valance and two window panels can make any living room feel homey and welcoming. Use sheer panels to match all of your interior design ideas perfectly, and then use a set of heavy black out curtains cleverly disguised behind the sheer panels to block out light or dark easily.

Roman Shades
These accordion like shades come in a huge variety of fabric options to please even the most discriminating fabric. Best of all, roman shades are very easy to install and can provide your front room with a completely enclosed window or a completely open one.

When simple blinds aren't enough of a look for your design, you can use swags to make a really big impact in a little way. Swags are often used to decorate double hung windows, to showcase the window sashes. Side by side windows can really benefit from the use of a swag in your living room design.

Tie Back Panels
You can easily dress up any window with a versatile yet elegant tie back panel. Using long and flowing curtains and fabrics, drape the materials over a lush curtain rod and tie back one or both of the panels to let your living room really feel elegant.

Pleated Shade
Similar to a roman shade, a pleated shade is set inside of the casement of a window and typically runs on a track inside the window seal. If you're looking to match your living room design ideas with the perfect window treatment for your front room then a pleated shade is the best choice for you. These hefty window treatments work especially well when trying to get away and the living room is used more as a movie theater because pleated shades are very good for blocking out all sunlight.

Hunter Douglas 

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Do Your Window Shopping Right at Home, for Plantation Shutters, Vertical Blinds, and So Much More

Are you driving yourself nuts trying to pick the right window treatments? Then maybe it's time to pick up the phone instead and schedule a relaxed, one-on-one personal shopping session with a specialist who can guide you through plantation shutters, vertical blinds, Roman shades, and more - without ever having to leave your own home or office.

When it comes to making decorating decisions for your home or business, window treatments are the worst. With all of the fussing with tape measures and running from store to store to wade through umpteen displays of curtains and blinds, it's enough to drive even the most hardened shopper crazy. So stop the maddening runaround and let the window treatments come to you. Simply pick up the phone and call your nearby specialist in window décor for a convenient, on-site consultation.

Talk about easy. With a veritable window treatment department brought right to your home or office, you can actually view samples and compare colors in the comfort of the very room you're decorating. No more going back and forth with swatches or trying to guess at the exact shade of your walls or furnishings. Plus, there's no limit to the number of options you can explore. Today's all-inclusive window design professionals offer knowledgeable, friendly service along with the latest looks in modern window treatments from the industry's leading manufacturers, including:

Hunter Douglas Faux Wood Shutters
* Plantation shutters
* Horizontal and mini blinds
* Window shades
* Vertical blinds
* Roman shades
* Custom draperies
* And more

One energy-efficient window treatment you may have never considered before is plantation shutters. Built to conform to your window's frame, these classic interior shutters offer clean lines and timeless elegance that can complement any type of design style, formal or casual. You can order plantation shutters in white, as well as in real wood, composite wood, or even specialty shapes built to fit the accent windows in your home or business. Best of all, by raising or lowering the shutters' wooden slats, you can help to control the amount of light and heat that enters your living space and improve the overall energy efficiency of your property year round.

If you're dealing with large-scale openings such as oversized windows or patio doors, then vertical blinds are an excellent choice of window treatment. Available in a variety of styles from traditional and fabric to cellular and sliding panel, vertical blinds are an easy way to conceal and beautify even the largest, most problematic windows and doors. Vertical blinds come in a wide array of patterns and colors to coordinate with virtually any décor, and they offer flexible privacy and light control. Cellular vertical blinds, in particular, offer high performance and comfort any season of the year, thanks to their unique oval shape, which can be up to 20% more energy efficient than other conventional window treatments.

So stop dragging yourself to store after store in search of the ideal window treatment. Arrange a convenient, face-to-face consultation with an interior design window specialist right in the comfort of your own home or office. For custom-fit plantation shutters, vertical blinds, Roman shades, and more, you'd be crazy not to.

A senior Web marketer for Prospect Genius, Penny Jones writes about home improvement issues and affordable Internet advertising for local businesses.

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The Complete Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide

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The Complete Kitchen Decorating Idea Guide

From farmhouse to stainless steel, browse the best kitchen design and decorating ideas through videos, photos, tips from top designers, plus more.

Dressing Up Your Windows

By Leslie Schultz

Expert Author Leslie SchultzWhen it comes to decorating your home, there are certain things that can be done to give it a complete transformation. You could try out a few simple things like, changing the cushion and the cover of your sofa, changing the paintings or wall hanging. More importantly, it is the blinds and the curtains that can really change the look of your place.

Dressing up your home is a painstaking task, especially if you are doing it on a tight budget. The best way you can ease this task is by installing blinds on your windows and glass doors or walls, if you have them. There a lot of types of blinds that will fit every window on your house, even on the bathroom window, which is usually the hardest one to dress up and decorate. Moreover, there are a lot of designs to choose from that will complement the existing design of your home. Here are some tips on how to make the most of the blinds in dressing up your home.

- Try to know which type of blinds will fit your specific windows, glass doors or glass walls. As mentioned above, there are a lot of types of blinds like venetian, roman, and roller to name a few. With an assortment of choices in hand, one will surely fit your needs and style.

- Different types of blinds require different installations. Therefore, make it a point to measure the windows correctly in relation to the kind of blinds that you will use. Ask the blinds company or the retail store on how to correctly measure your windows. Correctly installing your blinds will have a big impact on the aesthetics of the window and that of the house.

- Choose the material you want to use for your blinds. There are different materials for the different types of blinds like plastic, steel, cloth, bamboo, etc... Without a doubt, there will be something to complement your existing home design.

- Blinds come in a variety of prints, colours and design. From plain colours to printed blinds, there will definitely be something you can use to dress up your windows, while at the same time complementing the existing design of your house.

- If you can afford to increase your budget a bit, you can even have your blinds custom-made to your needs. You can modify the size and shape of your blinds to perfectly fit to your windows. You can even tailor the material, colour and design so that it will blend in seamlessly with the design of your house.

- When you use blinds to dress up your windows, not only will you be able to decorate your house, you can even maximize its functionality. It is worth considering the location of your windows in relation to sunlight so you can control the light entering the room. Doing such, you will also be able to control the ambience and mood of the room.

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13,786 Family Room Design Photos:

Found adjacent to the kitchen and having access to any outdoor living space, family rooms are casual and informal where you sit and read a book or watch your favorite Thursday night sitcom with your three best friends. Recently with life being lived less formal, some new construction homes have the family room replacing the formal living room.

Italian Style in Newport Coast, California traditional family room

Century Blinds

Founded in 1992, we have emerged as a premier window covering manufacturer with wholesale sales and distribution throughout the United States. The company was built on exceptional customer service, great products, and reliable delivery. Knowing our customers on a friendly, first name basis, is a hallmark of our commitment for setting industry standards of excellence.

Located in Corona, California since inception, we employ hundreds of dedicated employees assembling the very best products in the USA.

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Inside Britney Spears' Mediterranean Villa in the 90210

click pic for a look inside

The 7,400-square-foot Mediterranean-esque mansion that Britney Spears once called home has been listed for sale. As was first reported by The Real Estalker, Spears lived in the five-bedroom villa, located in the ultra-exclusive Beverly Hills gate-guarded community of The Summit, for a couple of years in the late aughts, a period marked by widely publicized public meltdowns. Remarkably, the interiors are downright muted and dreary (way more so than the bright, garish Los Angeles Tudor that Spears bought for herself last February), with faux finishes, painted murals, stone flooring, and old-fashioned fabrics, all in a beige-blah palette. The pop star bought the place for $6.75M in Jan. 2007 and capriciously listed it for $7.8M in Sept. 2008; after floating on and off the market too many times to count it was most recently listed at $4.8M before plunging to its current and far-below-value ask: $2.995M. 

5 Reasons to Buy Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Hunter Douglas duettes

By Robert Ikhtiari

Today, there are a lot of window treatments that are available in the market. One of the main reasons people install window shades is to change or improve the appearance of a room and for privacy, light control and reduce the entrance of UV ray light emission that can fade furniture, floors, paintings. Top down and bottom up shades gives you the functionality to combat all these issues and look great at the same time.

This type of shade provides quality interior décors for homes, offices and other establishments. More and more manufactures are offering this option. You can find cellular shades, woven woods (bamboo shades) roman shades and even wood blinds and mini blinds in top down bottom up. The diverse colors,designs and textures help people complement and beautify their rooms even more. It is made from special kinds of fabric that can vary from anything from sheer to semi-sheer, opaque or even semi-opaque.

Hunter Douglas
Top down bottom up shades are becoming increasingly popular. It is a shade that is common and very essential to households. This type of shade can cover rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom or practically any room wherein the right amount of light and privacy is essential. It also allows people to have the proper shading and light control and still have the privacy that they want. People who install this in their homes can adjust it by raising the shades from the bottom just like a standard shade or lowering it from above.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to buy these shades:

•One is that you would have complete control of the amount of light that enters a specific room. Homeowners are allowed to adjust the type of lighting inside a room according to their preference. Whether people prefer to have heavily filtered dark rooms, lightly filtered rooms, or even complete blackout, this top down bottom up shades would surely solve lighting problems. You can also enjoy the watching your favourite TV shows without the glare of sunlight.

•Another is that it can compliment any room decor. It offers unique looks and charm and adds to the total ambience of a room wherein it is installed. It can easily turn a dull room alive and make it look classy and elegant.

•You may think that they are extremely expensive and costly to install these shades but that is not always the case. There are a lot of shades that are available in the market and the prices largely depend on the size, design, and the kind of fabric used.

•Another reason is that it is the only style that can allow sunlight within a room while still giving the privacy that people need and want. Since the top and bottom rail function independently from one another, you can adjust the position of the shade by fully drawing the shade, fully open, or setting it to the combination you prefer.

•This type of shade functions by having two cords that are designated on each side of the shade. More often than not, the right cord would be the one in control of the bottom rail while the left cord would operate the top rail. Many are available in cordless, which is safest for children.

Top down bottom up shades are very useful. It offers the combination of functionality and style. Reaping out lots of benefits at a very reasonable price, this type of shade is the best any room in your house, office and establishments.

Robert Ikhtiari is the purveyor of " A Window Treatment Blog" at which he discusses all things Window Treatments, including; tips and advice. Visit him today at

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Amazing estate in Provence with cozy interiors

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This unforgettable villa called Les Cavaliers is located in Uzes, Provence, France and is equipped with a tennis court, two heated swimming pools, a volleyball court, fitness house with a climbing wall, showers and a sauna. The area is ideal for enjoyment of nature and wine. One can enjoy rafting and body rafting, mountain climbing, cave exploration and hunting, as well as explore the many vineyards in the nearby area.

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Professional Window Treatment Consultation Vs DIY Window Shade Shopping

By Penny Q Jones

Working with a professional to decide on and install window treatments, from plantation shutters to mini-blinds, offers numerous benefits over a DIY approach. Find out how opting for professional consultation and installation can work for you on both aesthetic and logistical levels.

If the look of your home decor is important to you, it may be in your best interest to work with a professional to choose what window coverings you want in particular rooms. These experts provide the resources to make sure you get exactly what you want on an aesthetic level, be that an elegant roman shade or the clean lines of mini blinds. They can also facilitate the practical tasks of taking measurements and completing installation. While you could do these tasks on your own, working with a pro will streamline the process, allow you to make fully informed decisions, and leave you with a perfectly installed product at the end of the day.

One of the biggest benefits offered by working with a professional window treatment consultant is that he or she will be able to show you all of the products on the market. Not only does this mean all the different styles of window coverings, from fabric roman shades to a classic plantation shutter, but also all of the different materials, sizes, and colors available in each style. Instead of going to the store or consulting catalogs to try to find what you want, you'll be able to talk with your consultant about your practical and aesthetic desires, and he or she will be able to help you choose the best window covering option for your situation.

After you've chosen your window covering, your window treatment professional will also be able to assist you with the logistical side of the process as well. He or she can take accurate measurements, provide you with a price quote, and complete the installation process, all within a few days in many cases. Instead of you wrestling with a tape measure or trying to attach specialty hardware to your window frames, you will be able to simply enjoy having perfectly sized and installed window coverings in no time. Whether you opt for tall vertical blinds for a patio door or interior shutters for a set of large windows, your window covering pro will be able to complete all of the preparation and installation work so you can enjoy your window shades or blinds as soon as possible.

Window covering experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the products on the market, from modern window shades to vertical window blinds, and can complete all the necessary setup and installation work for any type of covering you choose. When you're weighting the DIY route versus working with a window covering professional, it's important to consider both these aesthetic and logistical benefits before you make your decision.

Penny Jones is a home decorating hobbyist and an Internet marketer for Prospect Genius, a provider of affordable local online advertising.

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Conservatory Blinds Aren't All the Same!

Hunter Douglas Duete 

I don't know about you but I never seem to have enough space in my home. Don't get me wrong, I love my home and everything about it, including my beautiful garden, which after years to pruning bushes, planting the borders and generally twiddling around, I wouldn't want to lose. However, the lack of internal space still had me re-shuffling furniture trying to squeeze in another chair or side table on a regular basis.

With the love of my home there was no way I would consider moving to a bigger home. After mulling things over with my other half we came to two feasible conclusions. The first being to convert the attic into another usable room, freeing up a bedroom to make into a study, cum office the second was to have a conservatory.
The thought of being able to spend any free time I had looking lovingly at my garden we decided to have a conservatory added to the back of the house. Filled with excitement I left the planning details to my hubby while I set about planning the internal design details - we both knew that we wouldn't get another chance so everything had to be right first time.

I won't bore you with the construction phase as basically everything went according to plan. I would, however, like to impart some information on choosing conservatory blinds. If you're like me and thought that a blind was a blind you're in for a nice surprise! There are lots of different options available, including roof blinds, remote controlled, Venetian, vertical and wooden - the list is immense. I had a picture in my mind's eye as the sort of blinds I wanted, the next thing to do was to find them, and at a competitive price.

I went online to find a supplier who did more than simply offer to sell me the cheapest blinds - you've probably heard the saying 'cheapest isn't always the best' and you'll see what I mean when it comes down to choosing blinds for your conservatory. Quality, practicality, functionality and longevity were the key aspects I was looking for, not forgetting colour choices, styles and designs. A tall order I know, but if you're going to get it right these are all important aspects that I look for in just about anything I buy and I didn't want to spoil my dream conservatory by regretting any window dressing choices I made. I plumped for Venetian style conservatory blinds. The natural beauty of the wood brought a warm homeliness and charm which suited my home perfectly.

Just a few months down the line and the shelves are loaded with pretty flowers and plants, in colourful pots, and our collection of ceramic plates, collected over the years, is proudly displayed on the one internal wall. The conservatory blinds we chose enable us to regulate the amount of sunshine that we let in, depending on what we are doing. It has become the most important room in the house and is everything we could ever have hoped for. The biggest mistake we made was in not indulging ourselves years earlier!

Charlotte Campbell is an interior designer with over 15 years experience in the blinds industry. She particularly loves sharing her tips on how window blinds can change the look and feel of any room in your home.

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A Home Straight Out of a Modern Day Fairy Tale

To conjure up an a whimsical, enchanted-forest look for a prewar Greenwich Village apartment, designer Fawn Galli choose a minty green color scheme, lightened the floors, and played with furniture scale. For more decorating ideas, read an interview with the designer.


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Vertical Blinds Suits Almost Every Application Because Of Their Wide Benefits

Graber Vertical Blinds
A room is the only place in the world where we come to relax leaving all the stress outside. Thus, we try to make our room as comfortable and soothing as possible that would provide the peace for mind.

From colour shades of the wall to the placement of every object inside the room, we focus on everything that soothes us. However, the most prominent thing among all is the entrance of sunlight into a room. A window is a necessary part of a room that lets you feel the outer climate from inside the room but sometimes we would want complete peace and non-interruption from the outer world. Thus, installing a window blinds in such applications would be absolutely doing the needful.

However, properly examining the needs of the application and then going for the exact sort of window blinds would be beneficial as there are numerous types of window blinds available. The commonly available types of window blinds include roller blinds, blackout roller blinds, aluminium venetian blinds, wooden venetian blinds, etc.

However, for the application where you wish to take the maximum advantage out of one unit is the vertical blinds. This type of blinds is suitable to almost every application. This window blinds are perfectly suitable for the areas with wide window spans.

The vertical window blinds are very much effective in controlling the sunlight entering a room. The louvers of the blinds help in controlling the sun glare entering the room. The rotation of louvers by manual control helps in banning the solar light. The louvers can be drawn back to one or both sides of the window, or stacked neatly in the centre when the blind is fully open.

Vertical blinds are very much effective in providing a greater degree of protection against solar heat and shade that ultimately helps in reducing the air conditioning costs in summer with retaining the heat inside in winters.
The vertical window blinds are available in numerous controlling options and thus, offering customers with a better choice making area as per their needs. Manual cord operation is available for tilting or drawing the louvers.

In addition, numerous motorised options are available where blinds can be individually operated or group controlled, activated by means of a switch, RF remote controls or an AV system.

However, for cracking the best deal for the vertical blinds, seeking online help would be greatest idea.

The author has spent many years in studying the business and industry of window blinds and has written numbers of articles to make the customers more informed buyers. He advises the customers of right purchasing of roller blinds, vertical blinds, cleaning services and many aspects of the window coverings. For more information, please visit

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