RUMOR: Not One, But TWO Crazy Los Angeles Mansions Are On Sale For $150 Million

Meredith Galante | Jul. 24, 2012, 5:47 PM

For anyone who thinks the luxury real estate market in California is in peril, just take a look the wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
Not one, but two properties in the area are reportedly being shopped around with $150 million price tags.
Today celebrity real estate blogger the Real Estalker reported that billionaire widow Dawn Arnall was quietly shopping her spread, called Owlwood, for that amount. And just last week, the same blogger reported that real estate tycoon Jeff Greene was rumored to be listing his Beverly Hills Palazzo di Amore for the same amount.

The Owlwood estate is on sale for $150 million.

Jeff Greene's $150 million home.

Arnall's Owlwood is a 9.83-acre estate that is reportedly one of the largest in the area. The house, which once belonged to Sonny Bono and Cher, spans 12,000 square feet. The Hollywood Reporter reported in 2010 that the home had an indoor swimming pool and "gold bathroom-sink fixtures."
Greene originally bought his 25-acre estate for $35 million. He later put another $15 million in renovations into the home. It has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms over 43,000 square feet, which includes a a 6,000-square-foot ballroom.
The homes aren't officially listed, but we grabbed some aerial screenshots from Bing Maps to give you an idea of what a $150 million pad could look like.

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5 Tips for Trendy Home Decor on a Budget

By Robin Baxter

With the onslaught of home decorating and do-it-yourself programs in all forms of media these days, it is hard not to take notice. Often these programs are in the theme of "Before" and "After", showcasing a finished product (usually completed in a weekend) that is trendy, stylish and inspiring. So, you look around your home and think, "I wouldn't even know where to start!" or "I don't have any money to make my home stylish and trendy!" Maybe it is both, or another reason based on your own personal situation. If you love your home, and stylists would say it is outdated, do not fuss- your home is your personal sanctuary and if the ducky, country decor of the 1980's and 1990's still makes you feel wonderful, then keep it. It is as simple as that.

If you are interested and enjoy maintaining a stylish up-to-date look there are a couple of terms you should familiarize yourself with: fad and trend. Generally speaking a fad only lasts 6 months to a year, while a trend could last upwards of 7 to 10 years. Whether you want to re-vamp your decor with one, or both, you might want to try some of these suggestions, especially if you are on a tight budget:

1. Paint color is probably the utmost important trend in home decor. If you don't plan on painting every couple of years, then choose colors from an already established color chart, or create your own, on the conservative side of the forecast (you can check out forecast colors at your favorite paint company's website, or at These will generally stay in trend longer, and are probably easier to coordinate with other colors and patterns. If you like to change up your paint colors frequently, purchase paint that you can afford. You can even get "boo-boo" or mistints for a deal. Mix your own colors. Check out a color wheel online and mix colors that will bring you the result you want. Use an old margarine container to measure parts, before doing the big mix.

If you love a fad color, then you could always paint one wall as a feature wall; A small project that can be done every season if you wish!

2. Sometimes all that is needed is a piece of furniture that says "wow". Absolutely check out your local Salvation Army or thrift store. Remember that trends come and go, so you may find a piece that is dirt cheap that although from another decade is back in style! You can get deals from anywhere of $10 and up. If the style is right, then maybe all it needs is a coat of paint. This is where you could add your pop of fad color, if you desire.

3. Keep your window dressings neutral and classic. Window coverings can be expensive and if you are on a budget it is usually best to work around them, unless you find something that is both trendy and cheap.

4. Accessories like pillows are often used to change fads and trends. And, although this is a great idea, it is not always economically feasible. Pillows can be expensive! If you are good with a sewing machine, you can make your own covers that are interchangeable- using a fad color on one side and a more conservative yet trendy color and pattern on the other. You can flip back and forth depending on your mood or whom you are entertaining.

5. Scatter mats can be a useful way of incorporating a new trend in terms of pattern, texture and color. Whether for the front door or under the coffee table, you can usually find a variety of prices and qualities with this accessory.

Check out paint colors that are inspired by destinations around the world at

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