Window Dressing Wish Lists Can Make Your Dreams Come True

When I sat back and considered what type of window dressing I wanted for my newly decorated living room, I decided that I needed to be logical and not let my heart rule my head - so many times I think of wonderful ways to up-date my home, only to find out that my dreams are dashed as the things I choose aren't practical and don't really give me what I'd imagined!

Making a list is said to be the best way to consider all aspects of what you'd like and what you need; there's a distinct difference between the two, or so I thought. So with pen in hand I mused and pondered and came up with a 'wish list'. The window dressing had to be practical, functional, stylish and affordable..oh and I also needed privacy as I'm sick and tired of people staring at me - it makes me feel like a goldfish in a bowl and sometimes I just can't resist the temptation to wave, that soon sends them scurrying off!

I also read that blinds, vertical and Venetian styles in particular, had been proven to reduce the risk of being burgled; apparently because the thieves can't see inside your rooms they can't tell if anyone's home or not, they are also unable to see what quick sale (on the black market) items you have, so they tend to move on and find another poor unsuspecting household. So that's another positive added to my 'wish list'.

Colour, that's also important, I want something modern but not too garish or gaudy. Natural materials, to help ease my carbon footprint conscious a little would also be nice. With my 'wish list' growing longer I began wondering if I should start crossing things off, surely no window dressing would make my 'wish list' come true. How wrong can you be?

I discovered that dreams can come true if you choose blinds as your window dressing. I decided that blinds would tick off everything on my 'wish list', surely there must be a snag, I asked myself. But no, with the fabulous range of blinds available you can select the style, colour and design you want for any given room in your home.

Hunter Douglas Chalet Woods 
I settled for a the most gorgeous wooden blinds in a natural colour tone that compliment my furniture beautifully. They provide me with much needed privacy, although I can see out nobody can see in! My other half is quietly pleased about the security aspect, and with easy wand controls the slats can be tilted to create different diffused lighting effects (now that wasn't on my wish list), as well as being able to close the slats completely at night. There was also the added bonus of being to pull the wooden blinds to the top of the window if I wished to give me an unobstructed view outside, and of course it means I can clean the windows easily.

The next time you can't decide which type of window dressing you want make a 'wish list' - dreams can come true!

Charlotte Campbell is an interior designer with over 15 years experience in the blinds industry. She particularly loves sharing her tips on how wooden blinds can change the look and feel of any room in your home.
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