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DIY Box Store Blinds? Can Custom Blinds Be an Affordable Solution?

Did you know that custom window coverings can be more affordable than you think? You may think that putting in Box Store white horizontal blinds is the best choice for your budget. You will do your best to measure your windows and then head down to Home Depot or Lowes. They will cut down the width but you will be left to tend with a big stack of slats on the height after you've installed the blinds. You get the blinds home and unpack the first blind. You will have the mounting brackets and Phillip head screws. The fact that they give you Phillip head screws is the first indicator that they want this to be an agonizing experience. The 1/8 in hex screw allows for an easier installation experience. The first blind will be the most difficult but you will find your way and each blind after that will get easier. Along the way you will pop on the valances which are very basic. If you have bull nose corners it is pretty much a guarantee that the valance will not cover the top sill gap. This is just one of the small finishing touches that the box store blinds will not offer. When you lower the blind down you will notice the big stack of slats that I mentioned earlier.

As you lower you'll notice multiple cords that allow you to lower and raise the slats. They do not use cord equalizers which brings multiple cords into a single cord. What you end up getting is multiple cords which constantly tangle and look unsightly. I believe that in the directions it will tell you how easy it is to remove the slats to adjust the blinds to the proper length. If you attempt to remove the slats it will not be long before you realize that it is far from easy and you may decide not to do future blinds. This is why in most cases when I run into these blinds in homes the stack is usually still there. You get through the install, taking off the extra slats or not. You can open and close your new blinds with a wand. When you get close to closing them you will feel a pressure put on the system and fear breaking it. This is actually a good thing because it is a system that breaks fairly easy. I will not sell blinds with a wand. At the end of the day you've saved money on the product but had to invest an endless amount of time installing. The saying "the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten" was made for these blinds.

The solution is Norman Performance Essential Faux Wood. For a few dollars more than DIY you'll get:

  • White or Pearl slats
  • 2" or 2 ½ slats
  • 3 ¼ Designer Crown Valance (will cover the above sill)
  • Cord Tilt (smooth operations)
  • Cord equalizer on lift side (control tangling and cleaner look)
  • Engineered Trapezoidal Bottom Rail (allows for better closure of slats)
  • Smart Privacy - no route holes (tighter closure, enhanced privacy and great light control)

I understand that people have budgets because I have one as well. DIY is great when you can save money as well as get a decent end product. Norman's Performance Essential Blinds will give a custom fit and finish in comparisons to the box store cut down blind. With professional measure and installation you have a winning combination that will not break the bank.

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