Window Blinds For Bathrooms: How Do You Choose?

Blinds are a bathroom essential; while you can spend hours debating the various merits of curtains and blinds in a bedroom or a living room, blinds are the be-all and end-all when it comes to bathroom window coverings.

Why is this? Well firstly, they offer a level of privacy that curtains just can't offer. A solid fabric roller blind - when rolled down - will block any prying eyes from taking a peek in your bathroom. One rogue gap in a pair of curtains, however, and you might have more viewers for your nightly shower than you expected!

Blinds are also extremely practical for the bathroom. You can operate them via a cord rather than having to touch the material itself, meaning that wet hands from the shower or post-handwashing won't damage the blind. Similarly, if your window is above the bath, blinds won't dangle into the water itself, saving you a bundle on repair water damaged curtains.

So we've established that blinds should be your first choice when it comes to decorating your bathroom. But how do you choose the right blinds for your bathroom?

First, you need to consider what your blinds are going to be coming up against. Bathrooms tend to be damp and hot, meaning that your blinds need to be moisture- and heat-resistant to ward off the negative effects of mould, mildew and even warping.

Unfortunately, these characteristics rule out wooden blinds straight away. As good as they look, wooden blinds just aren't made to survive in a bathroom. The frequent moisture generated by the shower will warp them over time and it's impossible to repair this warping; you have to replace the blinds entirely. The small cracks in wood also means that it's a breeding ground for mold.

It's also worth avoiding any particularly heavy fabrics as they are susceptible to mould and are surprisingly difficult to clean. It is possible to remove mould from a heavy fabric but it's likely that the problem will return, leading to a time-consuming cycle of cleaning.

So what about metal, such as aluminium? At first, this seems a great choice - it's a heavy material for privacy and best of all, it's rust resistant. However, aluminium tends to only be used in venetian blinds, which aren't a great choice for a bathroom as there are frequently privacy-compromising gaps in the slats. The same goes for vertical blinds.

What makes for the perfect bathroom blind then? Well, style-wise, it's best to go for a roller blind. It's simple to use and is best for maintaining privacy. They're also quite easy to clean and maintain and won't warp due to moisture.

For material, it's best to go for a light, easy-to-clean fabric or even better, a blind made from waterproof material. While these aren't necessarily the heaviest of materials and won't offer the kind of privacy afforded by more 'solid' materials, they are probably the best when it comes to regular cleaning and standing up to the unique conditions of the average bathroom.

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What Advantages Do Venetian Blinds Offer?

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings.
Anyone who's ever been shopping for blinds will tell you that there are an awful lot of blinds to choose from; you've got different styles, each coming in a range of materials which then branch out in a plethora of colours, patterns and imagery. In short, there are literally thousands of different blinds you could choose from.
Therefore finding the right blinds for your home can be extremely daunting, especially if it's the first time you've ever shopped for interior design materials. With that in mind, we're going to break down the process and introduce to one of the most popular styles of blind - the venetian blind.

The first thing to get out of the way is the name; venetian blinds, despite what the name suggests, didn't actually originate in Venice. First coming to prominence as we know them today in the 16th century (although fixed slat window blinds had been around for aeons before that), venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats held together by vertical cords. The blinds can be drawn up and down and the slats rotated nearly 180 degrees into order to control the level of sunlight in a room.

This level of control is one of the greatest advantages of the venetian style. Engrossed in a video game in the middle of the day and want to eliminate glare, but without shutting out natural light entirely (it's unhealthy)? Simply adjust the blinds until they're letting in the optimum amount of light!

Another great advantage of venetian blinds is their versatility; the style comes in a vast array of materials including wood, aluminium and fabric with each offering their own distinct advantages.
Wooden venetians are perfect for adding a rustic look to your home and are effortlessly stylish. They're also extremely durable; treated well, it's unlikely that you'll ever need to replace them.

However, treating wooden venetians can be tiresome - they require special cleaning and to be kept away from any source of moisture. This means you can't use wood in a kitchen or bathroom, as the moisture produced by steam would warp the blinds to the extent that they would need to be replaced completely. They're also the most expensive type of venetian blind.

Aluminium blinds are an alternative and are almost as durable as wood, with the added benefit of not being susceptible to water damage. Aluminium is a popular choice among those buying blinds for their home and can be customised in a range of colours and patterns. They're perfect for a home in which contemporary and modern design is the order of the day. Aluminium blinds are relatively easy to upkeep and are suitable for most rooms.

On the whole, venetian blinds are low maintenance and won't require too much cleaning beyond running a soft cloth along the slats to get rid of any excess dust or grime. Cleaning wood can be a bit more troublesome but with some proper wood cleaner, it's worth the effort in order to achieve the stunning look wooden blinds can provide a room.

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Roller Blinds: For Your Office or Home

Roller blinds are a common and popular window treatment that can fit into any kind of design style or motif. They look just as attractive and practical in your bedroom, paired with a beautiful and flowing set of curtains to block out early morning sunlight, as they do in your office, to offer privacy and protection from potentially harmful UV rays.

Roller blinds are very thin and unobtrusive and can come in a variety of colours, textures and materials. From sea grass to suede, linen to leather, roller blinds are an exquisite choice and the best for filtering unwanted sun and moon light. Roller blinds can be paired with many other window treatment options in order to fit into your personal interior design, or add flare to an understated room. Drapes or curtains offer a relaxed and airy look to any room, in particular bedrooms and living areas. Curtains can be made from a variety of materials, and act as multipurpose window treatments when paired with roller blinds. This combination is amazing at blocking out harsh beams of light and exterior noise, while still maintaining a beauty worthy of a home decor magazine.

Shutters are also a great match for roller blinds, offering the perfect blend between practical and avant garde. Shutters on their own are a functional window treatment, excellent at controlling the sun, heat and air from entering through your windows. However, when paired with the sun repelling lining of a roller shade, they make the perfect window treatment choice for shift working individuals, who need to sleep during the day and must have a dark environment to do so.

Roller blinds are also a fantastic look all on their own and have other great properties aside from their light filtering capabilities. These blinds are perfect at creating a private area and marking a diving line between offices or working spaces. Many businesses will buy motorized blinds and roller shades to cover large exterior windows, in that they look unobtrusive, yet can be operated at the touch of a button to deflect the sun, no matter what time of day. In this type of setting, roller blinds are professional and smart looking and can turn a drab office into so much more.

Venetian blinds are also a staple in many offices in that they are a cost effective choice and are very functional to use. Available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, venetian blinds can be added to windows with ease and offer the user control over how much sunlight to allow to flow into a room. Venetian blinds are also a great choice for the home, in that they can be paired with other window treatments, and they offer that ever necessary light filtering quality.

It is difficult to find a window covering that can function well in both your home and office; however roller blinds are a common and popular window treatment choice that can fit into any kind of design style or motif.
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The Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Blinds or curtains, mauve or maroon, subtle or extravagant; delving into the world of window coverings means delving into a world of daunting and difficult decision-making. It's possibly one of the hardest parts of interior design (or redesign) - a good window covering can enhance a room significantly while a bad choice can throw off the design of your room completely.

There's so many options when it comes to choosing window coverings that it's hard to know where to start so in this article, we're going to be focusing on one of the most popular styles of window covering available; wooden blinds.

Presuming you've made the leap from curtains to blinds (and there are plenty of reasons to), you'll be well aware that there are hundreds of different stylistic combinations available; metal vertical blinds, neon roller blinds and so on.

Wood is probably the simplest of potential blind materials but also one of the most attractive. Wooden blinds should be considered the first port of call if you're going for a rustic vibe in your home, but can also had a classy edge to just about any room in the house. It's undoubtedly more 'homely' than metal blinds and arguably more 'expensive-looking' than fabric.

The most common style of blind wood comes in is Venetian - horizontal slats connected by vertical cords. The Venetian style offers a wealth of advantages; not only do they look good, but they are also extremely easy to clean and offer a strong degree of control over how much sunlight enters a room.

If you're not a fan of the Venetian style then don't panic; wood also comes in other styles too. Woodweave is essentially wood's answer to traditional roller blinds while you can also get wooden vertical blinds - basically a reversal of the traditional Venetian style.

Wood offers more privacy than some other materials traditionally associated with blinds, owing to the 'heaviness' of the material. It's more or less impossible to see through wooden blinds, meaning that no disturbing shadows will be cast by passers-by - and they won't be able to see yours either!

Wood's heavy nature also makes it extremely good at retaining heat in a room, saving you money on your energy bills as well as keeping you cosy on long winter nights.

Wood is also extremely durable; it's highly unlikely that you'll need to replace wooden blinds within five years if you maintain them properly. Luckily, maintaining wooden blinds is relatively easy too - a quick brush with a dry cloth to remove dust and grime every week will suffice cleaning-wise.

If there's one drawback to wooden blinds, it's the materials weakness to moisture. If exposed to steam or water on a regular basis, wooden blinds can warp and unfortunately, this is usually impossible to repair meaning that you have to fork out on new blinds. This means that wooden blinds are more-or-less a no-no in bathrooms and kitchens.

Overall, however, wooden blinds are highly recommended for anyone looking to rejuvenate their windows!

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How to Redecorate on a Small Budget

Expert Author Suzy Rubenstein

It is not necessary to have a huge budget to redecorate. What is important is to be creative and smart about it. By carefully assessing what you have and prioritizing what you will spend money on, you can achieve a great new look on a budget.

The first thing you need to do is to take a good look at the room you want to redo. What is working in the space? Items that are in disrepair should be removed. You should also remove the items that aren't working in the space.

Next, you should look to your other rooms for items to repurpose. There might be a chair that isn't working in your living room that would be perfect for the study you are trying to redo. This is a great way to redecorate without spending a dime!

Reorganizing the way furniture is placed in the space is another way to change the look of a room without spending any money. Examine the way you are using the space. Try the furniture in a different arrangement. Just rearranging the furniture can dramatically change the perception of the room. How you place furniture can make the space seem larger or smaller, depending on the arrangement. In addition, furniture placement can affect traffic flow in your space. Take all of this into consideration when planning how to arrange your furniture.

Carefully consider what items need to be replaced in your space. Decide what the most important thing to be replaced is. By choosing wisely what you will purchase, you can cut down on cost. For example, replacing the worn sofa, but keeping your side tables that are in good shape, is one way to save.

Slipcovers are a great idea to refresh a worn sofa. Not only can they make your couch look new again, you can also change the color scheme in your space with a slipcover. This is an inexpensive way to make a big impact on the look of your room.

Changing the accent pillows in your room is another inexpensive way to alter the look of a space. Just that small change will make the room look different. Accent pillows can bring a new color into a space or highlight an existing one. Slipcovers are also available for throw pillows. This makes it easy to change a color scheme permanently, or just seasonally.

Replacing just the wall art is another way to refresh a room without breaking the bank. A new mirror or piece of artwork can make a big impact on a space. The new piece will draw your eye to it, changing the look of the space.

Another idea is to replace the existing accessories with new ones that are coordinated with each other. For example, items to decorate shelving and tabletops. These include as candle holders, vases, bowls, etc.
Comparison-shopping before making a big purchase is another way to save money when redecorating. Discount retailers often copy designer styles, making it easy to find the look you want for less money. Shopping on line is another way to save. Online stores often have a lower overhead than brick and mortar stores resulting in lower prices for you! In addition, internet shopping makes it easy to compare prices in multiple stores for the same item.

Overall, there are many things you can do to redecorate on a budget. Careful choices and comparison-shopping are important to remember to keep costs down. In short, it is not hard to change the look of your space without spending a lot of money!

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What Do Window Blinds Offer Over Curtains?

Humans, as a race, tend to be an impatient and easily bored bunch; we always want the latest gadgets, the newest cars and the newest clothes, despite having perfectly functional versions of each at home already. 'New', it seems, has become synonymous with 'good'.

It's no different when it comes to interior design. It's rare that any homeowner will keep the same decor for over five years, as design trends move quickly and, well... it gets boring looking at the same thing everyday!
Of course, redesigning your home usually means tearing up everything and starting from scratch. This offers the perfect chance to reinvent your home, and one area ripe for a bit of reinvention is your window covering.
For decades, curtains were the go-to choice for homeowners; they're typically associated with a 'homely' feel and can offer a sense of grandiosity to a room. However, the past twenty years or so have seen the glorious emergence of blinds as a popular window covering choice.

Formerly confined to home offices and the odd bedroom, blinds have become a popular choice for just about any room in the house. But why is this?

One of the biggest advantages of opting for blinds instead of curtains is the diverse range of styles available. Sure, curtains come in a vast array of materials, but every curtain is essentially the same; two hanging drapes of material connected by a rail.

Blinds, on the other hand, come in many shapes and forms. Probably the most popular style is venetian, which consists of horizontal slats held together by vertical cords. Not far behind, however, are roller blinds; a solid piece of material that rolls up and down. Vertical blinds are another option and are basically a reversal of the venetian style, with vertical slats binded together with horizontal cords.

In addition to this, blinds come in a wide range of different materials. Fabric, aluminium and wood are just three of the most popular styles, but you should blinds in most materials if you're willing to shop around. For those with a penchant for the darker side of life, you can even get blinds that blackout the sun entirely!

The aesthetic benefits of blinds don't stop there either. Like curtains, you can get blinds that are adorned with an extensive spectrum of patterns and images, not to mention in just about any colour you could care to imagine.

You can even customise blinds with your own images; you could be waking up to an image of your gorgeous beach holiday rather than opening the curtains and having the face the dreary, rain-sodden world outside.
There are, of course, practical benefits to opting for blinds too. A common problem of the digital ages is screen glare - sunlight that reflects in a screen and makes it difficult to view whatever is showing on that screen. With curtains, you're only choice is to shut out the sun completely, which eliminates glare but also looks extremely antisocial.

This isn't an issue with blinds. With venetian and vertical blinds, you can control precisely the amount of sunlight that gets into your room. This means you can eliminate glare while also keeping the room light and breezy rather than dark and dingy.

Blinds also allow you to control the level of ventilation in a room. Keep the blinds slightly open on a warm, but not too hot, day and you've essentially got your own air conditioning system - without the costs associated with running such a system. Like curtains, closed blinds can also keep heat in a room, saving you money on your energy bills.

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5 Tips to Cosy Up Your Home This Autumn

It's time to say cheerio to Summer, and hello to Autumn! No need to be sad that the season of sunshine is over, autumn can bring us so much warmth. The colours and freshness are bound to keep us in happy spirits for a while to come yet. Rich autumnal colours offer a great opportunity for a seasonal home makeover.
As the evenings are getting shorter and the temperature drops be ready to get your home cosy for the season. To make the transition for your home from summer to autumn, we have put together five simple tips.

1. Scented Candles: Nothing says Autumn like scented candles. Seasonal fragrances such as Orange and Cinnamon or Sandalwood are a perfect choice to fill your home with seasonal warmth. Dim the lights and let the candles set the ambiance as the evenings draw in. Light the fireplace and add candles throughout the house to ensure that all-round feeling of warmth.

2. Bring the outside in: Autumn is the perfect season to get outside. When out in the woods, collect yellow and orange colourful leaves, branches and pine cones to place around candles. Make beautiful Autumn settings this way. This is a simple DIY way to impress guests and family. Decorate the dining table, hallway or your living area with autumn candle arrangements that look great even when your candles aren't lit.
3. Flowers and plants: Treat yourself to fresh greenery and blooms regularly to enhance the fresh fragrances of Autumn, or better yet, pick your own flowers from the garden. Mix this with the aromatic candle scents, and Autumn is here.

4. Add little details: Add special details to every room in the house to create little autumn surprises everywhere. Don't just limit yourself to the main living space. Place small pumpkins or pine cones in bathrooms and on bedside tables add some scented votives for a warm feel.

5. Get everyone involved: Go out for a nice walk in the woods with the kids. When you get back home, kick off the wellie boots, cuddle up together with blankets and throws, draw the curtains, light the scented candles and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with all the family!

These are just a few simple and easy ways to cosy up your home for the autumn season that can be done on any budget. Other options to consider are using fabrics and accessories to add to your decor.

To buy beautiful luxury scented candles online in the UK, visit The St Eval Candle Company website. These candles have amazingly long burn times, and great reviews!
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How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Bedroom

Occasionally, deciding which blinds are right for certain rooms in your home will come down to practical considerations - for example, wooden blinds are a no-no in a bathroom as are susceptible to moisture damage. This helps narrow down the search and makes deciding on which blinds to opt for a lot easier.

However, with certain rooms such as the bedroom, there are no practical limitations to choosing blinds - the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. This means making the tough decision between venetian, roller or vertical blinds as well as sifting through the thousands of different designs, colour choices and materials. The lack of limitations makes the process of finding the right blinds a daunting one.

Given the personal influence behind most interior design decisions, there is no hard and fast method of finding the right blinds for a bedroom. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each style of blind which should make finding the right ones for you significantly easier.

One of the most popular styles of blind is venetian, which consists of horizontal slats held together by vertical cords. The style allows for direct control over the amount of sunlight that is let through through your window via slat adjustment, as well offering a classic, aesthetically pleasing vibe to your home.

Venetian blinds tend to be a popular choice for bedrooms, especially wooden venetians. Wooden venetians can add a rustic, charming look to any room and tend to be more durable and easier to clean than other materials. However, do be aware that wood tends to be more expensive than other materials.

Vertical blinds are essentially the venetian style reversed, with vertical slats rather than horizontal slats. This style is easier to clean than the venetian style owing to dust not being able to gather on vertical surfaces but arguably offers a harder-edged 'office' style look than their horizontal counterparts making them less suitable for a relaxing bedroom design.

Roller blinds consist of a single sheet of material that can be rolled up and down. They're undoubtedly less versatile when it comes to managing sunlight levels but still offer a good-looking window covering solution. They're also less susceptible to breakage than other styles, making them ideal for childrens bedrooms.

When it comes to choosing the colour or pattern of your blinds, there's only one basic rule; match it to the decor of the room. There are literally hundreds of different shades and colours available, and enough patterns to cater for even the most unique of tastes - if you want to deck out your bedroom in entirely leopard print, there are blinds for that!

For an extra personal touch, you can even customise roller blinds with your own images. A photo from a summer holiday to rouse you on a cold Winter's morning or a picture of a loved one to send you to sleep with a smile; the only limit is your imagination.

Crucially, remember that you are choosing blinds for YOUR home. What works in one home may not be right for you so while it's important to keep tips such as those above in mind, don't feel restricted by them - choose the blinds you feel are right for you.

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