5 Tips to Cosy Up Your Home This Autumn

It's time to say cheerio to Summer, and hello to Autumn! No need to be sad that the season of sunshine is over, autumn can bring us so much warmth. The colours and freshness are bound to keep us in happy spirits for a while to come yet. Rich autumnal colours offer a great opportunity for a seasonal home makeover.
As the evenings are getting shorter and the temperature drops be ready to get your home cosy for the season. To make the transition for your home from summer to autumn, we have put together five simple tips.

1. Scented Candles: Nothing says Autumn like scented candles. Seasonal fragrances such as Orange and Cinnamon or Sandalwood are a perfect choice to fill your home with seasonal warmth. Dim the lights and let the candles set the ambiance as the evenings draw in. Light the fireplace and add candles throughout the house to ensure that all-round feeling of warmth.

2. Bring the outside in: Autumn is the perfect season to get outside. When out in the woods, collect yellow and orange colourful leaves, branches and pine cones to place around candles. Make beautiful Autumn settings this way. This is a simple DIY way to impress guests and family. Decorate the dining table, hallway or your living area with autumn candle arrangements that look great even when your candles aren't lit.
3. Flowers and plants: Treat yourself to fresh greenery and blooms regularly to enhance the fresh fragrances of Autumn, or better yet, pick your own flowers from the garden. Mix this with the aromatic candle scents, and Autumn is here.

4. Add little details: Add special details to every room in the house to create little autumn surprises everywhere. Don't just limit yourself to the main living space. Place small pumpkins or pine cones in bathrooms and on bedside tables add some scented votives for a warm feel.

5. Get everyone involved: Go out for a nice walk in the woods with the kids. When you get back home, kick off the wellie boots, cuddle up together with blankets and throws, draw the curtains, light the scented candles and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with all the family!

These are just a few simple and easy ways to cosy up your home for the autumn season that can be done on any budget. Other options to consider are using fabrics and accessories to add to your decor.

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How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Bedroom

Occasionally, deciding which blinds are right for certain rooms in your home will come down to practical considerations - for example, wooden blinds are a no-no in a bathroom as are susceptible to moisture damage. This helps narrow down the search and makes deciding on which blinds to opt for a lot easier.

However, with certain rooms such as the bedroom, there are no practical limitations to choosing blinds - the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. This means making the tough decision between venetian, roller or vertical blinds as well as sifting through the thousands of different designs, colour choices and materials. The lack of limitations makes the process of finding the right blinds a daunting one.

Given the personal influence behind most interior design decisions, there is no hard and fast method of finding the right blinds for a bedroom. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each style of blind which should make finding the right ones for you significantly easier.

One of the most popular styles of blind is venetian, which consists of horizontal slats held together by vertical cords. The style allows for direct control over the amount of sunlight that is let through through your window via slat adjustment, as well offering a classic, aesthetically pleasing vibe to your home.

Venetian blinds tend to be a popular choice for bedrooms, especially wooden venetians. Wooden venetians can add a rustic, charming look to any room and tend to be more durable and easier to clean than other materials. However, do be aware that wood tends to be more expensive than other materials.

Vertical blinds are essentially the venetian style reversed, with vertical slats rather than horizontal slats. This style is easier to clean than the venetian style owing to dust not being able to gather on vertical surfaces but arguably offers a harder-edged 'office' style look than their horizontal counterparts making them less suitable for a relaxing bedroom design.

Roller blinds consist of a single sheet of material that can be rolled up and down. They're undoubtedly less versatile when it comes to managing sunlight levels but still offer a good-looking window covering solution. They're also less susceptible to breakage than other styles, making them ideal for childrens bedrooms.

When it comes to choosing the colour or pattern of your blinds, there's only one basic rule; match it to the decor of the room. There are literally hundreds of different shades and colours available, and enough patterns to cater for even the most unique of tastes - if you want to deck out your bedroom in entirely leopard print, there are blinds for that!

For an extra personal touch, you can even customise roller blinds with your own images. A photo from a summer holiday to rouse you on a cold Winter's morning or a picture of a loved one to send you to sleep with a smile; the only limit is your imagination.

Crucially, remember that you are choosing blinds for YOUR home. What works in one home may not be right for you so while it's important to keep tips such as those above in mind, don't feel restricted by them - choose the blinds you feel are right for you.

Christopher Joseph Smith is writing on behalf of Better Blinds, specialists in wooden blinds
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