Benefits of Wood Blinds

Wood blinds offer a range of aesthetic and practical benefits. Window coverings are an important design element of any room, but they are also functional. Depending on the style of a particular room, blinds are just one of the many alternatives available for window coverings. Often popular because they are versatile, affordable, and easy to maintain, window blinds have become increasingly common over the past couple of decades. Today, wood blinds are a popular choice as they create an atmosphere of warmth in a room of any style while also offering significant practical advantages.

First and foremost, wooden blinds are an attractive addition to any room that add texture and beauty to your windows. In addition, wood blinds have a distinctly natural feel which gives them an especially graceful charm. Plus, as is the case with all blinds, wooden varieties feature clean lines and help to promote a sense of space even in smaller rooms. Moreover, because wood window blinds are made from many different types of wood including bamboo, pine, chestnut, oak, mahogany, maple, and beech to name a few, they can easily fit into any motif.

As mentioned, wood blinds are made from many types of wood - even faux wood. This means they're not just versatile stylistically but functionally. For example, in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, faux blinds are durable enough to withstand humidity while looking and feeling like real wood.
Similarly, these types of window coverings are available in different shapes, stains, colours, and shades. As such, homeowners can rest easy knowing their blinds will stand up to any use. Wood blinds are easy to clean, durable, and cost effective. Indeed, even though wood alternatives often cost more than plastic blinds, they typically last longer too. Wood blinds will last several years with only minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, one of the main benefits of wood blinds is the privacy they provide. Plastic blinds are sometimes at least partially translucent, and often shadows or outlines are visible through the blinds. On the contrary, wood blinds are completely opaque, and since they can be opened and closed, you have total control over your privacy.

As a homeowner you can also customize your wooden blinds. You can choose the slat size, you can choose between vertical and horizontal varieties, and you can select your favourite wood type. In addition, these window coverings also have optional features like fabric tapes, motorized functioning, UV blocking, and more. When it comes to wooden blinds, you can see them as an investment. They last much longer than other types of blinds, and they can even be stained or painted over time so that you have the flexibility to update the style of your room without spending a lot on new window coverings.

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The Many Benefits of Window Shutters

Most people ignore the importance and roles of shutters decorating a room. No matter how well you arrange and decorate a room, it will always be incomplete without the right window shutters, both exterior and interior. They do not only complement a room's beauty; they also offer privacy when needed and protection. They come in many sizes and colours, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. What are the benefits of window shutters?

Window shutters are not only for the exterior part of the window as commonly believed; they also have great benefits when fitted in the interior. Their greatest benefit is the way they easily complement the furniture and d├ęcor of a room. There are many types, sizes, and colours of ready-made window shutters that can match very well with many house settings. If for some reasons you cannot seem to find the right kind of window shutter for a room, you can order for a customized design specifically for you. In simple terms, there is no reason your you should be lacking interior window shutters in your house.

Apart from beauty, interior shutters provide privacy in a room when needed. You can keep them semi-closed and be assured not to get the attention of passer-byes as you go on with your activities. They further protect against heat and sunrays in summer by simply shutting them and from cold in winter as they play a big role in holding the warmth in a room. You can also adjust the amount of light flowing into a room to go with your mood if your shutters have louvers.

Unlike curtains, they are easily maintained, only being wiped, or dusted off to keep them clean and being painted once in a quite long period of time to change with your tastes and preferences and to get them looking new again, hence making them much more economical.

Every constructor will tell you that exterior window shutters are of extreme importance and should not be left out during construction. Why? First, windows complement the exterior of your house well and provide uniformity. They can be painted in any colour to match with the house's colour. They are also useful during summer and winter as they have the ability to maintain a room's temperature as needed when they are closed. They also provide privacy. However, the most important role of exterior window shutters is the provision of security. For starters, they offer an additional obstacle to intruders who might be trying to gain access to your house wrongly, popularly known as buglers. Secondly, they are very useful in hurricane prone areas. They can offer a strong resistance against strong winds and the particles they might be carrying, protecting the house's interiors and occupants from harm.

They also require minimum maintenance, only being wiped from time to time to keep them clean, and painted once in a while to make them look new again or change with your taste.

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Window Treatments - When to Not Use Curtains

Expert Author Pamela Sandall

It's fairly standard practice for an interior designer to install custom curtains (aka drapery) in a client home. I happen to love curtains. They add softness, texture and sound-softening into almost any room. Being tasked with writing an article on NOT using window treatments has got me thinking outside the box.
When would I opt to not use large swaths of fabric to bring color, texture and style to a room? When should you not use draperies to bring color, texture and style to a room? The answer is when the room doesn't want it or need it. If you're on the fence and looking for an excuse to get out of hanging curtains, read below for some great drapery alternatives.

First, a little background to help categorize your decision making. There are two basic types of window coverings:
Privacy Window Coverings vs. Decorative Window Coverings
Privacy window coverings have the goal of providing privacy, but also assisting with light control, temperature control and sometimes sound absorption.
Decorative window coverings are included to bring additional style and flair to your space.
Good room design benefits from both, but decorative does not need to be curtains only. Many privacy treatments look pretty wonderful! When your privacy window covering adds style, it will serve dual duty as both a privacy treatment and decoration.

A few examples:
Most people are familiar with the metal mini-blinds of long ago. Wood, or faux wood blinds are an upgrade to that builder-basic item. There are so many options out there to now consider.
There is a vast array of woven woods that add texture and pattern to your decor. The new styles look nothing like those you might remember from the 1970's. The new textures have great colors, sleek or nubby textures and looks to cover you from country to contemporary style.
Roman shades are a window shade made from fabric and a wonderful option that brings color and fabric softness to the window without hanging curtains.
Roller shades are no longer basic white and now can feature splashy patterns and unique finishes.
Shutters are a truly upscale choice that add not only privacy but VALUE to your home!
Sometimes it's the characteristics of your home or style choice that is better served by leaving the windows clear of curtains.

Contemporary Styled decor is usually perceived as a very clean lined way of decorating and sometimes even classified as stark. Occasionally a contemporary design will incorporate drapery, but more often than not, the windows are left simple and un-adorned. Even when needed for privacy, the blinds tend will be quite streamlined.

A Great View: If a stunning view is the focal point of the room, you may not want to distract from it with draperies. Whether it's a breathtaking oceanfront or an arresting cityscape, you may have no need of window coverings at all. If privacy is not an issue, but light control is, you can use simple roller shades or even UV window film.

Architecture: Sometimes the architecture of the room will prevent curtains from being an option. One of the most remarkable examples I've seen is a room that has floor to ceiling bookcases flanking both sides of the windows. Another home depicted floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows and stone walls on either side.
Bathrooms, most especially kid bathrooms, might actually be adversely affected by curtains due to the excessive moisture.

Finally, life circumstance might prevent you from wanting to hang drapery. Dogs and cats love to nest inside a warm cozy space. Your drapery could end up becoming your pet's newest, favorite hiding spot! Small children think they make great hiding spots as well. If you have little ones, either furry kids or human, think clearly about how their well-being (and your cleaning bills!) before hanging drapery.
Whatever you decide, window coverings should blend with your home, your personal style and your life style.

Happy Decorating!

Pamela Sandall is an interior designer that helps homeowners create a warm & welcoming home. She wants her clients home filled with the treasures and decorating style that complement those that live there. She offers many affordable design solutions from an online diy design training to online to decorating to full service design. Visit her online @ Be sure to take advantage of her free, seven day mini-course, available on the homepage.
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