Different Types of Window Blinds

Windows are an integral part of every house that brings air, sun and a view of outside world to your home. How to cover your window blinds is an important question while decorating interior of your home as there are plenty of options available. The best option for covering your windows is to use that come in different styles and materials. You have plenty of options available with and you can choose according to your home interior and your life style. With you can control the air, sun light and view of your home from outside.

With window blinds, you have an option to choose from number of different fabrics available in the market according to your interior d├ęcor. You can also select from the different styles of blinds according to your lifestyle. The most common type of available is horizontal blinds. These blinds have folds or slats that fit in the window horizontally. You can find horizontal blinds in different materials like metal, wood and vinyl. Venetian blinds are the most common type of horizontal window blinds in which slats are linked together to fit across the window at several points across the width.

The horizontal mostly comes with chain control fixed at one side of the blind. You can close and open the slats of the blind using the chain control. Once closed, the blind is opaque but you can view outside world with open slats. With open slats, it is hard to view inside of your home from outside but you can have a clear view of outside. One of the reasons for common use of horizontal window blinds is the privacy it offers. Office buildings mostly use horizontal as employees can view outside but no one can see what is going on in the building from outside even with open blinds. A new type of horizontal comes in cellular horizontal shades that are made of double layer of fabric as fabric is used in honeycomb pattern.

While deciding about the material of your, make a decision according to the privacy required. You can find window blinds that are available in transparent, opaque or mixed material. You can use chain control to raise horizontal window blinds from bottom to top but some window blinds like cellular ones can be lowered from top to bottom of the window. This is a great way to get some outside light from the upper part while the lower part can still ensure privacy.

Some other types of common window blinds are vertical (Mostly common in school buildings), Specialty, Roller and Roman. Roller blinds are easy to move up and down as these are sheets of fabrics that are rolled up to the blind. A chain clutch drive is attached with the roller blinds that control the roll of the blind. You can roll up or drop down the fabric using the chain clutch drive. There are plenty of window blinds options available so get one that fits with your lifestyle.

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