Pleated Shades - Dashing Decor By Dressing Windows In Designer Shades

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Pleated shades not only transform windows into showpieces, but add privacy, perfect light filtering, and UV protection. A pleated window shade gives warmth and softness, without the bulk and heaviness of drapes. With the ever-increasing color and texture ranges, no interior design project needs to be without the decorative touch of pleated shades.

The sheerest of fabrics are used where the pleated shade is only necessary to provide a splash of eye-pleasing color. Where a measure of light filtering is needed, a more solid fabric with a smooth or crushed appearance can be utilized. In areas where a darkening effect is necessary, such as in a bedroom, liners can be added to the pleated shades for maximum privacy, and superb light control.

Pleated shades were given a completely new face with the latest cellular shade variations. Provided that these highly functional window coverings are from a reputable manufacturer, the shades promise to be an option that offer durability, stylish simplicity, and low maintenance as a result of anti-static properties. Some cellular pleated shades are even washable.

The insulating characteristics of cellular shades are well known, and help to promote a comfortable atmosphere in your family's living quarters throughout the year. Cellular pleated shades are ideal as window coverings where UV protection is a priority. In comparison to other window fashions, they are extremely efficient ultraviolet blockers. Home furnishings are expensive to replace. Quality window shades will limit devastating sun damage, such as fading.

Pleated shades are available in an exciting palette of colors. These vary from the palest pastel pink, to soft apricots, and dreamy, powdery blues. Strong, solid colors, for a firm fashion statement, also make their presence known. Some innovative ranges even include pleated shades in adorable prints, to complement the theme in a baby nursery, or the decor in a toddler's bedroom.

Custom pleated shades are manufactured for all those difficult window shapes and sizes, such as bay windows. Pleated shades should be seamless, with even spacing, and be guaranteed not to sag. The hardware used must be color coordinated, and of an equally high quality, to ensure durability and ease of use.

Pleated shades feature a variety of mechanisms for convenient operation. Double cord control gives you the option of lowering the shade from the top, or raising it from the bottom. This enables you to manipulate privacy and light filtering levels, for total comfort.

It is always safer to opt for cordless versions of pleated shades, if there are children or pets in the home. Battery-powered, remote controlled pleated window shades are another alternative, perfect for lazy days of couch-lounging. These systems can be fully automated, with a programmed timer triggering the raising and lowering of the shades at specified intervals.

See your home and your treasured furnishings in a fresh, new light, with the addition of fabric or cellular pleated shades.
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