Vertical Blinds - A Great Window Treatment

Expert Author Valerie M BaerWindow treatments are one of the basic necessities for our home. If we neglect to recognise their importance, we are headed for immediate failure. As a rule, most people opt for curtains. However, increasingly homeowners are learning of the role blinds can play in their abode. Blinds come in many shapes and forms: from decorative to simple. For a more unusual form the vertical option could be chosen. These are particularly suited to longer windows which can display their elegant length to its full potential. They really do become a feature of your home, and there are a couple of things to consider before you purchase.

Window shapes - The windows themselves may be of an interesting shape or style that makes them a feature of the room in their own right. To make the most of such a window the dressings should be minimal. Use simple curtains or blinds to accentuate the shape. Interesting windows and window features include French doors that open out onto a balcony or into a garden. These should be carefully dressed so as not to hinder access.

Bay Windows - Bay windows are also features that are often found in a living room or bedrooms. This style of window is generally made up of three or more individual frames set in a bow that curves outwards in a semi-circular shape. This can be a difficult structure to dress well. The usual solution is to place a shaped track along the upper edge of the window with a running pelmet placed to hang three large curtains for each window. Alternatively, separate panels of vertical blinds can be placed for each window.

Modern - Vertical blinds fit perfectly into a home that is modern in d├ęcor. With their minimalist appeal and crisp linear elements it is easy to see why they are architecturally beautiful. Many interior designers choose this option for that reason. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen them featured in an interior magazine or on a home design programme. In fact, such a strong element of design as they are, it is no wonder many homeowners design the layout of their room to optimise the blinds aesthetic features.
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Price -Vertical blinds are definitely a very wise investment for your home. They really add value to your home and help to increase your chances of selling when it comes to putting your house on the market. They really make a statement in your home and viewers will be impressed when they see them. Any money spent will be recouped when you factor this in.

Style - The main reason for home owners consulting the services of an interior designer is to get style advice and tips. Adding vertical blinds to your window is not only stylish but really speaks volumes in terms of aesthetic flair. As an added bonus, many of your neighbours and friends won't have thought about the use of vertical blinds and therefore you can really have a unique home. Once you have them installed you will wonder how you never thought of using them before!

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