Cellular Shades Are the Window Treatment That Shouts Style

Expert Author Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D., MSW

Unlike traditional blinds, cellular shades feature a unique honeycomb shape that can do wonders for insulation and blocking light. From transparent options to black-out shades, cellular shades come in a range of fabrics and materials. Choose from designer fabrics, sheers, top-down shades and other window treatments features to improve the insulation in your home while increasing aesthetic appeal.
Energy efficiency is optimized with cellular shades, stemming from the pockets of air created in the honeycomb design. Lower cooling and heating bills are a given, but you'll also enjoy more sound absorption - and a quieter, more peaceful home. There are over 200 colors and designs along with an endless choice of shapes, from arches to hexagons, to choose from.

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Room Darkening and Black-out Shades
Do you want an intimate and romantic glow to a particular room? Would you like to sleep in on the weekends without the sunrise being a natural alarm clock? Black-out cellular shades are generally available in 3/4-inch single or 3/8-inch double options.
The black-out fabrics on the single options keep rooms cool and dark, but the shades nearly disappear when raised due to their compact design. The double option maximizes insulation with a non-woven fabric and is available in a range of neutral colors as well as specialty colors like "cinnamon" and "marina" to match your personal taste.

Light-filtering and Semi-opaque Shades
If you don't quite want a room blacked out, but you do want to keep the heat and full sun rays at bay, light-filtering or semi-opaque cellular shades might be a better fit. These single and double shades are available in 3/8, 3/4 and 1/2-inch sizes. Shades create a solid barrier between your home and the outdoors, whether it's a sizzling summer or bone-chilling winter.

Top-down and Vertical Features
With cellular shades, there's no rule that says they need to be raised. They can be lowered to the bottom of the window or adjusted to the center of the window leaving space open at the top and bottom. Having a top-down shade not only lets you have full control of the system, but also introduces a unique design feature that's a real show stopper. This is one window treatment that will make everyone look twice.
Shades can also be vertical, which is perfect for sliding glass doors, patio entrances and French doors. You deserve a high-end shade that's designed to fit your lifestyle and needs - not the other way around.

Window Shades: Your Interior Design Trump Card
These appealing and always stylish window treatments can fit nearly any window, diffusing harsh light into a relaxing glow. When drawn, they're virtually invisible. There are no messy holes or tangled cords, they're simple to vacuum, and the look is flawless and sleek. Pick exactly how much light you'd like in your home. Light is the ultimate tool in interior design, and now you can define it with a stunning background that provides a luxurious landscape for any room. Cellular shades completed dress a window or can be combined with draperies or other window treatment to create effects that are more dramatic. Whether you prefer simplicity or want to make your windows one of the focal points in a room, cellular shades are the perfect choice.

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The Benefits of Wooden Shutters

by Stu Mitchellmw

When it comes to dressing your window spaces the first thought for many will be to simply plump for a new set of curtains of possibly blinds, however there is a third option available to you which has many or its own benefits and can enhance the interior and exterior of you home in a way that blind and curtains cannot. This third option is wooden plantation shutters.

Wooden shutters are available in a myriad of materials, styles and shapes to fit any window space and to complement any decor. First of all they can be constructed using a diverse range of materials including Basswood, Premium Hardwood, Larchwood, Craftwood (MDF) and Cedarwood. Each coming with its own benefits and a distinct appearance.

Premium hardwood for example will provide a higher quality finish and come in a greater range of colours but will cost more than Basswood which has a more limited range but will still provide a quality finish. Craftwood is again more affordable but may not have the longevity or quality finish of a material such as Cedarwood. The choice of material will largely be dependent on budget and taste.

Secondly you can choose from shutters with either louvred or solid panels. The louvres are essentially slatted panels which can be opened or closed independently of the main shutter frame to add further flexibility when controlling light, noise and privacy levels.

Thirdly, the overall design of the shutter can vary considerably. Full height shutters are perhaps the stereotypical shutter. They cover the whole window space and are therefore the most popular design with the flexibility of individually controlled panels of louvres. They can be installed in any space whether it be raised windows or floor-to-ceiling patio doors.

Tier on Tier shutters provide even more flexibility in that they cover the whole window space but use separate panels for the top and bottom of the window. These panels can have different controls and operate independently. Cafe Style shutters however are designed to cover only the base of a window, leaving the top half free, and are as a result, a more subtle addition to a room.
Moreover, louvred interior shutters, in particular, can be produced to fit any window space that you require. Whether it be a small porthole window or a large arched window in the gable end of a church or hall, a shutter can often offer a more practical and aesthetically fitting solution than a curtain or blind.

Perhaps the most tangible benefit of choosing a wooden shutter is the control that it gives you over the levels of light that you want to let into the room. If you are looking to maximise the light coming in then cafe style shutters are the ideal solution. However, if you want to have greater control over the amount of light coming in, then tiered shutters, are perfect with the ability to independently control the separate panels (and specify whether each panel should be louvred or solid). Specifically, using louvred panels will allow you to have control over the light coming through each panel.

Shutters are also ideal for those looking to increase their privacy levels as they can provide a better screen than curtains or blinds, especially if you live in a town location where you are overlooked by neighbours or passers by. As well as prying eyes, the same can be said about wanting to block noise coming in (or out) of your home when living in built up area. Going for a full height solution with solid panels would create the most effective screen for both privacy and noise but again ultimate flexibility comes from the tier on tier shutter. Choosing a louvred shutter on the other hand would allow you create privacy whilst still allowing a certain level of light through.

Wooden shutters are perhaps more common on the continent due to another one of their principle benefits, their ability to regulate heat as well as light levels. Shutters can be used to keep the light out during the day and in during the night. The most effective, as with noise and privacy would be a full height solid shutter, however to provide the most control in our changeable British climate a full height louvred or tiered solution may be best.

Whatever your needs and whatever style you may choose, wooden shutters really can provide ultimate flexibility and style, fit any window space and can become a feature of any room

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