Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows enhance the decor of your house, by giving it a more open and spacious look. There are many window treatments for bay windows to make them more attractive. Some of the bay window treatment ideas are compiled for you in this article.

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A bay window is a window space, projecting out from the wall of a building, thus forming a bay in the room. A bay window is normally square, polygonal, arc-shaped or rectangular in shape. Bay windows have been popular since the nineteenth century. The main purpose of building a bay window is to give a fresh feel to the room with the help of natural light, and provide a gorgeous view of the surrounding outside. Most of the buildings and structures in San Francisco, California and many old architectural buildings in Europe were made with bay windows.

Now, let us know how bay windows are constructed. We first need to install bay windows as a box. This box is projected out of the building wall and forms a space to keep plants. Bay windows are made in such a way that they occupy the space between the floor and ceiling. With such a large space, the room receives a large amount of sunlight. Excess light could cause disturbance, therefore to reduce that you can beautify your windows with gorgeous window treatments. Window treatments do not mean only to cover the windows and protect your home and the interiors from direct sunlight, it gives a nice look and feel to the room as well. A bit of creativity can make a lot of difference and make your bay window attractive! You can come up with your own ideas on window treatments for bay windows, or you can look at some of the houses in your vicinity to see how they have decorated their bay windows. There are two types of bay windows, one with a window seat and the other is without one. So the bay window treatments basically depend on what type of bay window it is. Let us look at some of the bay window treatments.

You need to be a little picky about the curtains since they'd be enhancing the visual appeal of bay windows. Curtains that complement the room decor would be a good option, if you wish to create a casual and cozy environment in the room. These days, the semi-transparent curtains are very popular for bay windows. Curtains can be fixed with the help of two rods fixed at the top and bottom of the window, or you can just have one rod fixed at the top. Both the styles will enable you to slide the curtain and enjoy the view outside. Using drapes and valances as a custom bay window treatment will definitely add aesthetic appeal to your room, especially if your bay window extends to the floor and it's a formal room.

Valances go well with both types of bay windows, and so are the best suited for any bay window type. Valances, either simple, floral or clean can be designed to suit a countryside look, modern look or a formal sophisticated look. You can also use them in tandem with blinds. However, they don't give you privacy, so can be used as concealers for a drapery rod or can be installed for decorating purposes.

These can give a rich and sophisticated look to your bay window. Mini vinyl window blinds or the horizontal ones are cheap and can be very convenient for making a customized individual window. Many people prefer vertical blinds in fabric, as they provide privacy as well as a stylish look to bay windows.

Free-standing Screens
Free-standing screens are a good option for people who are concerned about their privacy. For this, you just need to install a free-standing screen in the bay window. There are many free-standing screens available. You can avail a range of standing screens from the Chinese style painted wooden screens to open frames that can hold curtains.

Cozy Reading Corner
The bay window can be an extremely comfortable area for reading books. You can create a cozy corner near the bay window by installing a bench or built-in window seats. You can opt for cushions that match your sofa or the curtain fabric. You can also install a beautiful cornice board straight across the wall from the two side corners of the bay window. Moreover, cushions placed in coordination with the color shade of the room and other furniture can make it look more beautiful. This can also turn out to be a playing zone for your children!

Roman Shades
Roman shades serve as the perfect choice to dress the windows in an attractive way. Roman shades give an impression of unified windows, although they are hung separately on each window.

Natural Look
If you wish to admire the spectacular view outside your bay window, or if you wish to have maximum amount of light in your house, you need not cover the window with anything at all. Let nature itself enhance the beauty of your window!

Other Decoration Techniques
Once you are done with the basic things, it's time to add some beautiful pieces to this area. Placing plants on each side or an antique sculpture can enhance the appearance of the bay window. Installing a chandelier in the upper frame of the bay window would also add to the beauty of the place.

These were some tips on window treatments for bay windows. You can be a lot creative in this regard. Discuss your bay window treatment ideas and decorating tips with your family members and you will be able to come up with a great and unique idea!

By Ujwal Deshmukh
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